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Q: I'm planning to buy a residential apartment in Coimbatore soon. Since i'll be moving in with my family, i was wondering what is the state of security measures in the apartment projects in the city, and are they suitable for families?

Latest Answer: I totally get your concern, and security was definitely a concern for me as well, since i have small kids. The good news is that most of the proper residential apartment nowdays come equipped with security measures like gated community, round the clock security etc.

Q: What is the state of agricultural production in Coimbatore, currently? I wanted to know since i have a land that i wanted to sell to farmers.

Latest Answer: Hey, what is the number of people below poverty line, presently?

Q: Is the news that Coimbatore might get 24*7 water supply really true? I have been facing a lot of water shortage in my area, and this news, if true will solve a lot of my troubles!
Latest Answer: Hey, the corporation's emergency council meeting was held at Victoria Hall on 22 January . A resolution for a revised plan for 24x7 drinking water supply was passed at the meeting. As per the resolution, the corporation will receive 125 million litres a day (MLD) of drinking water from Pilloor II water scheme.

Q: I'm really interested in following the latest happenings in the real estate world. Recently i heard that KG Group is entering the retirement home market in Coimbatore. Any truth to that?

Latest Answer: Yeah, the Coimbatore based KG Group with a presence in different segments like housing, textiles etc, has also entered into the retirement home segment by launching a project for senior citizens as part of the third phase of its Garden City project in Vedapatti in the city

Latest Answer: automation test reply

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