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Q: How can I add discount in invoice? Let say, I am raising Maintenance Invoice for residents and want to add discounts if paid for the whole year at a time.


Q: A company sold me a plot to build a house on as residential land, and I have had it for six years. I did a patta on it, and they are asking for more money to convert it from agricultural land to residential land.

Q: Hi,
My brother is joining SRM. He needs apartment on sharing basis. If anyone searching for roommate in shared basis . Please contact me.

Q: I am buying a resale flat in mira road. I have a question where and how to pay LBT for the resale .?
Whether it has to be paid with Stampduty through Gras online ie 6% STamp duty and 1% registration or the 1 % LBT to be paid seperate after registration

Q: Pls provide your inputs. Tamara is Rs5500/- per sqft while Rose Mehar is 5900/-. rose mehar falts are quite small compared to Tamara.

any inputs about both these projects (legal/approvals/quality) are appreciated.

Q: According to Noida Authority , several developers and development authority of UP have become defaulters owing 20,000Cr in dues to authority.
Latest Answer: Hey Guys, Agra Development Authority had taken a loan of Rs 100 crore from Noida at an interest rate of 6%/annum, it has officially paid back Rs 75 crore. Yet, both the GNIDA and the UPSIDC have neglected to pay any installments, so they will be issued notification. YEIDA has been paying its interest on time, so no notification will be served to it.

Q: We are very happy to be the owner of an apartment in Aashrayaa Serenity. Building looks Classic
Latest Answer: I bought a flat in Aashrayaa Serenity and Im very happy with the entire process from starting to execution was smart.

Q: Hi,
Is it good to enter at 14k psf right now for Vidyavihar west.
How good is it compared to tilaknagar chembur in terms of connectivity, appreciation & future rental value

Q: Heard for 1st block they have given possession by 1 year delay? Also the amenities are not as described in plan?

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