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Q: I might have to move to Sainakpuri, Hyderabad but I recently heard about the water problem issue and was wondering whether there is a lack of civic facilities?
Latest Answer: About 2 years ago the situation was pretty bad. Borewells had gone completely dry all around Sainikpuri's Vivekanandapuram colony and the residents had a very tough time. The entire area was dependent on the water supply of the Hyderabad Metropolitan water board and Sewage Board for everyday water requirements. The groundwater levels started to drastically deplete and even the borewells took atleast 4 to 5 months to pump water. There was also a Manjira lake water connection but there was never a fixed time. There was barely any water that ever used to come out of the tap. Even the monthly water bill for the residents increased from Rs 132 to Rs 212. Yet there wasn't much of a change in the water facilities. Take your time and think about this. I actually don't think it's a good option to shift there.

Q: Hey how profitable is the real estate in Yadavagiri in Mysore? Any suggestions for 2 bhk residential apartments in the locality?
Latest Answer: Yaddavagiri is one of the prime localities in Mysore. The price per square feet has been fluctuating every 2 months just between last year and this year. Initially the price per sq.ft was roughly Rs 3500 in the October to December quarter in the year 2012. In January 2012 the price appreciated to Rs 3700, by April the price was Rs 3723, by June it became Rs 3725, by October it became Rs 3729 and by january 2014 it escalated to rs 3750. I think the reason for the high demand in property in this area is because it is centrally located and all important centres of the city are in close proximity. The area has great scope for investment!

Q: I'm new to Siddhartha layout in Mysore and I know nothing about the area. Can someone tell me where the closest airport, railway station and nearby cities are? Any suggestions for apartments?
Latest Answer: Okay so RT nagar is quite developed now so don't worry about road connectivity because Mysore has really good public transport. Nearby cities are Mysore which is approx 5 kms away, Shrirangapattana which is approx 13 kms away, Nanjangud is 23 kms away and Mandya is 38 km away. The highways are broad and the roads are good. I don't where the closest airport and railway stations are but the layout has a very good bus system where you can get tickets to any of these nearby cities instantaneously.

Q: How beneficial is owning property in JP Nagar Mysore based on facilities and road connectivity of the locality?
Latest Answer: Hey there :) JP Nagar is quite awesome because it's one of the new layouts in Mysore along with Vijayanagar. These layouts were developed by MUDA or the private developers of Mysore. Mysore went through an entire city planning phase because of the immense traffic congestion that was there in the city at some point. But now there are new highways opened up and the city is at a much better place. Right now, these residential areas like JP nagar that are booming and fast expanding. So you should definitely go for it!

Q: My work requires me to shift to a 1 bhk apartment on Bannur road in Mysore but will the incomplete ORR project cause any traffic and electricity problems in the locality?
Latest Answer: This project started in 2009 in order for Mysore to face less traffic as the highway allows people to travel to Tamil Nadu, Kerela and Madikeri without having to enter the city at all. The authorities decided to finally get a move on the project (about time) only by November last year. Initially the project was going to construct 6 lanes but because there wasn't enough funding, only 2 lanes were set which created a big headache for those who use that road regularly. The project seems to be almost completed though.

Q: I'm quite apprehensive of relocating to Sreerampura, Mysore because I've heard that it's an unsafe area. Do you think it will be a good idea for me to move there with my family? Any suggestions on apartments?
Latest Answer: I used to live in an independent house in Srirampura about 2 years ago. The entire murder case basically ended up getting a lot of unwanted media attention. There are some limitations such that you shouldn't walk alone on the streets at night but that's true with any place. All localities have their advantages and disadvantages but Srirampura is great location for property investment. It's growing fast and becoming quite well developed. There are many houses available here and even plots if you're interested.

Q: I heard there were water problems in Bilikere a while ago. Should I not buy a residential house in Vijaya Nagar because of this situation?
Latest Answer: The Bilikere situation seemed to be quite serious a few years ago but as of today, conditions have improved. An article posted last year has said that rainfalls have increased but not drastically. About 15 years ago the lake used to be at its best while receiving huge amounts of rainfall and it was 10 years ago that it slowly started drying up. The water content has not been the same and keeps varying so it's an unreliable source for drawing water although there was a time when every other lake would dry up and yet Bilikere always had water.

Q: Mahalakshmi Nagar and Manglia seem promising but do you think Talawali Chand would be a good area for me to buy an independent house?
Latest Answer: Talawali Chand is at its best right now, property wise and development wise. The infrastructure in the area seems to be improving drastically and the areas where Manglia and Mahalakshmi Nagar are situated are prime locations which have all the facilities around them. You don't need to travel much to the main city as there are schools, colleges and hospitals all close by. I'd suggest you definitely consider it. Thumbs up! :)

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