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Q: Hey how nice is Nanakramguda as a locality? Are there going to be government expenditures invested in providing civic facilities for Nanakramguda?
Latest Answer: Hey so nanakramguda and madhapur have really evolved in the past 5 years and have become prominent localities for real estate investment apart from Gachibowli and Hitech city. Nanakramguda is only 22 km from the heart of the city and lies in close vicintiy to IT hubs that has resulted in increased demand for property in this area. It is still not a very over populated locality and because of that, not many civic issues are prevelant here. Sure there is problem of water supply every now and then but that is true for most places in hyderabad during summer time. Social facilities include Institute of Insurance and Risk Management (IIRM), Cognizant, CapGemini and CA Technologies are all present in Nanakramguda.

Q: Is Hyderabad looking to completely revamp the city with a number of infrastructural projects? And will these facilities be extended to the old city of Hyderabad?

Latest Answer: Yes there is a new master plan for hyderabad city! :) The new plan is supposed to relocate 30 million people of the city i.e 3 times the present population to places on the outskirts of Hyd past Kukatpally, LB Nagar, Uppal and Kapra. Also the 2000 new colonies in the core zone of Hyderabad will be given a face life, as they will be provided with good educational, recreational, health-related and commercial facilities that will improve the entire city's worth and potential!

Q: The joy of watching your own handmade plane fly is truly unmatchable. That’s exactly what Palava's Aeromodelling workshop was all about.

Palava residents had a hands-on experience of making models of miniature planes and learnt the basics of aerodynamics during an interactive workshop on aeromodelling. Held on 5 July as part of Palava’s Art & Literature club initiative, over 130 residents enthusiastically participated in the workshop conducted by Super Sonic Aeromodellers which included cutting and making aeroplane models.

Q: Yet another initiative by Palava City Management Association – and an exciting day ahead at Palava!

Palava residents will come together to further develop their green thumb! The 3rd Urban Farming workshop for Palava citizens will help both young and old learn how to grow and maintain their own kitchen gardens. The community has aIready formed an urban farming club and are enthusiastic to bring along their already grown plants for display. They will also learn valuable insights on interesting plant qualities. What a way for the community to come together while also learning something new that is environmentally conscious!

Q: What is the current news on the reliance business district and trade tower? Is the proposed project back in action? How will it benefit Hyderabad?

Latest Answer: Yes this project was initially proposed in 2007. The plan of Reliance Trade Tower with its 100 storeys and surrounded by a business district with 30 floor towers did not finally pull through as the 2008 melt down affected any chance of this project seeing daylight. That's such a shame because this one project would have accelerated Hyderabad's growth, almost making it on par with countries like Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai. But now there's good news because as of the latest news : the Telenganna government is in talks with Reliance to revive this project and has already approves the restructuring plan given by Ernest and Young. Now Reliance Infrastructure is hoping that the government will give them the go ahead for this 7000 crore project.

Q: When is GHMC planning on finishing the drainage work project? Are the locals facing many civic issues in this locality right now?

Latest Answer: Apparently the reason for the delay in project works is because of heavy traffic on the road. I don't know what sort of excuse that is because GHMC can easily divert the traffic and finish of the work fast. But atleast the commissioner has made sure that a temporary solution to the problem would be provided till the permanent solution of completing the project is done. This will bring some relief to the residents. He has ordered the workers to dive the work in smaller segments and he's employed more workers on the job to get it done faster :)

Q: Hi, i am planning to buy a 3BHK unit of this project in 1400 sq-ft. Can anybody tell me the current price and project updates as well?
Latest Answer: Hi all, Can anybody give me any feedback about its approval? Which all banks have been approved this project for home loans?

Q: Hey! Is there a dearth of civic facilities in Nampally? What's the latest on the new privilege card for the residents? Please give me any information as I might be moving there.

Latest Answer: There is a big problem in the road laying of the area and the work must be redone because uneven road levels is what causes water logging as it does not go into the drain pipes. Because of this, many times it has even entered residential apartment complexes. Water logging and stagnation is especially a huge problem for the area of Gudimalkpaur. Dingy lanes, congested main roads, potholed passages, lack of streetlights and irregular water supply are the key issues in this area. Even safety is a concern here as Nampally has lost its glamour due to the admistrative inefficency.

Q: I am interested to buy property inDLF New Town Heights, but I am NOT looking for any brokers - direct sellers/individual ONLY


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