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Real Estate Forum in India

Real Estate Property Discussion Forum and Guide to Real Estate Queries in India

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Q: Rent range up to 10 k . Non-smokers. Around WhiteField (near KTPO stop)

Q: I would like to buy a house for my elderly parents in Khajrana. Is there are temples around? Both of them are very religious, and I want them to be happy.
Latest Answer: Ok the biggest landmark here in Khajrana actually is this huge Ganesha temple. Its very famous actually and currently its undergoing some rennovations.

Q: Is Palasia a safe place to live in? I mean, are there a lot of accidents happening here?
Latest Answer: I wouldnt call Palasia exactly unsafe, but yeah, recently for some reason, there have been lots of accidents happening here.

Q: Ok so Ive seen that there are a number of dilapidated buildings around the city - they look like they might break and fall down at any moment. So what are the authorities planning to do about this? Any steps being taken?
Latest Answer: Actually they are doing this before the Anant Chaturdashi processions. So they are basically trying to identify all the unsafe buildings that are falling on the path of the processions. Almost 50 houses have been identified as dilapidated.

Q: Hey you guys, is there any developmental works going on in the Indore Ring Road?
Latest Answer: Yes, there is actually. Why are you asking ? Are you planning on investing here soon? Because currently there is a lot of problems on this eastern part of the ring road. That's why they are going to try and repair this place.

Q: What is the waterlogging situation here in AB Road? Does the area get clogged during the monsoon?
Latest Answer: Ok so AB Road is a nice locality in most ways, but there does exist some waterlogging problems here. It tends to get clogged up during monsoon season

Q: What are the problems there in AB Bypass Road? I will be moving there, and want to know if Im going to be facing any issues here.
Latest Answer: Ok so basically there is some alignement defect in this road. These defects were recently brought to light in a meeting of the officers of National Highways Authority of India (NHAI),

Q: Guys can anyone give me some info on the Sinhasa IT park, I wanna invest around this area, and I wanted to know what are the future prospects of capital appreciation around here.

Latest Answer: This IT park that you're asking about is currently one of the biggest things happening here in Simhasa. Its going to take around 2 more years to be completed, but I would suggest that if you're interested in this locality you better invest asap. Prices WILL definitely go up here with time.

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Q: I heard about the Crystal IT park. Does it have an affect on the real estate prices around this locality? Is it a good place to invest?
Latest Answer: See from the way I see it, any area around an IT park is a good Investment. There is always possibility of further IT growth in areas that have alreasdy started out on that path. So yeah you should Invest here.

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