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Q: What is a good rate per sq ft for 40x60 Site at V V Mohalla


Q: what should i do ??i have a 3 bhk flat in ats kokoon project sector 109 i bought @6000per sq feet, i am getting calls from the brokers and clients @6400.whats the scope of this property if i take a period of 1 year?? should i hold it or sell it???

Q: Central govt has sanctioned around Rs, 1 lakh crores to develop Hyderabad as ITIR Region


Q: My parents have purchased a land in Bangalore during 1992 under GPA registration. We did not registered the same. The land purchase as follow A party has been registered to B party. B party has given GPA to C party. C party has sold the land from GPA to us. Now I am planning to sell the land but the customer are telling that the documents has not been registered. During that time they have paid Betterment charges, Khata and paid up to date taxes etc., Now it has come under BBMP Limits. I have already taken A Khata, Khata Extract & EC from BBMP. Everyone are telling to find B party who has given GPA to C party (C party is not alive). We could not find B party. The stamp vendors agents are telling if you want to sell the land, first you transfer the document from your mother under gift deed and get is registered and later you can sell the land without any problem. Please let me know if i can proceed and doesnot get any problem in future. Once the gift deed procedure is over all the docuements like Khata, EC, Taxes every thing will be under any one of the family member name. Is it true, please explain and help me how to proceed further

Q: The buider is a cheater never completes the project whether its Satya nagar,Boisar or Satya lifestyle,Palghar.
He took 95%of payment & stopped the work.
This is my request not to buy any property from tthis builder.

Q: Hi,

I am moving at vaishnavi Nakshtra, do we have d2h and broadband connection. I want to transfer Videocon d2h and ACT broadband.


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Q: Dear Buyers (innocent), please do not believe the location map as advertised by many for the properties in kovaipudur, they are all misleading, do cross check the same before doing booking or purchasing by visiting the place physically, do not believe by the brochures or other attractive information sent by email, if you believe innocently on all that, then you will regret later.

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