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CASA RIO- VIVA cluster construction status

Q: I have booked a flat in VIVA cluster. Registration is already completed in March 11, and they informed plinth work will start. No updates since then. Does anyone aware of current status?

Replies (7)
Responsible for VIVA D CASA RIO PROJECT,
Basically I am also continuously in follow up with LODHA, they have delayed the project like anything and not kept their words.
Second thing " Lodha" continuosly changing the Management ( responsible person).Because of we cannot contact right person. So My Dear responsible All, Please do the need full.

Kalanad Aravindan(0097150-8415346)
VIVA D-605

Basically I am continuously in follow up with LODHA, they have delayed the project like anything and not kept their words.
Building is completed but lots of outer works and interior works are pending, they are not allowing visiting and seeing the status also.

I too had booked in VIVA D 102, and i am clueless.

Hi vishakha

Thanks ! today i visited the site office, till now they are working on 2nd floor only. Yet 3rd floor is not started. I recd a call from there customer care about payment due with interest. They had never called me on 3rd floor initiation and now claiming 4th floor is started. So my dues are pending with interest.

Since u r also on same cluster. Would like to know, whether u were intimated about 3rd floor payment and now demand for 4th floor?
Please help Thanks Smita VIVA -D 502

Hi Smita,

I too hv booked in Viva. I visited the site 2 weeks back and saw the construction going with a good pace. I very much visited Viva cluster, and it was on 2nd slab as they rightly said. Actually the construction has begun from the southern end. Marina, Viva, Aqua etc are in good shape now. Nilaje railway station is indeed very close. I am afraid we may hear the noise of trains every other hour !

Tip : Pester Ur sales guys if U do want to gate inside the gates. It's kind of upto sales people if they want to take U inside ;-)

Viva-C, Casa Rio.


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