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Q: Hi, Is there anyone who has purchased in Foyer city? I am interested in this property. Let me get some inputs from someone who had bought already or considering it to buy. Will be a great help if you can share your views and feedback on this property. Thanks, Ramki
Latest Answer: Hi All, Thanks to those who have been reading this and emailing myself/aravind or anyone here for details. I was not active here for a while due to being busy..... Now i am back and also a Foyerite officially. Many of us have taken posession of the flat individually. The amenities is yet not completed, however the flats are ready to occupy. Myself/Aravind moved in on July 1st in A Block. Glad to have this thread going on healthy. Ajith/

Q: I would like to get some feedback about this builder. In case you have purchased any property in one of their projects or in case you know someone who has? Please share. I am considering their new project in bangalore but not too sure about their track record as they are new to bangalore. Please let me know.

Latest Answer: I am interested to hire a studio or 1BHK in Saket Pranamam from 15th December, 2014 to 15th March, 2015 at prevailing rent. Any one interested to offer, please contact: 09311724445. Sr Citizen

Q: Hi,
Requesting some information on the background of this builder, plus requesting to know which banks are backing the loans for the Aster project.
Thanks a lot for your help.
As my current experience tells, it is beneficial to get connected if we are purchasing property of the same builder, so hope I will get a response.

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