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Real Estate Forum on Water Problem

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Q: Why the residents of Vizag are suffering from water crisis?
Latest Answer: As the commercial properties are drawing excessive under ground water, the source of water is reducing in the area.

Q: How the Nandigama Municipality will overcome the water crisis at the place?
Latest Answer: But even the water supply given to Nandigama is not enough to distribute to all the households...

Q: What was the main motto of the recently held workshop on water usage in Delhi?
Latest Answer: According to sources, the workshop was organised to remember the the World Water Day and to adopting water efficiency rated devices which could help in reducing the need of water in Delhi city.

Q: I am planning to buy a property near Ramamurthy nagar police station but some people who are residing there are telling me that in the area there is a big problem regarding water. What is the future of the area? Should I buy or drop down my idea?
Latest Answer: The area is very nice surrounded by malls, hospitals, schools, shops etc, but relatively Ramamurthy nagar is a dry area. In future, appreciation is very good.

Q: The residents of Chennai is suffering with lot of problems with roads, drainage and many more. Now what are the steps the people of Chennai is going to take?
Latest Answer: The residents of Chennai are suffering a lot and at last they could not bare the pain and finaly the RWA wrote a letter to the Mayor describing all the problems but still they are in vain and excepting that the Mayor will soon take some steps.

Q: I heard that the Noida Jal Board is ready for the project to lay the pipelines for the rainy well, will it be helpful for the people of Noida, In which sectors there will be supply of water?
Latest Answer: Delhi government has given the authority to work on the project of laying pipelines for the rainy well developed by the Noida Jal Board, it will lay about 5 kms of pipeline which is being developed in the backyard of Sector 16 A, the capacity of the well is 12 million litres of water per day which will fullfil the need of thousand people residing across the city. The pipeline will run from th erainy well till the bridge over the Shahdara drain. When the pipeline get connected there will be continous supply of water in Sector 74, 75, 120 and 121 among others.

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