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Q: Why the cost of the apartments are increasing in Mumbai?

Latest Answer: As the builders are more interested in purchasing new land, they are not concentrating in construction phase. That increases the cost of construction of the apartments.

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Q: Why the price of the residential properties in Mumbai is increasing day by day?
Latest Answer: The demand is more for housing since the population is high. This leads to high prices. I came across an article based on this topic. Click here to read.

Q: What is the reason that the residential property prices getting too expensive day by day in Mumbai?
Latest Answer: The developers are trying to give best of the best amenities even in the small flats and there is also shortage of land for which the residential plots are inordinately raising.

Q: I heard that a property area in Central Mumbai was sold for Rs 6.5 crores. How the property prices rose so high?
Latest Answer: Central Mumbai location has become the prime location only because it is accessible from other areas of the city. The area has a close proximity to quality healthcare, retail and entertainment.

Q: Why are the housing prices getting higher and costlier day by day?
Latest Answer: Due to the rise in housing demand the rates are also increasing. The house prices increased by 30 percent and it is expected that there will be high growth in the next few quarters.

Q: Is it true that the sale rates have fallen and the property prices have risen in Mumbai?
Latest Answer: According to experts, there was a rise in inflation, higher interest rate and increasing construction cost which lead to a jaw- drop in real estate sector.

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