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Q: Godrej Summit project i heard a good, pls let me knw the when is the possession of this project?
Latest Answer: rate is too high location is not good

Q: What is the latest residential property coming up in Kolkata?
Latest Answer: Anuradha, a new residential property at Shobhabazar Rajbari palace will be constructed.

Q: Hi all, I am interested in buying a flat in Madurai. Is there any new project coming up there?
Latest Answer: Palm Springs is an upcoming project in Sivaganga Road near Madurai, which is about 4-5 km from the Elcot IT Park. It offers villas, pent houses and apartments.

Q: The real estate market is on a slow trend in Bangalore. What will be the future of all the real estate projects in the city?
Latest Answer: CREDAI is expecting 25% growth in Bangalore reality in coming year. Though the sales of apartments is low, there is a good demand and it is expected to increase.

Q: New launch of real estate projects are not happening nowadays. What is the reason behind the slow progress of the realty sector?
Latest Answer: Hello, this situation has arised mainly due to the slow functionality of the government. Lot of upcoming projects are kept on hold as government has not provided necessary clearances so far.

Q: Why are the road projects getting delayed in Delhi?
Latest Answer: The major problem that the road work is getting delayed is because of land acquisition. Currently around 58 National Highway Development projects are on halt.

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