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Real Estate Forum in Mahadevapura, Bangalore

Real Estate Property Discussion Forum and Guide to Real Estate Queries in Mahadevapura, Bangalore

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Q: I heard that the project offers both villas and apartments. What is the basic price and the size of villas and apartments?
Latest Answer: I am buying this property pure;y for investment purpose. So can anyone provide me how good is the locality for investment purpose?

Q: I am planning to buy a 3bhk(1728 sqft) in IH. However the only available units are on the first and the 18th floors. I am a bit skeptical about buying on the topmost floor. I need some advice on whether to go ahead with this.
Latest Answer: Thanks Vasanth and Deepika! I share the same views. In fact, I even visited the top floor at another community(Elita Promenade I think) to see the view. Its breathtaking! However, as you mention Vasanth, there will definitely be issues with resale. The suspicion people have about top floors will remain forever however good the builder may be. And even though I am planning to stay here for a long time, I would not like to have any future grudges when I am paying such a handsome sum of money. So I have decided against it(irony?).

Q: Where exactly is the project located and what are the types of configuration the project is offering?
Latest Answer: The project is known to be approved by BBMP and banks like SBI, LIC and HDFC. You can check all the details about the project by clicking on this link : Shilpitha Splendour Annex

Q: I am interested in this project. Is the booking going on for the same? How much is the rate per sqft going on?
Latest Answer: Can you please provide some information about the project Trifecta Starlight?

Q: Am IT prof. with small family, moving to Bangalore. Need 2BHK for rent available for 11-22 months lease (from around May 15 to June 1) in a good medium to large society with all amenities.
Latest Answer: my Advice would be- Avoid the Brigade metropolis , its not good , as the Vastu is not good so from day 1 onwards u will face troubles in Health / Money and in profession life ..!! chk with vastu expert pls ..

Q: Is there a walkable path to the Brigade metropolis complex from the Mahadevapura Outer Ring Road ? From the master plan I can see a back entrance marked as pedestrian entry. Not sure if there is actually a road/path leading from that gate to anywhere
Latest Answer: Hi Shailendra, As far as I know there is only one entrance to Brigade Metropolis. If at all there was a back entrance to the project, they might have locked it as it required one more security person and which will again increase the maintenance cost.

Q: I am looking to buy a flat in Silphita splendour annex. As per the builder, we need to enter 2 agreements i.e. Sale and Construction agreement. The agreements will be made on 20% payment. The agreements will be registered on paying full stamp duty after project is completed (at the time of 95% payment). Is it Right? What are the registration procedure in Karnataka. What is the legal sanctity of documents without registration. Please clarify.
Latest Answer: Hi Sankar, There is a quite good article written on Property Registration Process, you can read the article here Property Registration Process made easier

Q: I am looking for Apartment projects at Mahadevpura/B.Narayanapura and come across Abhinava sunrise. Has anyone got more info on this project
Latest Answer: Hi Bibin, have you booked a in Abhinava Sunrise? Would you have more information?

Q: What are the upcoming pre lunch offers in and around mahadevpura?
Latest Answer: You can call on this toll free number (1800) (180) (180) (180) Or You Post your Requirements to get matching properties details on your Email and Mobile.

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