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Real Estate Property Discussion Forum and Guide to Real Estate Queries in Whitefield, Bangalore

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Q: Interiors define more than just wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and the sofas that you relax on at the end of that tiring day. Interiors are about living, about convenience, about your immediate environment (especially being environment friendly) and finally, last (but definitely not the least) - a balance!

With over 6 years experience in designing and implementing interior solutions for your day to day needs, Diva Consultants understands the need for a balance in everyday aspects of life. A wholesome outlook to "living in a home" rather than "staying in a house".

We specialize in complete interior solutions and offer customized design for all your specific requirements. Our rates are highly competitive on the best brands and quality of finish. Check us out before you decide on the competition.
Latest Answer: Hello Siddharth, I appreciate your work and intend to work with you on coming projects. is the site of my works in India.

Q: I would just like to know your opinion about the placement of electrical points based on our choice? There should be some option to ask them to put the elctrical points where we want? Nitesh charges premium rate and they should be accomodating this request.
Latest Answer: I agree with you guys.. Because buyers too know about their requirements, so their views have to be respected.

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