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- Property Discussion Forum & Guide to Real Estate Queries in Kolkata

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Q: I have a plot i n Unnayan garden , but the project is running very slow .,,, infact out of schedule and no clear picture is being provided to the customer about what is going on.
About 50 % payment jhas beeen made by me but no developmen tat the site is seen .
Latest Answer: Hi Prem, It is a completed project and ready to move since July'2011 but i can suggest you to made a conversation with the developer for your satisfaction.

Q: want to buy a flat in devaloke heights,sulekha with a home loan within 35 lacs.please give details if available
Latest Answer: Hi Somrita, even i was looking for a resale property in Devalok Height, Kolkata but there is no property available in resale value too as this project was completed in 2007. If you interested in similar properties in that area you can follow this link to get the best peroperty as per your requirements. Resale property in Kolkata

Q: Looking for the Allotment List on the Lottery conducted recently
Latest Answer: Hi everybody, Can i get a short details of the connectivity? How is this project connected with the major part of the city? How is the infrastructural development in the area?

Latest Answer: Hi everybody, That is the total nos of Flats in it ? How many has got the chance? Those who has selected by the lottery system has got the allotment letter? How much price they are quoting at present?

Latest Answer: Hi all, Can i get a few details of the Unitech's current and completed projects in and other parts of India?

Q: i am interested to buy 3 BHK flat in Garden tower 7,8 &9 higher fllor only
Latest Answer: Hi everybody, Which are the locality where the maximum growth has been seen and what the graph of kolkata real estate says?

Q: Has anyone have done Property document verification for Magnolia Prestige
Latest Answer: Hi Malay Sir, As this project got all the approval by the authority and financial institution hire a good lawyer. I don't think it will take much effort and time.

Q: Any one who has purchased flat in magnolia prestige, please reply to this. I want to discuss further on this

Latest Answer: Hi Malay, Even i am looking for a advocate for my paper verification who is trustworthy enough. If there is anyone in your knowledge please let me know.

Q: I have booked an 3BHK flat here and wanted to check with you regarding the final agreement. If any one has booked the flat in Magnolia Prestige. Please let me know.

Latest Answer: Bijoy, are you an individual buyer who brought flat here it an agent? If you can give one contact who already has brought flat here will be great. Thanks

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