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Q: Looking to buy a flat in this apartment but suspicious as to why so many people are selling their flats? Any particular reason?
Is this property A Khata? Is it bank approved?
Latest Answer: Vivek - I feel people sell apartments for the following reasons. 1. If it was an investment property, people who booked wanted to make money and not live in the apartment. Check if the legal papers and the apartment is built as per approved plan. If so, then you could get a good bargain. 2.The best time to sell apartments are from -1 to 5 years...ie almost completion to within 5 years before completion. 3. Check the land share of the property. If the land share is way too high, then it was built and sold to people in the peak bubble. Calculate the land share, based on the approved plan.

Q: Highly unskilled, worst quality, always behind money, not meet commitment, what else... Moreover they hide the litigation to customers & banks and sold the flats.. The other party who filed litigation is a local goon and causing trouble to residents and workers every now and then..
Worst plumbing work, worst tiling work, worst civil work (walls are not straight, air cracks now itself), worst lift work... thank god Structure is good. This one that didn't compromise.. But finishing worst of the worst. Housing board quality is better than this... :(
Latest Answer: I think the future residents should get together and sue the builder in the consumer court. Get compensation and move out. If the builder has cut corners, why would you think the structure would be good ?

Q: Has anyone heard about this new project by Unishire? If yes, please share the details here
Latest Answer: The project is just few minutes away from Meenakshi Mall and over 2 acres of open green space will be there. Premium units with have lake view.

Q: What size of plot the project is offering? How much is the rate per sqft going on in this project? Has the project got approval from jurisdiction?
Latest Answer: I am looking for feedback and suggestion about the Anekal locality. Whether is it good to buy a property or not.

Q: I was subscribed/joined to projects like
Smondoville Bangalore , Ivory coast residents Bangalore , HM tambourine Apartment Bangalore -Why I am not able to see those my groups.

Latest Answer: Kindly send your details to the admins of the community, so that they can provide you access to the community portal. admin-confident-ivory-coast@commonfloor.com admin-hm-tambourine@commonfloor.com

Q: Plots for sale in Bangalore, Plots for sale in Sarjapur Road, Plots for sale in Electronic City, Sites in Magadi Road, Site at Devanahalli, Bangalore property
Latest Answer: Are you an real estate agent Register/Login at Agents Login to get matching buyers and tenants.

Q: When is the project expected to get completed and where exactly is the project located?
Latest Answer: As far as I know the project is in pre launch stage. Any idea when they are planning to launch the project and how much is the rate per sqft they are quoting. Also interested to know about the approvals.

Q: I am thinking of shifting in and around Hosur Road and also interested in this project. I am looking for some information about the project and locality as well.
Latest Answer: Pre-Launch offers are always better in terms of the pricing, but you have to be careful about the developers track record. The precautions you should take before booking a pre launch project are a) Sanctions.b) Timely delivery c) Previous Projects and any history of litigation.

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