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Latest Answer: More than the completion of the apartments, the important factor is how many people are going to live in Urbana? I think this will determine the development of this region. I too have invested in plots about 5 years back. They promised then, in 5 years the entire project will be completed. Now, they are claiming it would take another 5 years for the development to complete.

Q: I would like to get feedback from those who have invested in Ozone Urbana Aqua apartments.
is the construction progress as per their schdeule ?
Any surprises after you booked ?
Do you think it is worth investing in Urbana? With the new hardware and Aerospace park coming up in Devanahalli can I expect it to be rented out easily ? What rental return and appreciation can I expect?
Can we expect the other facilities like ITES,Commercial space,Hospital etc in the next 3 years ?
Your valuable feedback will be much appreciated
Latest Answer: hi jak, one of my friend invest in ozoneurbana aqua 2 bhk residential apartment and as per his point of view Urbana Aqua is good project and geting good responce from other menber.from my side locality will be developed in next 2 to 3 yrs.

Q: Ozone Urbana (or other equivalent big builders) is selling plots in the range of 3000+. Is it really worth? I'm aware that Business Park/ IT parks etc. I still do not see any major signs of any such reality on the grounds. Most of the people buying in Devanahalli is for investment and not for serious dwelling. How many years it will take to even double? Is Devanahalli just a hype, which is already oversold?
Latest Answer: Township projects typicall have very large gestation periods and the appreciation would be slower initially. Once there is development visibility, the appreciation is much faster. Since the project is in a more strategic location and an integrated development is being planned, the investor is bound to have very long term benefits.

Q: Has any one bought flat here?
Latest Answer: Plots/Land available for Residential at Devanahalli- sidlaghatta, Bangalore. Area measuring 2400 SQ FT EAST FACING PLOT SALE IN NORTH EAST PARADISE 2ND PHASE AT SIDLAGATTA EAST FACING AND VERY CLOSE TO MAIN ENTRANCE GATE Clear Title, and resale site any body wish to purchase this site plz contact me Padma M N - 9008059147

Q: Hi,
Everyone, as i am planning to buy plot in Ferns Aspen Heights, please tell me whether it right investment. If anybody having an experience about this project please share me . As i am looking for immediate purchase any plot available for sale.

Latest Answer: can anyone tell about any precaution regarding "FERNS ASPEN HEIGHTS"

Q: Hey Guys,

I am interested in a 30*40 plot at ozone. Everything went well until I was told that I need to pay a maintenance fee every month for the plot 1 month after its been purchased. I find this ridiculous since there is nothing built there yet or the project has not even been completed. This one issue has been putting me off. Like many, this is an investment idea and I don't intend to build anything there as yet. The way I see it it needs a good 5-6 years before everything on paper can be seen in concrete.

Has anybody else picked up a plot here? if yes, are you all paying the maintenance fee? Any feedback is much appreciated.
Latest Answer: Request who ever has bought a plot at Ozone Urbana to share their email ids. I will create a group so that we can discuss our issues and concerns. thanks.

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