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Q: Can i get the contact details of other Owners who have booked in this project?
Latest Answer: You can join the Commonfloor Group, of Isha Mia Villas, Chennai by clicking on this link and and get in touch with other owners who have already booked a flat in this project and discuss about the same.'s apartment management software is absolutely free of cost, Anti spam and provides complete data security and privacy( To find the benefits of joining the software please find this link ( Already 1 lakh apartment society are using Commonfloor Groups to bridge the gap of communication among the owners and MC ( Management Committee) ( )

Q: I have bought property with Rajparis Civil Constructions Ltd at Madampakkam.Rajparis Crystal spring phase1 completed year ago. But, there are lots of rework, pending activities like EB name transfer, building water leakages, building completion certificate, etc., There is no compensation for delay or not getting the committed facilities. Rajparis team markets the property through Myproptree Company. Rajparis will not fulfills the commitments and they say Rajparis is not responsible for Myproptree commitments.
Latest Answer: Hi, Now a days many top builders seem to be acting cheap by cutting cost in some very basic needs, like low cost tiles in balcony, bad quality pvc doors, ordinary windows instead of fenesta, low quality parryware sanitary products. So most of them seem to be doing such cheap stuff. As a customer we want quality, but with the mindset of the current customer (not many fight for quality of apartments) and the builder mentality, many are forced to settle for 70 - 80 % of the promised quality!

Q: Interested in Tulive Horizon, Saligramam, Chennai. Apparently handover is expected in Dec 2014.

Would like to know feedback on construction quality, any builder issues, builders compliance with all regulations, customer issues.

Sundar Krishnan

Latest Answer: Hi, to find a flat suiting your needs in any project, you can post your requirement in Commonfloor. For posting please click on Post your Requirements

Q: i booked apartment at Brindavan 2 years ago and the hardly any progress. i was to be completed in 2014 and its far from even half way through. what is the plan to complete? how many more years !!!
Latest Answer: Me and my brothers booked appt but frustrated by the delays. I am not sure about the progress... we have booked E block. Looking forward to put-forth a joint effort.

Q: I am experience some very poor quality and workmanship in this apartment complex. There is water seepage in the ceiling and through tiles. The pluming work is awful. I don't speak just for may apartment for also for other apartments in the building. Do others have a comment on this?

Q: Hello

Do any one dealt with DLM housing and properties ? I had a very worst experience with their Harsham project. I want to know how trustworthy are they. I am cheated by them.
Latest Answer: People.....Don't trust DLM housing and properties. I was cheated by Mrs. Kavitha from DLM. They will do anything for your money and to make you book a flat. Cross check 100% yourself on what they are saying. Don't lose your hard earned money and get betrayed. Keep in mind, they are just promoters, not builders.

Latest Answer: Hello, you can follow this link for your requirements Nathans Templeton, Ooty OR Kindly call on the toll free number (1800) (180) (180) (180) Or You can Post your Requirements to get matching properties details on your Email and Mobile.

Latest Answer: Hello..VGN Southern Avenue is offering 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments. The price of apartments in this project starts from somewhere between Rs 15 lakh to rs 20 lakh.

Latest Answer: Hi, visited the site yesturday, being sunday no construction was going .. it was not possible to see at what pace the work is going on...quality of construction is very ordinary and below standard compared to to their V-K ROAD project model flat looking at the current situation it will take another year to complete.

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