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Q: I am likely to invest in a flat in chettiyar agaram road behind Sri Ramahcanra Medical college iin Porur! can anyone please tell me about the current probelms faced by any tenants due to water shortage, or electricity problems or any !!

Q: A dumb place to live...... residents here are too coward.... secretary here is a bully.... you always find notices that if you don't do even the petty small small things he will call the police and believes he is the master of Gurgaon police. Tenants here considered as third grade citizens with no say in any of the problems. Installed cctv cameras few years back but they worked only for 2-3 days. They got the money of CCTV out of residents pocket and heard that then secretary made a huge scam. every second day you will find lift not working and problem due to monkeys roaming in the society like anything. You cannot carry food items in open. Electricity can be disconnected if the balance goes below 0. I got my electricity disconnected even at the balance of Rs 323. Staff at maintenance office doesn't listen to you and is more of sarkari nature pure babudom. Can even abuse you and threat of dire consequences as mostly are local village goons. You can get flavor at the society gate where you will find two-three goons type people and staring at the lady residents. you can find villiage locals roaming in the society as the local security supervisor allows their friend to let roam in the society.

Q: Hey all. Looking to buy a 2bhk apartment in samarth shikharji dreamz in talawali chanda for my parents. Wanted to know the price and and the amenites of the complex. A little info about the surrounding area will also be great
Latest Answer: I am also looking to invest in a 2bhk flat by end of this year. The main reason is that the area is really good and safe for my family to reside in. While, everything seems to be in place, I am not sure of the bank approvals that this place is affliated with. Does anyone know about this?

Q: Hey, guys I am currently staying in a rented 3 bhk apartment in Pardeshipura. When, we moved in to the house, everything was going smoothly. But recently, my family has been facing a lot of problems in the apartment complex. When we shifted in, we were promised full power back up, a clubhouse and basically a luxrious and healthy environment. None of this was given, The swimming pool is not maintained at all. The garbage dumping area is unkept. The full power back works only at times. But the main problem, is the termite infestation. As I cant stay here for too long, I am look for a nice and clean place to buy an apartment in the near future. If anyone can help me in finding a residential complex that deals with these issues, it would be really helpful.
Latest Answer: I am looking to purchase an apartment in Ras town. But some of the above comments area tad frightening. However, I met with builders and checked out the locality. You might be having a lot of problems in your complex because of the area you are living in. Ras town is located in ab road and that is one of the best and cleanest places to be in Indore. There are many families that would agree to that. Even the municipality are taking an extra step to ensure the suroundings are kept clean with proper garbage disposal facilities. I would suggest Ras town for the amenities they are providing, but there are many other options in ab road to choose from.

Q: I have been trying to buy a 5 bhk apartment in Indore but it seems that most of the complexes only have uptill 4bhks. Only yesterday, i came across an ad of IBD Belmont Park online. They currently have 5 bhk, so just wanted to get a feedback on how the place is, what are the facilities provided, what are the rates and when will it be ready for posession?
Latest Answer: yes, vijaya nagar is a good locailty as i stay there with my family. we have had no troubles in the past with the administration here. ive heard about ras town from a few collegues of mine. a few days ago, my cousin checked out the complex as he plans to buy property there. He was thouroughly impressed by the amenties they are giving and is looking forward to purchasing an apartment. I would say just go for it.

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