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Q: I want to sell our property through commonfloor.com. I couldnot able to fill the details. (i.e.about property details, possession taken dd/mm/yy, etc}. Pl help me.

Q: Is SenecaGlobal increasing its investment in Hyderabad? Will there be a new facility of theirs soon in the city?
Latest Answer: Yeah, SenecaGlobal is coming up in Hyderabad soon, and they wanted to set up a facility in the city for a long time now, but they were not sure about the political and the social stability in the city, which is why they were waiting till now.

Q: Hello. Please tell me what are the steps being taken by the Government to develop the aerospace sector in the city.
Latest Answer: In the recently conducted aero india show that happened in the bangalore city, the officials who are taking care of the aerospace region went to get investment in the aerospace sector. The team is holding a series of meetings with various industries at the air show so that they set up their facilities there.

Q: Hi, Mumbaikars should now get ready for more expensive homes after Maharashtra Chief Minister issued a notice, expanding both the premium amount and the floor space index (FSI) in Mumbai's rural areas.
Latest Answer: It is absolutely true and the reason that Mumbai's suburbs have an inflated inventory of 40000 unsold apartments. The residential market had begun to show some signs of reducing, as developers had started to marginally reduce rates to offload this inventory. However, after this announcement, developers are likely to roll back their decreased rates leading to further drawback in home sales.

Latest Answer: Hi Gautam , According to me, a consent to offer in appreciation of immovable property is secured under Section 17 (1-A) of the Registration Act and is a substantial report to be enlisted if so fancied by the gatherings and thusly all these archives can't be declined by Sub-Registrar. The Delhi government has lifted confinement marked down of leasehold properties. This is a positive choice that will advantage property holders and the land area in a major manner.

Q: Hey, i heard from a friend that GCDA has opted against sharing its projects with partner Kerala Mission. Can someone please give me updates on the same?
Latest Answer: Did you know that GCDA Chairman N.Venugopal was critical of the Partner Kerala Mission mode of executing development projects mainly owing to one reason. Can you guess what the reason was?

Q: I am looking at builder floor apartments only.With front facing balcony and particular about the location.
This would be neeti khand-1 or 2.

Q: Hey, i travel a lot around the city for my job, and noticed to my surprise that roads in many parts of the city are in a very bad condition. Can you please tell me about the same?
Latest Answer: I agree with the comment below me about that road accident. Did you know that for people like him, falling off his moped also meant that the day’s business was lost. That is so sad.

Q: Hello, i wanted to ask people who are knowing about the issue that what is going on with the metro realignment case that is happening in Hyderabad ?
Latest Answer: I know that the third one is on corridor one – L.B. Nagar to Miyapur, the line is to be taken behind the Assembly alongside the rail tracks and on to the main road at Telugu University rather than in front of it, reducing distance by 15 metres. It also means 21 built piers at Lakdi-ka-pul have to be cut.

Q: Hi, how are rentals in Powai?
Latest Answer: Hi all, Can anybody tell me the rental demands of Powai in last two years? How far is Andheri SEEPZ and Bandra Kurla Complex from the locality?

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