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Q: Whats this place like in terms of social infra, commercial facilities, healthcare, connectivity, price trends, etc. Would love to hear some review of this area.
Latest Answer: Oh commercial is definitely booming, and how! there are quite a few restaurants and eateries here. For example, the popular food chain 5 Star Chicken have set up shop here. Along with that another popular eatery here is definitely the Hotel Palace.

Q: What is the prospects of this place from an investment point of view guys? Does it have interesting options? Give me an overview of the locality please to help me make a better decision

Latest Answer: Although this places isnt swarming with schools for children, there are a few very exceptional academic institutes here, like the Kaumaram Sushila International Residential School, Coimbatore Public School and the TRA Higher Secondary School. All these schools attract student population to this place, along with their respective families, which is a constant investment scope.

Q: Shifting to this place shortly, I might need some info about the general structure of the society there before I actually start living there. Can anybody out here help out a bit?
Latest Answer: The locality also has a strong medical and healthcare presence. Definitely owes it all to the all these numbers of hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, medical centres, pharmacies, etc present in here. For example, KR Hospital, Family Health Hospital, Venkateswara Hospital, Kanmani Medical Centre, Astler Medics, and the Periyanaicken Palayam General Hospital.

Q: I will be shifting to an apartment in this place with my family. We have a younger son, so we need to know if the place is conducive to having a family and bringing up a small child.
Latest Answer: There is a Super Value store too, when the road crosses the Noyyal river. There are couple more supermarkets and grocery stores further down the Siruvani road near Ukkadam. But otherwise smaller grocery stores dot the entire length of this road, for ex RS Malgai, LS Malgai, Rajan Stores, etc.

Q: So I just found out today that Im being transferred to the Puliakulam branch of my bank. I think I should just move there, because anyways Im living in a rented flat in the other side of the city. But tell me a bit about the locality, and what kind of houses or apartments I should rent for myself.
Latest Answer: I know you might actually be worrying about the more regular day-to-day things, like where to go grocery shopping. Well nothing to worry, there is a Nilgiris in this region on the NH67 and a Reliance Fresh also, right on the other side of the highway. Otherwise plenty of small grocery shops and general stores are scattered all over the place.

Q: Just got married, my better half is considering making a move to Sunderaparam, because of childhood sentiments and all that. Will this be a feasible thing to do? I want to know a little bit more about the locality, because as of now I know absolutely nothing
Latest Answer: There is even one stoppage on the Podanur main road called the Podanur police station bus stop. The place is otherwise pretty self sufficient. Quite a few grocery stores are here like Leela Stores, Wandhini stores, KPM stores, Vimala stores, and Kaveri stores. All these provide whatever necessary provisions to the people of the locality.

Latest Answer: The Barasat Railway Junction is the major railway junction located on the Bongaon line of Sealdah Station. The Netaji Subhash Chandra International Airport is the nearest airport located at a distance of 11 kilometers from Barasat. Some of the well-known educational institutions in Barasat are Adamas World School, District Primary School, Camellia School of Engineering & Technology and Adamas Institute of Technology. There are several hospitals in Barasat that offer good healthcare facilities to its residents. These include Citylife Hospital, Care and Cure Hospital, Barasat State General Hospital and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

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