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Q: I heard that the size of apartments in Mumbai has seen significant fall. Is that true?

Latest Answer: Moreover, Mumbai is witnessing a rapidly increasing population over the last 60 years. It was ranked 17th in the category of most populous cities in the world in the year 1950. Mumbai currently ranks as the seventh most populous city in the world with a population of 19.7 million (including MMR and satellite belts). Delhi and its satellite cities rank second after Tokyo, Japan. This increasing population raises a concern for space. This may also be considered a key contributor to the reducing apartment sizes over the past five years.

Q: I want to buy 3bhk in Sri Sairam Towers, if any buyer is interested to sell at reasonable price
Latest Answer: Hi Mr.Ravikanth, I have some excellent flats available for sale in Sri Sairam Towers. If interested to purchase, please call me on 9640110780. Thanks. Abhijit.

Q: Hi

We have booked an apmnt in Tower 3 of Bhuvana Greens. I would like to check with people, who have booked/taken possession in tower 1 or 2 , about tiling. After laying the tiles, they need to be treated with plaster of paris (a process I am not aware myself, but a friend recommended they pressurized their builder and got it done). Could you please get back if it was done in your case?

Latest Answer: You have booked now? The project is not completed yet?

Q: Can the resident or prospective ones please let us know what are the pros and cons of buying an apartment in Janapriya Green wood. I liked the price but the building look shabbily built and the amenities are not yet ready..

Latest Answer: Hi Jayaram, what is the price per sqft they are quoting?

Q: However I'm impressed with the price and location. Can you please let us know the (all) drawbacks of buying this property and how and when the promised amenities are goin to shape up please..
Latest Answer: How do you find living in Janapriya Greenwoods? Will it be worth investing for self living into it? Please share you experience will help me in taking decision and paying life long hard earned money for purchasing a Flat.

Q: hi, is this a worth while project to invest in??? how is the developer?
Latest Answer: Which are the banks that have approved the project???Because am very interested and moreover... i need a bank loan!! kindly update!

Q: hi , i am looking for possession date of this project... kindly reply
Latest Answer: The connectivity of the project is very good.. you have NH 24, also a proposed metro station and Crossing republik road... which will connect directly to NH 24 and FNG...

Q: i am looking for details of this project...actually i am not from Delhi... will shift recently.. wanna book a unit for my self, kindly help
Latest Answer: The expected possession of this project is in 2014 end..... they said there will nt be any delay.. although i would request you u to go and have site visit!

Q: DDA Approved Affordable housing scheme with all modern amenities size vary from 1 BHK to 4 BHK .Become a member by paying just 2.11 Lacs only ,Units available on first come first serve basis.
Amit Sharma

Latest Answer: Our land cost is fixed on date @ 900 Rs for 2/3/4 BHK apartments and 970 /Rs per sqr feet for 1 BHK apartments.Construction cost is estimated as 1600 Rs per sqr feet as if construction delayed till 2014 end ..but it may vary according to market price ..may be we can give less than 1600 rs if work start in first quarter of 2014 ..its all will decided by Governing Body of Revanta and existing member at that time in Governing Body Meeting and will be in best interest of its members ...As other charges ..its logical charge for car parking as we are proving dedicated parking in Basement @ 1Lac each ..for 1/2 BHK -1 Parking & for 3/4 2 Parking is mandatory as per rules n regulation.Apart from this simply Membership Joining fees 1100+9900 Rs Annual Operational Charges. Thats it other hidden charges ..Unit will be alloted purely on Draw basis in presence of Registrar n all members.

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