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Q: Hi, What are the railways plans for the approach road plans for the Edapally railway station. Is there any recent news about this?

Latest Answer: I am of the opinion that the proposed plan will hinder developmental prospects of Edappally area. the railways will now allot funds to construct the ramp and it would be done within six months. Railways has also proposed a parking space that can accommodate over 30 cars

Q: Hey, I am Ayesha. I am a resident here. Recenly, I came to know that there has been a shortage of water supply in Kochi. Does anyone know about this?

Latest Answer: Yeah..even though authorities claim that the pipes broken during the Metro construction have been repaired, they admit frequent damage is becoming a problem. In the JNNURM scheme..there has been much delay. I think that the project will be commissioned in the beginning of the next financial year.

Q: Hey, i'm a fishing enthusiast, and i heard recently that the fisherman's are demanding a new panel on marine fisheries. How much truth is there in this fact?
Latest Answer: Did you know that the petitioners called for the constitution of a new committee to study the situation. Till such time, the recommendations and orders should be frozen,according to the petitioners demand.It's good to see the people finally standing up for themselves.

Q: Hey, since i tend to travel a lot for work purposes, i wanted to ask you guys about the status of the development of roads in the city?
Latest Answer: I wanted to add that the other stretches being developed include Vellanad- Chettachal road in Thiruvananthapuram, Vidya Nagar- Meipadi- Seethangoli road, Uppala- Kanyana road in Kasaragod, Chowa- Mattanur road in Kannur, and Kanjirapilly-Kanjiramkavala road in Kottayam.

Q: Hi, I want to know more about the Clean Kerala Project. Is this a good move. What about Kochi. Is there any information about this project in Kochi?

Latest Answer: The Clean Kerala is actually a company and they are also planning to use eco-friendly material on display boards to be fixed on electric posts in the distribution lines of KSEB Ltd in all five corporations and 60 municipalities in Kerala. It has already called for tenders from companies

Q: Hey, i heard on the news that the government is looking at creating a report about the mordenisation of water transport. What is the update on that?
Latest Answer: I'll give you my personal opinion on the whole thing. Since the only way forward is by embracing change, i think that accepting the new changes in the water transport system, would be the best thing that can happen to the city's connectivity.

Q: Hi, I need to know more about the different initiatives that are taken by the cochin corporation for waste management. If anyone knows any news about that in Kochi, please share it with me.

Latest Answer: Hey, this was in the news recently only no...I heard that based on a representation by the trust, the LSG Department examined the proposal and held that the project would be implemented subject to the approval of the council of the Kochi Corporation.

Q: Hi, I am David, Can anyone give some information related to the Rail-over-bridge project that will come up in Pachalam?

Latest Answer: you know, the protestors have already organized a committee and the protest committee has called for a hartal in the area from Chittoor to Kacheripady against the land acquisition process. i think more than seventeen houses and shops are required to be demolished for the construction of the railway over-bridge here.

Q: Recently, I came to know that there was some electricity related problem with FIFA towers in Kochi. What was that?

Latest Answer: Hey, One of my friends know this builder very much. He said that in 2002, the KSEB officials booked the builder for using the connection given for construction for domestic use. They slapped a fine of Rs 5 lakh for using power above the prescribed load. The officials also disconnected the supply. Then, the builder moved court and obtained a stay. But they had to pay Rs 5 lakh as fine. The new officials who took charge at Thoppumpady electrical section do not know these incidents. That's why they have taken action against him.

Q: Hi, I am interested to know more about the builders called DLF builders. If there is any news that you can find recently about the DLF builders in Kochi, then please share info with me.

Latest Answer: Yeah..this DLF builders are a very big real estate group no..that's why this move. They have many high end luxury projects, middle income level houses as well as affordable houses also in Kochi. Apart from Kochi, they also have apartments in Lucknow, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Kolkata, and Chennai also.

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