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Q: Still so much unsurity about the Indore city limits under the IMC. The polls are also coming closer and closer. Have the indicated anything regarding the expansion limit of the corporation?

Latest Answer: Yes your point of view is also valid, but dont you think that since power of governor is vested with state government, so collector acted on the behalf of state government while merging the villages in the municipal corporation?

Q: Is the city of Indore safe from the dengue fever menace? What measures and precautions are the IMC taking to prevent the spread of this disease in the localities.

Latest Answer: Its really weird about this dengue because I heard from a reliable civic official saying that for last few years vector-borne diseases were under control, but this time the number of dengue cases have registered an increase not just in Indore, but across the country. Anyway at least right now situation is somewhat under control.

Q: I've been interested in Indore real estate for some time now. My eye is on some of these high-rise apartments. But there is one thing Im worrying about, thats the fire fighting equipment. Do you guys think that the system is adequate enough for the current existing tall buildings in the city?

Latest Answer: Well as of now, since Diwali is coming, and it poses some risk, IMC tankers have been deployed at temporary firecracker shops at Ganji compound, Chimanbagh and other areas. The sellers have kept water-filled drums nearby as extra precaution.

Q: Heard a lot of hype about the upcoming Indore metro. What all are they implementing under this project. I want to invest in property in this city. Can you guys tell me which parts will bring in the highest returns, as a direct outcome of the Indore metro project

Latest Answer: I know that the the consultant for metro projects in both Indore and Bhopal, has recommended the driverless model after a topographical survey carried out earlier. However, a final decision on whether the system will be fully automated or not will be taken after the financial plan is submitted.

Q: Hi guys, I want to talk about the current situation in Indore regarding the Indore-Ratlam train lines. I heard there was a new train on this line, and pretty soon this one is going to be expanded soon.

Latest Answer: I also feel that the railways would have to create extra capacities to carry the passengers on this route as to meet every day increasing demands. Atleast four trains should go towards Indore from Ratlam every day and four should return from Indore to meet out the requirements of the passengers’ rush

Q: Hey guys. My family and I have to shift to Pukkattupady very soon. Can anyone tell me how the apartment project Thrikkakara Vibgyor Homes is? I want to know about the facilities, prices and square feet size if possible?

Latest Answer: Hey this project sounds great. You should definitely get a house here. It will away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Your family and you will love it! :)

Q: Hello. I have to relocate to Kaloor and I am thinking about getting a home in Anasvara Sourparnika. I don't know much about this project, I can't seem to find much info on it. can anyone tell me what are the different facilities provided in this project? also the bank approvals? and the size of the apartments? thank you so much!

Latest Answer: I really like Kaloor. my aunts stays there, so i visit here there often and so far she hasn't complained much about any civic issues that locality has faced. and now there are a lot of investment and developmental in store for this locality.

Q: Hey I heard Prestige Neptunes Courtyard is a good option if you want to move to Marine drive with your family. Is this true ? I want to know more about this. Please help!

Latest Answer: Hey, moving to this place would be a good option because this place has a lot to offer. It would be an ideal place to move along with your family. Although it is a little expensive it is definitely worth the price.

Q: Hey guys I am planning to move to Marine Drive in a few days for my work and I'm looking for a place to stay. I heard Marina Majestic is a good place to invest in. Could someone tell me a little more about this project? What are the facilities provided here? Thanks in advance.

Latest Answer: Public transport such as buses are easily accessible from this place. The high court Jjetty is right outside Maestic. There are a few metro stations which are also situated close by.

Q: Hey guys. I heard that many cities in Telanganna and AP are being converted to smart cities. There are big plans for Vizag especially right? So will it be competition for the real estate and IT sector of Hyderabad? Will the demand for investing and property in Hyderabad decrease as a result?

Latest Answer: Within 12 to 18 months itself, lot of projects are goign to be completed in Vizag and property values will just increase a lot.

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