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Q: fortuna acacia and orchid by prisha properties which builder is better qualitywise,more reliable and trustworthy and gives delivery on time.
Latest Answer: I think fortuna acacia is the one to go for.

Latest Answer: Hi rajesh, I think it is mandatory for each and every builder to provide carpet,common and super area to his customer. but it is better to see the master floor plan and floor plan which is given in his website. as per normal rule approx 25% to 30% of total sq/ft area is the common area+ super area.

Latest Answer: They are charging 2.5 lac for COMPULSORY CAR PARKING SPACE. In every apartment car parking is common and builder will charge the price,it's not illegal. If builder is putting it compulsory then buyer has to take it. This price is coming under overall budget of apartment.

Latest Answer: hi Rajesh, i really appreciate your point of view. as this is the common right for each and every buyer to claim his compensation right in terms of delay of any project.

Latest Answer: The project is located in sector-143 adjacent to Blossom Greens. Two side open plot, the site is spread over 25 acres and the complex is designed to have studio, 2, 3 & 4 BHK apartments and penthouses. It's possession is December 2015.

Q: Hey what is the current news on constructing the bridge at Peelamedu? Won't this really help ease the heavy traffic situation in the area? Have the civic authorities atleast started works on it? I might be moving here soon, so I really need to know. Any info would help. Thanks!

Latest Answer: Basically, the Thaneerpandal road rail overbridge was sanctioned around 2008-2009, and the Peelamedu – Cheran Maanagar Road rail overbridge was sanctioned sometime between 2010 and 2011. In fact, these two actually form part of the level crossing in Coimbatore North Tirupur section. These two sanctions that were supposed to be completed sometime between 3 years ago to now, still haven't been completed and if they were, they were expected to expected to turn Coimbatore and Tirupur districts into level crossing-free districts. Once these sanctioned projects are taken up sincerely by the authorities, given priority and focus, only then can development take place and we can rid Coimbatore of all the traffic obstacles.

Latest Answer: HI Betel, Very strange.These flats were registered in March 2010. It has been almost 4 years since then but no possession till date. Only wait & then also we are not sure if we will get the possession???? How long it will take, only God knows. It is also heard that LDA has not developed any greenbelt in the project and is ready to register the flats.

Q: Does anyone have any idea about Saparan Apartments located at Satellite Ahmedabad? I am thinking of buying an apartment there which is being offered in B Block to me. How is the building and its members etc? Any info is welcome!
Latest Answer: Hi, It is my personal advice to you that before buying any property visit the site or locality, ask for the owners of the property, verify all the legal approvals, visit the nearest municipal corporation and verify all the legal approvals, connectivity, basic daily necessities such as schools, markets, hospitals, banks, bus stop etc. from the property which you want to buy. If it is possible take the advice of a legal adviser.

Q: I am an NRI. I need cash urgently and want to sell 1290ft 2 BK Flat in Chippendale, RTC X Roads, Hyderabad,
Latest Answer: Hi, I am interested can you send me the details of the flat such as old or new flat, carpet area, water supply, exact location of the flat, connectivity, basic facilities nearby like hospitals, schools, market and banks etc. from the location of the flats.

Q: Hi friends I am moving very close to Thaneerpandal and I want to know about the drinking water scheme on the Thaneerpandal road that started ages ago. Also any major civic issues this locality faces?
Latest Answer: All that is very nice but what about the heavy traffic on Vilankurichi road that is extremely annoying to commuters? Even some work needs to be undertaken on this road. We need a bridge in this area most definitely. The Railway Over Bridge planned in Peelamedu seriously needs to be completed. It's been more than 3 years since this project was supposed to be underway but nothing has happened yet because apparently NABARD has not allocated the funds worth 30.5 crore. Even an alternative route has not been planned yet by the authorities during the onset of this project. If this railway over bridge is there, it will be so helpful for the 50,000 residents living in Thaneerpandal, Cheran Maa Nagar, and Vilankurichi.

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