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Q: Keen to know about Mirror On Water project and knk builder, has anyone purchased the flat?
Latest Answer: When is the completion date of project?

Q: Hey I recently heard about how property appreciation has taken place by the Bangalore Mysore highway. Is this a good place to invest? What sort of activities have propelled this price rise?

Latest Answer: Prices here range between 3500 to 4000 rupees. The good road connectivity and development of infra facilities is the main reasons why demand for property on this highway is escalating.

Q: Hey I am new to Bogadi and I want to know about different public transport options here. What roads run through this region and how far away is the train station and airport?

Latest Answer: Mysore airport is only half an hour away from Bogadi at a distance of close to 18 km. Road infrastructure is pretty developed in this locality. It's easy to commute to other places if you live in Bogadi.

Q: I heard that the Kukatpally road doesn’t have any footpath. Is this true guys? Ill be moving in here soon, so I need all the info on this locality as possible
Latest Answer: Yeah you’ve heard right.The road that is facing the problem is the 631 km long one. Owning almost 96% of this stretch, still the GHMC have not taken up the initiative to improve this road. There is absolutely no sidewalks or pavements here, and you'll have to walk along the carriageway.

Q: Ramannakunta lake in Secunderabad, it used to be really nice, but now its become very dirty and the land surrounding it has been encroached upon illegally. Any steps to fix this?
Latest Answer: Oh yeah, I heard they are completely demolishing any illegal constructions that have come up on the lake bed. The cleaning will be completed in 2 months. After that we can expect to see beautiful landscaping, walkways, nice seating arrangements and solar fences to overall beautify the place.

Q: Hey I am new to Vontikoppal and was wondering what sort of public transport is there? What are different roads that will give good connectivity to other parts of the state and city? Any info would help. Thanks!

Latest Answer: Don't worry about road connectivity in this area. It has very good road system and is easily accessible by the surrounding areas. Mysore is only 4 km away via the KRS road

Q: hey my family and I are thinking about investing in Vontikoppal. Is this a good choice? How developed is this locality? Does it have good infra facilities?

Latest Answer: AJ Software Solution is an IT company that has set up base in Vontikoppal. More are to come in the near future. This will automatically increase demand for property in this locality. Prices are going to increase and you''ll get good investment returns.

Q: Hey I’m a smalltime real estate agent in Kochi. I’m thinking why the market is going down in Kochi. Nobody is interested in buying property anymore. Does it look like the market situation might be improving now or soon in the near future?
Latest Answer: The overall cost of real estate in Kochi has increased by 40% in the last couple of years. And right now the only clients for this market are the NRIs, who constitute about 60% of the total investors in Kochi.

Q: Hey what’s happening on the Kaniampuzha Road? Any developments? Guys please discuss
Latest Answer: Actually there will be mostly a number of buses and trucks, because of the mobility hub. And not only the Kaniampuzha road, there are plans to widen the Vytilla-Pettah road as well. Both these roads will contribute in decongesting Vytilla, which has become a bit of an issue lately.

Q: What is the status of that natural gas pipeline from Kochi? Buying a home in Kochi soon, I want to know if I'll get natural gas supply to my house

Latest Answer: I completely agree. The budget also failed to mention how the switch from regular domestic gas to natural gas would be made throughout the state. It really needed to specify a proper natural gas policy, but the budget failed to do so.

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