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Real Estate Forum India | Indian Real Estate Questions & Answers | India Property Discussion Forum in Hosur Road, Bangalore

- Your Real Estate Property Discussion Forum and guide to real estate queries in Hosur Road, Bangalore

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Q: I was planning to buy a property in Hosur road. Please let me know if it is a good idea to buy a property in this area I heard that there is taffic problem in this area.
Latest Answer: How is the area for investment purpose?

Q: Who is the builder of the project? Is it a good idea to invest in Hosur Road for investment purpose?
Latest Answer: Can anybody give the details of white pearl and some background of this builder.

Q: How is the project and when is the possession date? Who is the builder of the project?
Latest Answer: Has the project got approvals from BBMP? What is the rate per sqft going on in this project?

Q: What is the status of the project and approvals? How many phases will be there?
Latest Answer: I am looking for a 2 bhk apartment in Vakil Whispering Woods. Can you tell me what will the cost of it?

Q: Can I get information about the project? What is the rate of apartments going on in this project?
Latest Answer: Can anyone give me feedback about the builder Vmaks Builder?

Q: What are the types of apartment and number of units the project is offering? How many floors will be there?
Latest Answer: You can check all the details about the project, approvals, availability etc here by clicking on this link:Niranjan Tridha

Q: Who is the builder of the project and how is their reputation?
Latest Answer: I am looking for a 2 bhk apartment in Silver Pearl. What will be the total cost?

Q: I am looking for a 2 bhk apartment for rent. Owners please respond. Thanks
Latest Answer: hi, you can reach me at ashok-bhat at outlook dot com

Q: What are the sizes of plots the project is offering? Any idea about how much they are quoting rate per sqft?
Latest Answer: Even I am interested in this project but I am bit confused as the project is approved by Union Council of Hosur. So just put a halt on my decision.

Q: What is the expected possession date of the project? I am planning to book a flat in this project which are the banks I can go for home loan.
Latest Answer: Is Hosur Road good for end use purpose? What is the price trends going on in Hosur road?

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