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Q: Is it really necessary to check if the builder is going to provide occupancy certificate for that particular project?

Latest Answer: Such buildings are mushrooming across Bengaluru in recent times with authorities unable to curb the practice from spiraling. So, what can this be attributed to? According to experts, the realty boom across the city has resulted in many ‘fly-by-night’ builders resorting to such illegal practices so as to make a fast buck. This resulted in a break-down in the system with lack of transparency adding to the woes of the authorities. Moreover, the lack of concrete regulations and buildings norms has resulted in many unscrupulous builders constructing residential projects without proper approvals and environment clearances.

Q: What is bmrda approval ? what is bmrda approved land?

Latest Answer: BMRDA is an Act to provide for the establishment of an authority for the purpose of planning, co-coordinating and supervising the proper and orderly development of the areas within the Bangalore Metropolitan Region

Q: I have a plot in Bangalore and want to know if the plot has been approved by BDA.

Latest Answer: Thanks Bijoy for your quick and prompt reply.. Is it a good idea to but a BDA approved project?

Q: I need contact ( email and contact no) of lawyers in bangalore who can do property document verification.
Need lawyer office either in JP nagar , Jayanagar or electronic city
Latest Answer: I am an advocate dealing with exclusively in property matters and having office in malleswaram. If it is ok contact me at : 9448049324

Q: The ex-land owner on which our apartment was constructed, owns about 14 out of total 40 flats. This ex-land owner intimidated others and took all the posts of president,secy and treasurer. He is uneducated but has loads of property and has good influence in the locality. Now he along with another owner, have gone monopoly and corrupt and eat up all the money toward maintanance. He doesnt show records and when forced he showned all stupid calcualtions. Basically he has eaten up more than 1Lakh. He is intimidating others by plugging out fuses, scaring other people. He has now seized the DG, lift, gym and other services. Since most of us in the building are non locals and middle class have no idea to proceed. And another issue is, he did not even allow us to form an association

Latest Answer: Everywhere, we can see a group of people dominating a CHS and making money off festivals. It encourages groupism and infighting. some members regularly donot pay any maintenance or do double parking. All these activities need to be managed by the government not people. Just like water department and electricity department manages their billings. There are good people too, but then why they need to put their time for these activities.

Q: As per this news report (http://www.deccanherald.com/content/208012/dks-project-disputed-land.html/), the original sale of land is not legal, and does not confer the title. Can the current owners give feedback on this ?
Latest Answer: Thanks for sharing the information even I heard that there is a graveyard coming next to Purva Midtown. Is that true????

Latest Answer: property is not registred #104 C Block purva venezia he took advance and not giving back be careful guys

Q: we are planning to lease an entire floor of office space in a commercial building occupied by many other people. there is a common passage connecting the 2 blocks . The landlord of the floor does'nt mind leasing us the common passage for our exclusive use since we will occupy the entire floor. There is also a common lobby connecting the 2 blocks which are interconnected with the common passage.
question : can we enter into such a lease and encroach the common passages for our personal use. the remaining owners / occupants are quiet , but what if there is a legal issue tomorrow.
will appreciate expert comments / advise.
thank you


Q: Considering to buy, can any one let me know whether Land is A kaatha ?? , any legal issues aware of
Latest Answer: The project is know to be approved by BBMP and banks like HDFC and LIC Housing Finance Ltd. There is no legal issues and the project has got A Khata.

Q: Hi, Based on election, the owners of apartment have chosen five office bearers like President, Vice president,Secretary,Joint secretary and treasurer and we have registered the association in Bengaluru.Out of 5 office bearers, 4 are flat owners and the property is registered in their respective names where as flat is not registered in President's name but his son is a owner of the flat. Question is, can a person who is not a flat owner be elected as President, Is legally permitted? Your answers will help

Latest Answer: if any person is not agree to forum apartment owner association by common , association can hire outsider for common interest.

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