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Q: Sir/Madam, Please let me know whether it is legal to buy a flat which is as per licence but the building has illegal floors above. It does not have OC. What is status of legal flats in case of Akrama-Sakrama is not approved?
Latest Answer: Completion certificate is issued by the local civic body authority stating the property has been built as per sanctioned plan and is completed. The Builder has to get the Occupancy certificate from the Municipal Corporation. It is a legal permission to sale the flat after which customers can buy and occupy them for living. If they do not have an occupancy certificate then the building is illegal. The builder has to submit a No Objection Certificate and Lift Safety certificate to get the Occupancy certificate.

Q: Hi,
How are the terms on Occupancy certificate mentioned in the Sale agreement or Construction agreement?

I am looking at purchasing an apartment from a fairly new builder (has done 2 small projects so far).
I asked for a term to be mentioned in the Sale agreement. I asked for the below two

1. That builder commits to providing Occupancy certificate within 6 months of possession of the flat by the purchaser.
2. That the last payment 5% (or could be 2.5%) would be made only after Occupancy certificate is provided by the builder to the purchaser

The builder is willing to provide '1' but not willing to add any clause that says what if the occupancy certificate is not provided within 6 months per the term '1'.
Is this good enough?

The project is on Sarjapur road in a area of over 1 acres.
The builder is confident of providing Occupancy certificate.
From where the construction is today (it's a G+4 with 2 Basement parkings), there seems to be no significant deviations.

Thank you.

Latest Answer: Hi Parag, The builder didn't agree for the last payment (5%) part. But only for the part of mentioning the clause "The builder shall give the occupancy certificate within six months of possession after collecting the necessary charges" Thanks, Krishna

Q: Still the flats are available?
Latest Answer: Yes. It is..

Q: I dont see any STP and Rain water harvesting list in Ameneties, which i guess are must for any new apprtment. does it have Occupancy Certificate and other approvals?

Latest Answer: Yeah you are right actually and the project is ready to move in so I think they have Occupancy Certificate. As per market news, buildings which will be built on sites measuring 100 sq meters and a height up to seven meters, it is a mandate to latch onto an occupancy certificate.

Latest Answer: Thanks Ms. Neha, Are these guidelines available on any website? Could you please provide me some reference ?

Q: Hello,

I heard there is a City Civil Court on the Proerty of Innovative Petals & United DAffodills.
I want to know the detailed anout this City Civil case. Whats this about?
Latest Answer: I am also not so sure but I have read some comments about the project in a thread that there is some issue with the project and OC is also not there. I am sharing the link you can read the comments about the project here

Q: I have received email asking to pay 35000 for changing the pipe line in bulding, they are collecting maintanence fee of from us and inspite of this they want us to shell out to pay for changing the rusted pipe lines. Who is responsible

Latest Answer: Thankyou Rajkumar. There must a strict regulation by the government on condominium maintanence, these guys rip off the tenents.

Q: In 16 flat apartment, the car parking space allocated to me is smaller size as power transformer and gen set are installed at my area. How can I get my equal share of like others car parking space
Latest Answer: Thanks a lot for your replies. The problem here is the builder is not in supportive mode after collect all the payment from me. They are just ignore my calls or their response is very poor and abusing me. Not sure what to do next. Kindly guide Thanks Vadi

Latest Answer: Hi Kuku, I am a flat owner as well as google group admin too for Saroj Symphony. I would be happy to help.

Q: Has any one signed on the MOU and Agreements of HOH projects? Have you seen the clauses for delayed delivery? Monthly payment of Rs 3/- per sqft of the saleable area after 6 months grace period!? Is this normal? All builders have this sort of thing?
Latest Answer: Thanks Madhav. I have done that. Cheers.

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