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Q: As per this news report (http://www.deccanherald.com/content/208012/dks-project-disputed-land.html/), the original sale of land is not legal, and does not confer the title. Can the current owners give feedback on this ?
Latest Answer: Thanks for sharing the information even I heard that there is a graveyard coming next to Purva Midtown. Is that true????

Latest Answer: property is not registred #104 C Block purva venezia he took advance and not giving back be careful guys

Q: we are planning to lease an entire floor of office space in a commercial building occupied by many other people. there is a common passage connecting the 2 blocks . The landlord of the floor does'nt mind leasing us the common passage for our exclusive use since we will occupy the entire floor. There is also a common lobby connecting the 2 blocks which are interconnected with the common passage.
question : can we enter into such a lease and encroach the common passages for our personal use. the remaining owners / occupants are quiet , but what if there is a legal issue tomorrow.
will appreciate expert comments / advise.
thank you


Q: Considering to buy, can any one let me know whether Land is A kaatha ?? , any legal issues aware of
Latest Answer: The project is know to be approved by BBMP and banks like HDFC and LIC Housing Finance Ltd. There is no legal issues and the project has got A Khata.

Q: Hi, Based on election, the owners of apartment have chosen five office bearers like President, Vice president,Secretary,Joint secretary and treasurer and we have registered the association in Bengaluru.Out of 5 office bearers, 4 are flat owners and the property is registered in their respective names where as flat is not registered in President's name but his son is a owner of the flat. Question is, can a person who is not a flat owner be elected as President, Is legally permitted? Your answers will help

Latest Answer: if any person is not agree to forum apartment owner association by common , association can hire outsider for common interest.

Q: I have a plot which is under Panchayat and I am planning to sell it off but the buyer is asking if it is a DC converted land. The land is registered in my name and I am paying tax for the same

Latest Answer: Do nationalized banks provide loans for DC converted properties?

Q: Hello All,

I had brought a site (agriculture land converted into site)in Magadi taluk of Karnataka in 2005 under my wife's name since i couldnt get a Pahani/RTC under my name. i have done proper registration, but havent done any sort of Khata transfer, pahani transfer, paying property tax for this property till date.

My wife passed away and now i want to transfer this site to my name. I visited taluk office many times and have been advised to first make Khata under my late wife name and later transfer that khata to my name and next apply for transfer of the site to my name. I applied for khata transfer under my wife name around 6 months back and still couldnt close on the transfer and i have been asked to visit village account and i am not getting proper support in order to close on this issue.

Would like advise from this forum on what is the right procedure to transfer the gram panchyat property from wife to my name and whom to contact for each aspects and how to handle delay in service provided.

Reply to my query would be highly appreciated.




Latest Answer: Hi First you have to make property paper upto date . To transfer any properties you must have khata .As you mention properties is not register and do not have khata in your wife name. so firstly make khata under your wife . you can apply online also. there is certain process that you have to follow while make khata paper. submit all necessary document required .as in mention that u are getting delay so ask with the concerned offices what is the reason. may be more document .

Q: I am in search of an apartment/flat in electronic city and near by area in bangalore for 30-35Lakh. I got response from many of the builders and owners . But when i checked with them i came to know that none of them are providing Occupation certificate. When i checked with some reputed builders they were providing OC , But the price is above 40lakh . Is it not possible to get OC for the flats within my budget range. 'or can i go with any flats without OC
Latest Answer: Even i am planning to buy a flat but that is not having OC. what sandeep did you the buy the flat which you had chossen or you changed and what problems you got while buying that flat which does not have OC please discuss here

Latest Answer: Hi Janak Desai, MIMS builder has promised completion of the project by june 2016 and you are saying 2015, may i know was this typo error, also may I know have you booked appt in this

Latest Answer: BSH PROPERTY LEGAL SOLUTIONS:Legal Outsource SERVICES [NON-LITIGATION] : Due diligence, Legal Scrutiny Report of the property, Drafting like MOU, JDA, GPA, AGREEMENT OF SALE, ABSOLUTE SALE DEED in respect of land, sites, flats, villas, CONFIRMATION DEED and other deeds/agreements (if necessary), Contact for above SERVICES: Basavaraj Sangamesh Hiremath. B.Com. LL.B.,(Spl.,) Advocate, PANEL ADVOCATE FOR PROMOTERS/DEVELOPERS, Cell:9483585922. Email Id.:hiremathbsh1@gmail.com Address:1124, 3rd Main, 2nd Stage,(Rajajinagar 1st Block) E Block,Subramanya Nagar, Rajajinagar, Bangalore-560010.

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