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Latest Answer: You can call on this toll free number (1800) (180) (180) (180) Or You Post your Requirements to get matching properties details on your Email and Mobile.

Q: Please tell me if society formation fee needs to be paid to apartment association in case of ownership transfer from mother to daughter even though I am not moving to the property. My mother will still live there. Bye Law says Rs 10 but they changed formation fee to 15k in a committee meeting without changing the Bye Law and forced it upon us
Latest Answer: The bye-law would also mention that a revision on the quantum of the fee to be collected may be made by a resolution of the association/society meeting, it is binding on all the members to abide by the resolution.

Q: Hi, I'm planning to buy an apartment in Alpine Viva. However I get to know that, there are property issues, as a peripheral road is planned in the same property. It seems some part of the property or even apartments will be under scanner.

Q1 - Is this true?
Q2 - Has the builder got the approvals?
Q3 - Has any of the owners seen or validated this claim by the builder?
Latest Answer: Hi Hanif, I went to see this and couple of other apartments with a Real estate consultants (not agents). They were not willing to show any properties close to this area. Also, I went through the various online forums. Just google for Alpine legal issues and Alpine Viva/Eco owners forums.

Q: H, i was wondering, if i can get Occupancy certificate for the flat. The flat itself constructed with multiple deviations per rules.
Latest Answer: Thanks Rajiv. I too checked with builder today. He does not get involved in Occupancy Certificate to buyers.

Q: Hi..what are the revised Stamp and registration charges in Karnataka ??
Latest Answer: The Stamp Duties and Registration charges in Karnataka are 5% and 1% respectively. Basically stamp duty is a type of tax collected the government of Karnataka under its jurisdiction for a transaction of a property. Registration charges is the fees required in getting the legal title registered in your name.

Q: I am about to finalized one apartment to buy, But builder told me Land is A Khata, but flat is B-Khata, Should i buy such property?
Latest Answer: Hi Anand, If the land is A Khata then the apartments have to be A Khata. If the builder is telling that the flats are B Khata then there may be some problem with the project. If at all you are buying a property double check all the documents given to you by the builder with the help of legal expert.

Latest Answer: BIAPPA offers only general Khata which is issued by the local panchayat.

Q: Planning to buy an apartment in this building. Beware of the flat no: 002, 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 405. All these belong to owners share. I was also interested in this building and made 20% payment for 302, went in to sale agreement with the land lady. But now she is refusing to honor the sale agreement and refusing to register the flat stating that there has been delay in the payment. The sale agreement was done on 1'st of Feb and i had applied for loan after that. The lawyer for legal opinion had demanded for certified EC which was furnished by her employee on 1'st of April. After the legal and valuation, the bank had sanctioned the loan on 11'th April, but now she is refusing to register the flat and is saying that if you need the flat pay more or the deal is cancelled.
Latest Answer: I've uploaded the sale agreement in the link mentioned above. You can check the price there. She was asking for 1.5x.

Q: As mentioned, I have purchased a site on Anekal Jigani road (6KMS from PAC Circle) on loan. Is there a rule that if we purchase a site on Bank loan we should construct house within a stipulated time frame? When checked with the Axis Bank from whom i have taken the loan, they informed me that as per new RBI rule we have to construct house within 18 months of site purchase. Currently i cannot construct a house there for another min of 5 years as the area is not developed. Please advise if i have sell the site or keep it.

Latest Answer: Good evening Tejas, this rule is not apply to LIC because they provide Plot loan for the period of 10 years, and you can build your house anytime you want. but sorry i dont know anyone personally from LIC. but you can visit the nearest branch or enquire online about this with them. Thanks

Latest Answer: As far as i know when you buy a flat you buy two things from the builder 1. Undivided Land of Share and 2. The flat. Both VAT and Service Tax (As on Jan 2013 ...Service Tax @ 12.36% on 25% of BASIC Price ( if Land Cost is included ) otherwise 12.36% on 33% of Basic Sale price ) need to be paid on basic selling price of the flat and not on Undivided Land of Share.

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