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save water

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How to ensure a better water management in your apartments?

Water management is a big problem in many apartments, especially in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi. Indian cities are facing severe water ...

Water conservation ideas for summers

Water is the force of life and an essential living commodity supplied by nature. No life can exist without water and humans tend to take water for granted. ...

What is a waterless car cleaning?

Waterless car cleaning is a new innovative way in providing soap less car wash that is gaining popularity the world over. Waterless car cleaning is slowly but ...

What are the major causes of water pollution in India?

Water bodies e.g. lake, river, ocean and ground water get contaminated due to discharge of pollutants in the water bodies without any treatment to remove ...

How to save water in your daily life?

It’s an old adage “No water no life”. We don’t give much thought about using water cautiously even though it is the basis of our daily life. ...

Earth Day Activities for Kids

Since the Earth day is universally celebrated to define the importance of environmental aspects, most of us must be thinking of various activities for the kids ...

Celebrate Holi in an Ecofriendly Way

The festival of colours is looming and every individual is craving for the sight of colourful hues smeared onto people’s faces draped in white. One can not ...

Save Trees From Construction Disturbance

Trees play an important role in producing oxygen and absorbing pollution or carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, moderating ground temperatures, protects water ...

Green Home Helps To Save Money and Environment

Green Home in India is not a new concept or a new thing to real estate in India. Today green home means a home or apartment project where builder or architect ...

25 Ways To Save Water

You can save water in many places in your house including the kitchen, bathroom and from washing. There are many ways to save water at home or outdoors. Using ...

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