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Garbage left unattended in Noida!

1 Comment Sub Category:Community,Municipality Posted On: Mar 27, 2012

Heaps of garbage, bad sewer system and clogged drains, what more is needed to spoil the peaceful living in a locality?

This is the civic scenario in whole of Noida. Midst all these problems, it seems like Noida Authority has either ignored or failed badly in proving basic civic facilities to its citizens.

Recently, Noida Authority held ‘Operation Clean‘ drive for 10 days to clean the whole Noida city. However, it was a complete failure, indeed!

One can easily witness the garbage dump, over flowing sewage almost in every corner of the city.

The residents from Sectors 14, 15, 19, 21, 23 and 40 in Noida are facing tough time surviving midst unclean drains! Irregular garbage collection is a main concern for the residents of Sectors 21, 26, 27 and 52.

Never ending are the problems for Noida residents, Noida Authority has therefore been asked to solve all the civic issues at the earliest!

Source: Cityplus

One Response to “Garbage left unattended in Noida!”

  1. m thapar says:

    There is a private company present collecting garbage in Noida. The Challenge is that RWA’s are demanding money to get the garbage collected from their households. This is complete hypocritical behavior. On one front these individuals are complaining that garbage is not being collected and how they would like to implement a system that works on the same like as western countries yet are unwilling to pay even 10 rupees a month for it. They are in fact selling these contracts to the tune of rupees 3 lac a year to the unorganized sector. RWA’s and residents need to take responsibility for their own actions before they start pointing a finger

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