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Run for Restoration of Bellandur Lake

1 Comment Sub Category:Awareness,Community,Green Living Posted On: Feb 07, 2011

This Sunday, Residents of Bellandur, Sarjapur, Outer Ring Road and neighborhood ran not for fitness or health but for awareness and to  draw attention of the authorities on the need to restore Bellandur lake, the biggest lake in the City. This is their 13 year demand for action to restore -Bellandur lake- once beautiful lake in their neighbourhood. The lake, which was famous for its fish stock, is now a breeding place of mosquitoes.

Hundreds including IT professionals, homemakers, students, environmental activists, ecologists and villagers on Sunday February 06, participated in the run. They ran from the Outer Ring Road to the banks of the lake, covering three km. This run is a demand from citizens to government for restroation of City’s lake and to spread awareness of the situation.

Many villagers from Yamalur, a village on the lake bank also echoed their sentiments of a once-beautiful lake in their neighbourhood. Jagannath, Ramamurthi, an environmentalist, have been fighting to save this lake in the High Court. The the court has directed the government to clean up the lake and to prevent discharge of untreated sewage into the water  body. “Despite efforts made in the court, nothing really has changed in this lake. Even today, it receives more untreated sewage than ever before. Only a small portion is being treated which is just an eyewash. It is shameful that even a court verdict is being thrown to the winds,” said Ramamurthi.

The lake, spread over 950 acres is the largest in East Bangalore and has been a victim of pollution with the inflow of untreated sewage water into the lake. The total volume of sewage entering the lake directly is estimated at 500 million litres daily, roughly around four bucket loads of sewage from each of the eight million citizens of Bangalore. Industrial effluent discharged into the lake and encroachments of the wetlands have also contributed to the present state of the lake. The water is contaminated with high concentrates of lead, cadmium and chromium. There is also a serious threat to health since a large amount of contaminated water seeps into ground water and there is also foul Odour and this has became mosquito and disease breeding ground.

Source: Deccan Herald- Citizens run for restoration of City’s biggest lake

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