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Real estate dealings

Real estate progress in India

Real estate progress in India
In the period between 2002- 2007, Indian real estate observed notable growth, with a large number of project launches in the same period and the introduction of Real Estate Consultants came into spotlight. When compared to property dealers, the real estate consultants were professionals, educated people and knew the presentation level required for the projects [...] Continue Reading » an online platform which solves your real estate woes an online platform which solves your real estate woes
Hunting for a house midst dealing with real estate agents, middlemen is one of the toughest task in today’s world! One has to go through a roller coaster ride to find a good apartment which has all favorable facilities and amenities. You can get transparency in all these real estate dealings only when you use [...] Continue Reading »

Realty transparency traced!

Realty transparency traced!
Talks about transparency in real estate dealings has been discussed and identified by Jones Lang LaSalle’s Indian Real Estate Transparency Index (IRETI) and Confederation of Real Estate Association of India (CREDAI). Andhra Pradesh is identified as a top transparency holder, whereas Jharkhand is declared as a least transparency realty holder. The overall realty transparency report [...] Continue Reading »

India to strengthen its anti-money laundering regime

India to strengthen its anti-money laundering regime
What is money laundering law? Money laundering is considered as a serious threat to whole of the global financial systems as it involves disguising of financial assets which will be later on used without detection of the illegal activity that produced them. The whole idea of money laundering is to transform the monetary proceeds into [...] Continue Reading »

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