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About Chhatarpur


The locality of Chhatarpur is a downtown area situated in the South West district of Delhi. Mainly known for the Chhatarpur Temple, also called Shri Adhya Katyani Shakti Peeth Mandir, this place is visitedby many people. Itis famous for being a green area, with the presence of several farmhouses in the locality.


The Chhatarpur area has extended beyond its previous demarcation, and now has a Chattarpur Extension, which is a listed colony. The connectivity of this place with respect to the whole of the city is excellent considering its accessibility to the Metro station. Many people working in Gurgaon prefer staying here because of thepeaceful surroundings.


This locality is close to other important localities such asGadaipur, New Manglapuri, Andheria Mor, Mehrauli, Sultanpur, IGNOU Road, Ber Sarai, Satbari, and Khanpur. Itisalso big on commercialistation. Many marble industries have set up shop in this area.


There are sufficient schools and colleges in the vicinity. Schools such asVinay Marg Navyug Secondary School, K. V. Pragati Vihar Lodhi Road, Sanskriti School, and Lodhi Road Navyug Sr. Secondary School are present in and around Chhatarpur. Apart from these schools, there are colleges such asGargi College, Triambke Institute of Management and Technology, Northern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management, and Chhattisgarh Medical College of Alternative Medicine in the area.


Connectivity and Transit Points


The Indira Gandhi International Airport is at a distance of just 12 km from Chhatarpur. The nearest railway station is Nizamuddin Railway Station, which is about 15 km from the locality. The Chhatarpur metro station is the most preferred and convenient form of travel for people here. It connects this area to most important points throughout the city and beyond.


Apart from that, there are auto-rickshaws, cabs, buses, and shared auto systems for covering short distances. The buses are run by DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation) and are quite frequent, with low cost of traveling.


The main transit points in Chhatarpur are the Chhatarpur Extension Bus Station, Rajpur Crossing Bus Station, Rajpur Bus Station, Satbari Village Bus Station, and Mallu Farm Bus Station.


Major Landmarks


●       Chhatarpur Temple

●       Chhatarpur Metro Station

●       South Asian University

●       Pisces Garden

●       Varun Farm

●       Applied Research International

●       Center for Development of Telematics

●       IGNOU Residential Campus


Factors For Growth In The Past


Thanks to the lush greenery and farms, Chhatarpur became a favourite hotspot for people wanting to invest in large plots to build farmhouses and independent houses. Soon, more real estate activities were observed in this area with many apartments and flats being constructed.


The Shri Adhya Katyani Shakti Peeth Mandir in Chhatarpur is the second largest temple complex in India, attracting tourists from all over India and abroad. Before 2005, the area around the Chhatarpur Temple saw a lot of development in infrastructure.


With IT zones developing rapidly in Gurgaon, about 20 km from Chhatarpur, many employees started preferringthis area for residential purposes considering the sky-high prices in Gurgaon. And the green calm environment of Chhatarpur was a major attraction.


After the Yellow Line elevated station of the Delhi Metro was constructed at Chhatarpur in the year 2010, the locality witnessed an increased housing demand. More shopping centres, banks, and ATMs have come up ever since.


Residential Trends In Chhatarpur


The residential areas in Chhatarpur are gradually seeing some change in the landscape with more demand for apartments and flats than farmhouses. Once a property hotspot only for the affluent class, the area is now a great place for buying or investing in property even for the middle-class section of the society. Developers, owing to the fact that the location is prime and convenient with good connectivity to other major localities in Delhi and outside, are milking the large vacant spaces available in Chhatarpur.


The builder floor apartmentsin Chhatarpur are being sold at aboutRs 5,600per sq.ft., and Rs 17 per sq.ft. is the rental rate. The multi-storey apartments and residential housesin Chhatarpur are being rented at aboutRs 17-28 per sq.ft. The average price for residential plotsin Chhatarpuris aboutRs 69,500per sq.yard.


Major Challenges


There are unauthorised colonies functioning in Chhatarpur that needsto be regularised. Further, there are no proper water lines in these areas. Only one-third of the pipeline networks were laid down in the Chhatarpur constituency as of 2013.


Corruption is a major hurdle faced by the residents here. They complain about having to pay huge bribes for any new construction or development to be undertaken. This has played a major part in hampering the growth of Chhatarpur in some areas.


Commercialisation is creeping into the residential areas, spoiling the peacefulatmosphere and turning it into a market one. Security is also an issue in this situation because now the entry to these areas are not restrictedto the residents.


The garbage disposal system is not adequate in Chhatarpur, which has resulted in open dumps creating unhygienic environment. This leads to stray dogs scavenging into the dump. Even the sewerage system is not up to the mark. Open sewers are breeding mosquitoes that are resulting in rising number of dengue cases in the locality.


Factors for Growth in the Future


There has been scarcity of land available for investment purposes in and around Delhi. The government is identifying areas and is planning to free over 70,000 acres of land in the near future. Meanwhile, there are very few locations that have large land parcels available. Chhatarpur is one such location and has witnessed a sudden price rise,up to three times over the last sixquarters. This trendis expected to continue in the future, with more land coming into the realty market.


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