Doddaballapur Road, Bangalore

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About Doddaballapur Road

Doddaballapur Road is located outside of Bangalore but is somewhat oriented towards the northern part of the city. It is one of the towns within Bangalore Rural District. In the local language, i.e, Kannada, Doddaballapur means 'Big Ballapura'. The area is situated 40 km north west of Bangalore.

In the early 15th century, it was believed that one Abbas Khan received Doddaballapur as a Jahagir after being handed over to many rulers in many span of years. Finally, in 1761, Haider Ali passed the reign to Wadeyars of Mysore.

The area is spread across 78760 hectares of land housing five hoblis/ cluster of villages. The five cluster of villages present are
Doddabelavangala, Thubagere, Sasalu, Madure and Kasaba.

As per 2001 India census, the total
population of Doddaballapura summed upto 71,509. Out of which, males formed 52% and females 48% of the population.

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₹ 4743 / sq. ft.

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₹ 7984 / month

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