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Era Divine Court, Faridabad

[ Under Construction ]

Sector-76, Greater Faridabad, Faridabad, Haryana, INDIA.

Era Divine Court, Faridabad [ Under Construction ]

Sector-76, Greater Faridabad, Faridabad, Haryana, INDIA.


16.33L to 67.52L
Unit Details:
More than 1000 units
2, 3 BHK
1005 - 1850 SQFT
From Dec 2017

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Project Last Updated on : 24 Jul 2017


Q: Hi , I want to join the Community to all the progress in the project.Pls keep me posted for nay movement.
I have booked B 106 Ground Floor

Replies (8)
One can imagine, after investing one’s money in a project for four years and still nowhere near completion, how much frustrating and painful that could be.

Most of the project launched by Era earlier have been drastically flopped. Before success of Era Divine Court Project, all the project of this company were failed miserably like plans of selling plots in Bahadurgarh, plan of multistory at Sec. 76 by the name Heywood Colonade, Oakwood Court in Palwal and others which details we don’t know. And we don’t know what happened to their hard earned money also. All these facts remained hidden from us and all the property dealers kept us in dark deliberately. It seems that property dealers also got very good some of money for this project that's why they are backing the company so hard.

Era Divine Court Project is being treated like a milking cow by the company; milk it as much as you can, you don’t know when will you get a cow like this. One seldom gets success like Era Divin

When investors, with copy of that mail interacted with Mr. Chawla, (President then), he said he didn’t know how Mr. Vivek Gupta has sent that mail and he might be misinformed. Mr. Chawla said that they will have the land soon as case with farmer would settle in six months. When the investor asked about the court detail, Mr. Chawla replied that their lawyer is on leave and they will soon give all details. Further it was learnt that the lawyer, actually has resigned. Mr. Chawla, President (that time) and Mr. Arun Singh, GM (that time) were the main persons of the company with whom all conversation made during this period.

After this, the company stopped entertaining those particular investors phone calls and even blocked their emails. Company started giving false information to others that all the problems have been solved and giving reference to one particular person, who was raising his voice much said his all problems, including the park one is solved and he is quite satisfied.

Other than this there were many problems with this project, but investors highlighted one major problem that is of Park area. The whole project is conceptualised around a 4 acre park. Around that park all the towers are coming and investors have been charged PLC for that also. Last year many investors come to knew that the ownership of park area land of 4 acres is not with the company rather that was with a peasant of Faridabad. Company lied to investors, they hide facts and sold flats on wrong layout plan (like us). When investors contacted the company, it was told to them that they do not have right information and park land is with them only. Investors again went to the farmer and enquired. Farmer told investors that , that part of land belong to him and the showed registry paper of land to investors. With this fact when investors countered Era Landmarks, it was told to investors that there is a case going on between that farmer and the company and company had already paid Rs 1 cror

already paid Rs 1 crore to the farmer. When investor checked this from the farmer, he said there is no case at all and he is not going to sell this land to the company. One of the investors sent an email to the company manager (Mr. Vivek Gupta) and he replied via email by writing that there was no provision of park there and that land is also not with them.

Era Landmarks launched Era Redwood Residency project almost four years back and after lapse of so many years the project is not complete even by 50%. This project was also a pre-launch and they sold flats on a plan that was only on paper. No land was also purchased for the project also. Era Landmarks initially told investors that they construct flats in sec. 82 of Faridabad or around there. Later they shifted the Project to Sector 76, Faridabad and from there some other place. At last they got a land in Sector 78 Faridabad and started the project after two years from its initial launch keeping investors money so long and enjoying the interest of that money. They do not had the layout plan approval (like us) still they started the construction.

But as the project was not sanctioned/approved construction stopped many-a-times during this period. Last year it got approval and banks started financing the project. But they were only taking money from the banks and not constructing the flats as per construction linked plans or as required. So banks stopped paying them resulting in more delay. They were very inconsistent towards to speed of the project and never bothered about the worries of the investors. This might be because this project was not a success like ours.

If any of us know anyone who have bought flats in Era Redwood Residency, or connected with that project, please let us know, we will inform them.

Our problems are somewhat similar to them or one can say that it is perennial habits of Era Landmarks Ltd. to create problems for its investors. In both of us cases, i.e. Era in Redwood Residency and Era Divine Court there is problem of park, in first case there is no park at all and in later, they have plan to build flats on parks.

Disturbing Facts : Era Landmarks Ltd.

Dear Friends, there are some facts about the company Era Landmarks company which have been come to light recently and everybody should know.

We have been shared with many unpleasant experiences of investors of one other project of Era Landmarks Ltd. called Redwood Residency, which is in Sector 78 of Faridabad (details mentioned below). They have requested us for help by informing them about other persons who have bought flats in Redwood Residency or know somebody who is related with this project.


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