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Q: How many plots are approved in Upkar Royal Garden project? Project layout on Upkar website shows 555 plots whereas artha website shows only 292 plots. Upkar project mentions about 1000 plots. Could u please throw light?
Latest Answer: Approved means.......Panchayat or the TN Housing???? You need to find that out. Artha is kind of the marketing firm that sells for Upkaar. Look at it this way....Upkaar outsourced some of the sites initially to Artha for marketing. Since it was a newer community few years ago, the prices were lower and the margin was low for Upkaar. And now.....after the development.....Upkaar is able to open up several more sites and they are dealing with the clients directly. They have increased the prices and eliminated the middle man. Plus, Royal garden itself is a huge project.....and they are doing it in several phases. Earlier ones were panchayat approved but the new phase I remember they mentioned about TN Housing approval which they say is more valuable. But, to me....it should not be a big deal. This information is based on what I know and what I have heard from others. I work in IT and I have bought couple of sites in Dec 2011.

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