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Q: is any value worth in investing in ashrayaa aero springs is there any growth from 5-7years of this property
Latest Answer: Devanahalli has witnessed road enhancement and improved connectivity, with projects such as Outer Ring Road (ORR) and the planned six-lane carriageway that forms a ring between ORR and the Satellite Town ring road. For being only 34 km away from Bengaluru, the public transport in the area is both rounded and resourceful. It is proudly situated on the Bangalore-Hyderabad National Highway 7. So in short property prices in this stretch is definitely going to appreciate in the coming years.

Q: Hi all, just came across a buyback scheme for 3 bhk in aqua 2 in ozone urbana project, where they are offering 42 lacs on investment of 17 lacs in 2 years. I want to know about the credebility of the builder. Whether it is good to go in such buyvback scheme. He is quoting the price relatively high as 4800 psf. Please provide suggestion at earliest.
Latest Answer: Hi Gaurav, Please let me know whether you invested or not..? I Have come across a similiar scheme wherein they are promising to give double the money in 2 years.. Thanks and Regards, Sachin Bansal

Latest Answer: More than the completion of the apartments, the important factor is how many people are going to live in Urbana? I think this will determine the development of this region. I too have invested in plots about 5 years back. They promised then, in 5 years the entire project will be completed. Now, they are claiming it would take another 5 years for the development to complete.

Q: Ozone Urbana (or other equivalent big builders) is selling plots in the range of 3000+. Is it really worth? I'm aware that Business Park/ IT parks etc. I still do not see any major signs of any such reality on the grounds. Most of the people buying in Devanahalli is for investment and not for serious dwelling. How many years it will take to even double? Is Devanahalli just a hype, which is already oversold?
Latest Answer: I just booked in advance my first flat in Devanahalli and feel satisfied with the service of Ozone Urbana Heights. They are building flats in bangalore and giving best facilities at a very competitive price.

Q: Hey Guys,

I am interested in a 30*40 plot at ozone. Everything went well until I was told that I need to pay a maintenance fee every month for the plot 1 month after its been purchased. I find this ridiculous since there is nothing built there yet or the project has not even been completed. This one issue has been putting me off. Like many, this is an investment idea and I don't intend to build anything there as yet. The way I see it it needs a good 5-6 years before everything on paper can be seen in concrete.

Has anybody else picked up a plot here? if yes, are you all paying the maintenance fee? Any feedback is much appreciated.
Latest Answer: Hi, My email id is psaurabh26@gmail.com

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