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Q: This builder is not trustworthy and many investors got their flat almost two/three years delayed. There is no 3C's from the management side (i.e. Commitment, Communication and Customer Care service). Very adamant management attitude who will not recognize or give proper reply to the buyers. I booked my flat in Feb 2014 and even though they promised to deliver by end of this year and as per their one sided agreement, the flat should have been delivered to me by june 2016 but till date absolutely there is "ZERO" progress. Even though they constructed the Phase I, even after five years they have not completed the Piped Gas Connection, swimming pool and Club House facilities which they promised to their customers long back. Even the construction is very poor and there is absolutely there is no one from Management side to address any sort of difficulties being faced by the customers.

Q: KGS developers who is driving this project seems to be bankrupt group . They started a residential project in Thiruvananthapuram and collected advance from people and they have sold of this project to Malabar builders with out making any progress . It had been 6 years and KGS developers has not paid back the money to the customers till date . How can this group be trusted to do any projects or with your money ?
Latest Answer: Thanks Sundar . A few of us has started this process already . Hopeful the legal proceedings won't take much time and we get the money back. It has been 6 years . We have done some internal discussions and George who is the Managing director is so adamant not to return the money he stole from us.

Q: Hi. I came across an article in 'The Hindu' today where they featured about the Malles project I invested in, at Perumbakkam. Since it is an area that is considered to be the future, I’m pretty happy with my decision. The project is going to be done in few months and I can’t wait to move there. The price range is very reasonable that anyone can afford it as well. This would be the best time to invest in this area before its completely sold out!
Latest Answer: The Master Plan for Delhi 2021 introduces the concept of ‘Land Pooling’ for the first time. It is the answer to millions of dreams and hopes pinned upon DDA. And, they’ve delivered it this time. We’re going to talk about Land Pooling in detail.

Q: I have visited site yesterday RSK Orchid Garden, Navalur located very gud location and i'm interest to buy .

Please advise if there is any problem for buy this
Latest Answer: thanks for sharing, if i get any info about that project then i'll post it.

Q: It’s very hard to believe with reviews builders these days, because people say anything without experiencing living in the place. Most of the projects take years to complete and when it’s finally done takes another decade for getting the papers sorted out. I have been living at Featherlite Swargam for a long time. Initially when I booked the apartment, it hardly took any time. And when the construction was done, I was informed on time and given the keys for the apartment without any delay. Thanks Featherlite Developers!!
Latest Answer: Hi Prashanth, How is the reputation of the builder? How many projects they have completed?

Q: We saw the floor plans and the virtual tour on their website – we like the design and the amenities. Are flats still available for sale? Would like to come down and see a model flat.
Latest Answer: I think it is a fast filling property, however you can still try. Most builders have model flats and they should also have one.

Q: How many flats have been built by Malles Constructions in Chennai? Can someone tell me about the builder? Is the construction firm good? How is the pricing? Does the company keep its words and deliver what it promises?
Latest Answer: What are the types of amenities that will be available in this project and who all has approved the project?

Latest Answer: area size is 880 ( 40 * 22) we are three people. we already have our home built but its old. so we are planning to construct 3 floors leaving ground floor as car parking., can it be done in 30 feet road . so it will be g - car parking with one single room for our parents.... 1, 2 ,3 rd floor for our three ..is it possible..can it be done

Q: What are the future prospects on investing in this locality? Will it fetch good returns in coming years?
Latest Answer: This project is in Mogappair. Obviously the returns will be great in this locality. After Anna Nagar now this area is becoming a really developed area with so many facilities. Both investment-wise and project-wise this is best.

Q: Like to know whether radiance is in good financial condition. Many people told me they are unable to pay even small amounts and are struggling. Anyone reply.
Latest Answer: I agree with Sudhakar. Radiance Realty have cemented themselves as one of the most trustworthy and reputable real estate developers in Chennai. They have been consistently creating state of the art projects with the latest amenities ensuring that the projects meet the highest quality standards and are handed over on time. They have been transparent in all their dealings and didn’t have any hidden costs as per my experience when buying an apartment in Radiance Shine. A friend of mine who purchased an apartment, had the same experience as me.

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