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Q: Who is the builder of the project and by when is the project getting completed? Does the project offers only 2 bhk units?
Latest Answer: What are the types of facilities the builder is going to provide and what about the location advantages?

Q: Can anyone share the area of apartments they are offering and what is the construction status of the project? How much will be the cost of an apartment here?
Latest Answer: I am looking for an apartment for end use purpose so I want to know the pros and cons of the locality.

Q: Brigade Buena Vista or Prestige Tranquility or Sobha Dream Acres?

Which of the above is recommended for investment purpose?

Tranquility is ready possession and Dream Acres and Buena vista will take one to three years

Rental on Tranquility is not very high so I am thinking rather than investing lumpsum on a ready possession flat I should go for something which will be ready by the time area (Budigere) is developed even more. Meanwhile I can put the balance money in FDs, MFs etc.

Dream acres appears promising as well but I did not like the road leading to it from Varthur.. goes through a narrow village road. The road on the other side is good and will be widened by Sobha itself. Another drawback I thought was that this was away from the airport though close to some current IT offices

Budigere will get more IT people in future.
Latest Answer: Hey Ankur, Is Brigade Buena Vista already launched or it is still in pre launch stage? Brigade Group is also well known in the real estate market and the project is located at Old Madras Road. Old Madras Road, located in East Bangalore, is part of the National Highway 4 (NH-4) that connects Mumbai and Chennai. The micro market is in close proximity to the heart of Bangalore and the key business areas of the city. It has a mix of both commercial and residential areas.

Q: Royal Palms make sure that all their properties have efficient management systems and aren’t harmful to the environment. This is what makes them one of the best and also makes their residential options one of the best.
Latest Answer: Hi folks!! I read in a newspaper that the state govt. is considering a private plot of land owned by Royal Palms in Goregaon East for the car depot of the Colaba-Bandra-SEEPZ Metro 3? Is it true?

Q: I have seen the project while coming from office and I am thinking of booking an apartment here. Any idea when is the project getting completed and who all have approved the project?
Latest Answer: How much will be the price of a 2 bhk unit? It will be great Mr Janak, if you can share feedback about the builder as well.

Q: Hi Friends,

I have a property of 10 grounds near Iyyapanthangal which is unapproved agricultural land. I would like to know the process of making it to an approved land. Do I need to first convert it to unapproved residential plot and then again get separate approval for converting to residential or is it a one step process? Will the recent High court order, stall the process, if I wish to sell the plot as unapproved?

Latest Answer: In the recent news, The Madras High court has issued a notice that the authorities should not give approval or permission to convert agricultural lands into layouts and prevented the IG Registration from registering the unapproved land and buildings.

Q: Adarsh T1 recently finalized their maintenance calculations with an exorbitant amount 7-8K per month. Below are the kind of comment published in the T1 forum:

"Many properties are tenanted – retrospective recovery is difficult by owner"

The above comment simply signifies that the whole maintenance is targeted to be paid by miserable tenants as this is to be paid from Jan 2016 (9 months in the past).

And for this 8K maintenance, you will get dog poops, broken lights, cockroaches, stinky corridors, etc.
Latest Answer: Thanks Shankar & Vishnu.. Your reviews helped me find a better place in the newer towers... Heard from colleagues that there is a persistent cockroach problem (after trying all pest controls) in T1 being discussed today ... Hope everyone is using their gas masks...

Q: What is the total land area in this project and what type of configurations they are offering along with the area of apartments?
Latest Answer: Who all have approved the project? Hoe many towers are there and which direction facing apartments they are offering?

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