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Q: Any news update on the status of the Aroor bridge ? I'm gonna be buying property here soon, so I feel I must be aware of the locality's infrastructure news.
Latest Answer: Yes I heard that the court has currently ordered the NHAI to heed to those complaints and fix this bridge.

Q: I wanna know about the SmartCity project progress, and whether it will affect the real estate prices in Edachira junction. It is bound to right, being located in the same locality. But tell me what you guys think. I need to make a fast decision about whether I should invest here or not.
Latest Answer: Other than this, they waterproofed the basement floor, and they are claiming they will finish works within 9 months. I think things aredefinitely moving forward with Smartcity, and you can invest around Edachira.

Q: Hello. I have to relocate to Hyderabad in about 6 months for work related reasons and my office being in Maheshwaram, I want to know about new residential projects there. A calm area with necessary facilities is what I'm looking for.
Latest Answer: Relocating because of work is something almost everybody has to do at some point or the other. If you want to stay in Maheshwaram area, you can take a look at Amsri Builder's new project Amsri Palm Meadows. Located next to the International Airport, the project is spread out over 200 acres of land and is supposed to include villas and service apartments. There are number of hospitals, department stores, shopping malls, bus stations and restaurants in the locality. The locality is pretty much peaceful and safe.

Q: Can anyone tell me more about the locality HyderNagar? I've been hearing that it is upcoming with lot of infra and development projects. Do you think it is advisable to invest in property here?

Latest Answer: And even though demand is not that high in this locality, developers are still constructing lot of apartment projects because they know that this area has a lot of scope. A few years from now, this locality would be buzzing with life and property prices would have appreciated to a large extent.

Q: The society lacks basic necessity like water quality, security, green area. The lift doesnot have sensor so one need to press all button which is not effective. Only 2 lift at basement 1. Security is a big concern, there are numerous attempt of theft from back side as wall are of 5 ft height only. No guard on the back of society. Frequent power outage due to below standard power equipment installed
Latest Answer: Hi, In my point of view, before buying this project you should have enquirer about the locality. And green area that you should have checked at the time of buying. But now if you think all the flat owners or tenants or neighbors are facing same problem then you can discuss with the builder about it. Why he is not taking any step !!! Still if the scenario is not changing then you can communicate with a flat owners and create a new ownership ,who can take care of entire civic issue.

Q: Hey I might invest in a home in Somajiguda and I would like to know the reasons for why real estate prices are increasing in this locality? What are the contributing factors for this and do you think this locality has potential?

Latest Answer: Somajiguda has good schools, markets, entertainment sources, and hospitals. That's why property demand here is increasing big time.But I think the only concern for these investors and end users is when will the capital values rise as per the rent? This locality is still growing though and seems to have immense potential and promise.

Q: I am keen to invest in this project. I want to know more about this project.When is the possession and what are the banks approving this project !!!!!
Latest Answer: Hi, So how's the locality? How's the price going on here? Is it good time to invest ?

Latest Answer: I feel this is definitely a good choice as the project is located at Rajarhat and the area continues to be among the hottest real estate market in the city. Investors can definitely expect good returns in the coming days.

Q: Hello All,
I will be relocating to Delhi (Dwarka) in second week of Dec'14 and want to know about the average rent of a 2 BHK semi furnished flat (Rs 15k to 20k range). Also, kindly let me know the locality/sector which is normally preferred.

Latest Answer: Thanks Madhuparna, Sonia and Antara. Let me refine my requirements. I would be commuting to my new workplace at Maruti Industrial Area, Gurgaon. My fiancée who is presently working in a school would look for similar opportunities once we shift to Delhi/Gurgaon. Now Dwarka being the hub of many educational institutions, I think it'll be the better option to reside in Dwarka (no idea about the sectors) and look out for teaching jobs in nearby schools. Also, the distance and connectivity to my office would be kind of "OK". So basically, I am looking for a 2BHK (semi furnished, preferably a new one), in the range of 15-20K in an apartment in this area. Don't have any idea about the electricity and water supply issues. So, kindly help. Thanks once again.

Q: Hey I read somewhere that Lingampally is really coming up with many infra projects and now there's lots of demand for property here. Does this area have potential? Do you think investing here is a wise choice?

Latest Answer: Hi friend. I stay in Lingampally and pay only 10,000 a month for rent for a 2 bhk apartment. Prices usually range between Rs 6000 to 12000 or a little more. I think it is very good locality to live because all things like entertainment centres, restraunts, hospitals are all here.

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