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Q: progress is very slow. i doubt builder will finish commitment.
Latest Answer: The average property prices of this region range between Rs. 8000-10000/sq.ft., and annual appreciation has been to the tune of 7-10% depending on the specifications of the project and amenities offered.

Q: We recently paid an advance including EMD to a builder. But due to some unforseen personal circumstances we had to use our money . Now we no longer are capable of buying the flat. the EMD was somewhere around 15 lacs. ANyway it might be possible for us to get some or part of that back ?

Latest Answer: Hi Guys, Thanks for the information. Kindly share the down payment plan of this project.

Q: hi I am interested in himgiri greens by Amber superstructures . can you please tell me if this builder is genuine . I am really interested as it fits my budget of 9 lakhs.
Latest Answer: Hey, Can anybody tell me the location advantages of this project? What is the current residential property rate is going on in the locality?

Q: Rent range up to 10 k . Non-smokers. Around WhiteField (near KTPO stop)
Latest Answer: Hi, I am looking for single occupancy room in any flat near marathalli/kundalahalli/whitefield/ITPL from 1 Feb. Please let me know if there is any vacancy.

Q: I would like to buy a house for my elderly parents in Khajrana. Is there are temples around? Both of them are very religious, and I want them to be happy.
Latest Answer: Yes, if they want, your parents will also be able to be involved in the social work. The temple authorities are encouraging public participation as much as possible. There is going to be separate dining areas as well, for social service purposes.

Q: Is Palasia a safe place to live in? I mean, are there a lot of accidents happening here?
Latest Answer: Oh yeah I heard about that. Apparently after the first crashed here, the police came and they were trying to remove the remains of the car. But pretty soon another car sped down this same route and crashed in the exact same spot. Thank god nobody got hurt the second time.

Q: Ok so Ive seen that there are a number of dilapidated buildings around the city - they look like they might break and fall down at any moment. So what are the authorities planning to do about this? Any steps being taken?
Latest Answer: Yes, IMC is going to be pasting notices on any building that is violating basic safety norms. Actually they wanted to demolish these buildings, but they didnt because of some legal reasons.

Q: Hey you guys, is there any developmental works going on in the Indore Ring Road?
Latest Answer: Its about time that they got involved in this project. It was initially developed by the IMC and then handed over to the IDA. The condition of this road got so bad due to negligence that commuters could barely pass through it.

Q: What is the waterlogging situation here in AB Road? Does the area get clogged during the monsoon?
Latest Answer: Yes definitely be prepared for that. The problem is that AB road is still one of the low-lying areas of the city. And the drainage system is also not in place. So it gets flooded when it rains. Especially the area in front of Geetha Bhawan, my house used to be there. :(

Q: What are the problems there in AB Bypass Road? I will be moving there, and want to know if Im going to be facing any issues here.
Latest Answer: I wont say there are no PUPs, some provisions are there for that, but its definitely not adequate. And forget the pedestrian underpass, the vehicle underpasses are also missing. You'll have to take a round of almost 4 km! Imagine that!.

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