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Q: Delhi, the capital of the world’s largest democracy has been a favourite destination for all those people who dream of good employment opportunities and a better standard of living. This migration of people to the city has led to a boom in the population graph of the city. Such being a scenario it has become crucial to develop the city to cope with the evolving circumstances. Paying heed to this, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has been working on the Master Plan Delhi 2021 to accommodate the city dwellersand transform the city into a world class metropolis. The master plan combines various modern factors to redevelop the existing infrastructures and develop the new construction on the tunes of the innovative methods and mass transportation.
Latest Answer: hi guys i just want to know from you all that is this plan will solve the problems related with the transporting system in delhi or which are the main zones in delhi where the infrastructural development will be done

Q: Well think about it this way, if you are looking for a property which is value for money, then you should look at investing in plots. Nitesh groups has Nitesh Rio on offer on Kanakpura Road. Suggest you have a look.

Latest Answer: Nitesh Rio is a good project, have not visited the site but one of my friend told me that the location is nice and it is worth buying. What is the current price going on and what about the approvals?

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Q: I am looking at "Vikyath Icon" apartment, where they have illigal 4th floor and they used more land (+1000sft) than specify in the approval.

Do they get the OC letter? is it worth to buy it? I see many of the local builder are doing this in Bangalore & many of them leaving without OC.

is Akrama-Sakrama GO applicable to this?

Please share your thoughts on this.

Latest Answer: Sudarshan - The question really is can you stomach the torture you go through BBMP to get the katha changed. Even after paying a bribe if you get a B katha and one day if the Court gives approval for Akrama-Sakrama and you need to pay say around 10-20 lakhs for regularization - Can you stomach the bill ? After 5 or 10 years, If you want to sell the property and the buyer says, it has B katha and illegal so the offer would be 40% down from market - So can you stomach that ? In the end, it is you who will go through hell - not the builder, BBMP or any other guys. So think about it and make your choice. Your are responsible for your health, wealth and happiness :-) All these three would be greatly affected. That's my 2 cents.

Q: I am thinking of booking a 2 bhk in this project. It will be great if anyone can help me with the price and approval details.
Latest Answer: Planning to visit the site this weekend so I am looking for pros and cons in this locality.

Q: Looking for an interior designer for a 3-bed room apartment in Jalahalli East

Latest Answer: Hello Sai, Are you still looking for interior designer to design your home? Reach out to me at 962 096 7197. -Pradeep

Q: Hi, I am planning to buy a 3 bhk in kondapur area, but worried about the water scarcity. Is it feasible to buy flat in kondapur or any other place is suggested to buy. Kindly reply.
Latest Answer: Manikonda is amongst the top 10 preferred location in Hyderabad for buying property in the capital market. Being close to IT hubs, the area is one of the top options for IT professionals. In terms of water supply, the locality has faced water shortage in the past. The situation is much better now. Electricity supply is adequate in this area and mostly all commercial and local utility is available in this location.

Q: Please tell me the documents to check while buying under construcion bunglow.I have already paid token amount.
Latest Answer: Hi, Hope this list of necessary documents will help you in buying your property. For a under construction property, one should ask :- Mother Deed/Sale Deed, Encumberance Certificate, Loan approvals, Authority approvals, IOD & CC, Master plan approval, Building approvals, Land approvals, Bank approvals, Environmental approvals, Airport Authority approvals, Floor Plans, Khata Documents ( NA/Non-NA), Land, Conversion Charges, DC Conversion Charges(if land is agricultural), Floor rise charges, Lease Hold Certificate, Stamp Duty & Registration and Society clearance and membership.

Latest Answer: Hi everybody, I am a new member and would like to know about update on Aranya Sector -119 project where I have booked a Flat in T-4 in September 2014. I am not staying in NOIDA and not aware of the latest updates on the project. I have booked the Flat under subvention Plan. Please provide me the status of the tower.

Q: Sir, In my case My Mother has been allotted auction site in 2003 and she paid the entire amount in Jan 2004 and at that time we were not knowing regarding the Title Deed and therefore we had not applied for the same. Now what is the procedure for taking the Title deed.
we have only payment challans and Haraj Stirikaran patra
whether we need to pay any penalty to get title deed for the said auction site allotted.
one agents tells there is no penalty for auction site and the other one tells we need to pay 25% of the market value as penalty to get title deed. what is the correct provision in regard to penalty to get title deed and is there any notification for the same.
please help me out..

Latest Answer: Hi Dinesh, You will need the helpof a lawyer specializing in property transfers (also known as a to help you transfer the title deed into your name. You will only become the owner of the property when the Registrar of Deeds signs the transfer. After it has been signed, a copy of the title deed is kept at the Deeds Office closest to you.

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Q: Hi, I want the review about the Pavilion Pristine. Will the area will be developed? How is the investment in this scheme? Will it give good return?
Latest Answer: The area is a bustling area with the Mahindra Tech Park employing thousands of people. It is developing very rapidly and investing here is very lucrative. Especially this project is very good as it has great amenities and is located beside the tech park. It is expected to appreciate very well.

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