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Q: Hi, if you want more information about Nitesh properties, I suggest you get in touch with their sales team. Or visit the property instead, youll get a better picture about rate, resell value and completion dates.
Latest Answer: Hi Armaan, Have you booked any property in any of their project? If yes, please share your review or feedback on the same.

Q: Where exactly is the project located? What type of configuration and size of apartment offered in this project?
Latest Answer: This is basically for investment purpose so I want to know how is the idea of investing in this locality. Looking for feedback about the locality.

Q: The tribunal has not specified the exact area around the national park where new construction project permissions need to be held back.
Latest Answer: As a reply Omakar Realtors'spoke person told that the NGT order has no impact on any ongoing project in Mumbai. All future projects within 10 km of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park will require a no-objection of NBWL, which is yet another permission that will lead to delayed launches, increasing costs and thus decreasing supply in the short run.

Q: The Cabinet's approval to the revised Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Bill, 2015 led to a rally in real estate stocks.
Latest Answer: Right Gaurav, Transparency is the biggest benefit of this Bill. Approvals, passing of plans, carpet area, built-up area all these information will be available to consumer. Nothing would be hidden, that is the principle aspect of the Bill.

Q: I want to invest in omr, my friend got cheated. So i want to know very trustworthy builders not just anyone.
Latest Answer: TVH OURANYA BAY,,,YOU CAN CHOOSE,,,,.Chlidrens play area .Yoga/Meditation Room .Gym/Fitness centre/ .Jogging track(1.5KM) .Swimming pools Table tennis/billiards room Indoor games room Mini theater -75 seats Multipurpose Hall Guest Room, contact MANI(CP) 9884873501

Q: The market is running with a belief that FSI will go up, and that the option to buy additional TDR is beneficial for Mumbai real estate companies. Is that belief correct?
Latest Answer: Yes, earlier, TDR was available like any other commodity. It could be used anywhere in any part of Mumbai. The price was neutral. Demand and supply were the guiding factors. But today, it is very clearly differentiated based on RR rates.

Latest Answer: HI, You can call on this toll free number (1800) (180) (180) (180) Or You can post your requirement at Post your Requirements to get matching properties details on your Email and Mobile.

Q: The company is planning to go ahead and start raising its 2nd fund early next year that will invest in residential projects.
Latest Answer: I heard that Aditya Birla Real Estate Fund has dea. out Rs.1100 crore fund in its entire corpus across 13 transactions. The investment has been made in the form of equity through non-convertible debentures (NCDs).

Q: The central cabinet cleared 20 amendments with respect to the real estate bill. One of the amendments involves "Increasing Escrow Limit". Realtors area against this move by the government.

Latest Answer: Hi all, Experts surprised that while the bill has far-reaching positive consequences for the sector, it has not touched upon pricing unlike regulatory bills of other important sectors such as telecom, ports and electricity.

Q: Can Greater Hyderabad become a Smart City?
Latest Answer: Hello dear, Greater Hyderabad metropolis has been chosen and is to be developed as a smart city. It is also shortlisted to be among the first 20 cities in the initial and first phase to kick start the works. So Hyderabad city would get Rs.500 crores from the centre over an interval of 5 years for the progress of the city. Hyderabad, as a smart city, would be capable of drawing investments from the global markets and could be capable of competing with the opposite cities.

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