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Q: Has anyone heard about this project? Who is the builder and by when is the project getting completed? Is the project launched?
Latest Answer: Hi this is Ravi, I am planning to buy a flat in SLV RK signature, can any one suggest is to good to go with SLV. They aren't providing any OC, CC. And the walls, windows finishing is not proper .. Please advice

Q: Where exactly is the project located? Is there any issue or deviation in this project?
Latest Answer: Has the project got approval from BBMP? Are they going to provide CC for the same? What about bank approvals?

Q: I am discussing with a new builder for a flat, i need to verify the papers with lawyer, however the builder says i need to give them post dated cheque in order to get the copy. Is this standard process. I am first time buyer
Latest Answer: Hi, Thanks. This is the first project of the builder, others are still being developed. This property is in hosur road. The builder has power of attorney from the land owner. Is this aspect a problem. They proposed to check documents after submission of post dated cheque. Any suggestion

Poor Development
No standards
Do not keep promises
small time, family run business, can disappear any day
No value or name in the market
no happy existing customer
con experts
deteriorating layouts
Latest Answer: I had bought few plots in lake front and the developments are satisfactory but the maintenance charges for plots and houses seems high.

Q: Hi friends,

I am planning to purchase one BDA approved plot.
Legal verification of the property is done and will be doing the sale agreement next week.

I would like your opinion whether I should take help from an agent for property registration and khatha transfer.
In many online forum, it is said we can do it without much hassle, But I am a non kannadiga, and my kannada knowledge is 2 on a scale of 1 - 10 :?

The agent is asking for huge amount for getting it done, he says this inclused all like agreement, writing charges, khtha transfer(including under the table payments) not including the stamp and registration charges.

The property tax is payed up to date, all the documents are up to date, and I am registering for the exact amount I am purchasing.

Kindly give your opinion / experience.


Latest Answer: Hey, If everything is in place you can go ahead with the registration process and Khata transfer. If you want you can definitely take help from your legal expert in this matter. I am sharing an article link over here hope this will help you to some extent Khata Transfer Bangalore, Khata Registration and How tos

Q: I want to buy a flat in VRR Nest, what would be the price per sqft, how much can i bargain

Latest Answer: Can anyone update me about the bank approvals and local authority approvals?

Q: Hi Friends, I am planning to buy a plot in Duo City, But the plot was in list of unreleased plots in Duo City, the seller is saying it is released, but how I can confirm? is there any site/place where they give list of all released plots?

THanks in Advance.
Latest Answer: Hi, I did check these details and all the plots in Duo phase 1 is released.

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