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Q: What are the sizes of plots the project is offering and what is the rate per sqft going on in this project?
Latest Answer: Reliaable developers are land grabbers. They just grab land from farmers and make them wait to pay them compensation until they get their permissions. Once they get permission these guys just reject land owners. The plot adjacent to Reliaable gardenia belongs to me. These guys whit our permission caused damage to about 18000, yes eighteen thousand sq.ft of my property. When asked they made us run around their office for about a year telling us that they would need our land and would compensate for the same. But reliaaable developers said they would not need my land anymore..They did not compensate for the damages done to my property.

Q: I was planning to buy a property in Hosur road. Please let me know if it is a good idea to buy a property in this area I heard that there is taffic problem in this area.
Latest Answer: How is the demand and supply for 2 bhk and 3 bhk apartment in Hosur Road?

Q: Who is the builder of the project? Is it a good idea to invest in Hosur Road for investment purpose?
Latest Answer: Please do not buy any properties from this NR Developer (Narsa Reddy) builder. as he keep changing his promises and commitments. He started Whitepearl in June 2011 and promised to complete by September 2012. He still not able to finish all the jobs and promises which he made. I purchased flat from him and now suffering. Whitepearl

Q: What are the types of apartment and number of units the project is offering? How many floors will be there?
Latest Answer: You can check all the details about the project, approvals, availability etc here by clicking on this link:Niranjan Tridha

Q: I am looking for a 2 bhk apartment for rent. Owners please respond. Thanks
Latest Answer: hi, you can reach me at ashok-bhat at outlook dot com

Q: What are the sizes of plots the project is offering? Any idea about how much they are quoting rate per sqft?
Latest Answer: Even I am interested in this project but I am bit confused as the project is approved by Union Council of Hosur. So just put a halt on my decision.

Q: Where is the project located? Which are the near by schools and hospitals ?
Latest Answer: How much do I have to pay to book an apartment? What will be the price of a 2bhk apartment in this project?

Q: When is Salarpuria Greenage Phase II getting completed? Has the project got approvals from BBMP?
Latest Answer: Any idea about Hosur road? Will it fetch me good returns in the future?

Q: I have seen the project and I am planning to to book a property here. Can you tell me if it worth buying in this price?
Latest Answer: What is the total land area and what are the numbers of units in this project? Which all banks are providing home loan for this project?

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