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Q: Hi Mr.Advisor,

I am interested to buy a plot of land in Bangalore approved by DTCP; however the land has a dried nala crossing it.
the developer says that as the nala is defunct and dried up; it will not pose any legal complications any time in future; however I have heard through one of my lawyer friends that according to rules there should be a minimum 50 meters of distance which should be maintained from the nala and the plot boundary.
Please advise to go ahead or not with the property deal.


Latest Answer: Before buying the plot I would advice you to cross check all the documents provided by the builder with the help of an legal expert. You can ask your lawyer friend to help you in this matter, as he said that according to rules there should be a minimum 50 meters of distance which should be maintained from the nala and the plot boundary.

Q: The builder claims that this project is SBI approved but I do not find it in the list of projects approved by SBI.
Also, when contacted the builder said that the project is approved by SBI on house basis.

I am not sure what this means. Can some one who have got the approval done by SBI please assist.
Latest Answer: The project is approved by SBI on house basis, this is something I am hearing for the first time. I would suggest you that try to visit your nearest SBI bank and check if they are approving this project and also check with the bank what is this house basis approval.

Q: We have a joint property (flat) held in name of me & my father at Bangalore. Cleared all the loans & nothing pending. My father willfully wants to transfer property (stated above) in my name, i have two queries:
1. Please tell us the options for transfer & which ways are more economical
2. My father is residing in UP, can it be done from UP or he will have to travel Bangalore, where property is located?
Latest Answer: There is a well written article written here, click on the link to read the article Useful Tips to Transfer a Property

Q: I have purchased (registered) a site measuring 30x50 (Site no 100, Sur No 73, Kugoor village, sarjapur Hobli, anekal taluk) in this project. But there is a litigation pending against this project. so far it has not been settled. and we r not able to get a khata also. No developments have taken place. As per my lawer registration is not valid. I want the money to be returned at present market rate of Rs 1200/- per Sq feet.
Girish N B
Latest Answer: HI Girish, I do not think you will get your money at present market rate. Try to get the amount which you have already paid. You can also take help from your legal expert.

Q: What is the guidance value in Msr North city for the vacant site

Latest Answer: As far as I knowthe guidance value in Thanisandra Main Road ranges in between Rs 2000 to Rs 2200 per sqft. For more clarification you can visit the website http://www.guidancevalue.com/

Q: Legal Verification
Latest Answer: When is the project expected to get completed and what is the price of the apartment going on?

Q: I found that this builder has a lot of litigation cases in their properties. Found the latest update on their case regarding Raja Aristos.

The High Court has dismissed the builder's (Raja Housing) appeal for rejection. The original appeal is allowed and the suit is restored to file. Please find the high court's judgement here: http://judgmenthck.kar.nic.in/judgmentsdsp/bitstream/123456789/56799/1/RFA215-15-17-03-2015.pdf The orders of the high court are on page 25/26. Please caution other buyers/potential buyers to not buy this litigation property.
Latest Answer: In response to the comment/review posted by one Narasimha Dev, we the Builder-M/s. Raja Housing Ltd., clarify the same as follows: We would like to clarify that the comment of Narasimha Dev claiming the builder has a lot of litigation cases in their properties is false, frivolous and far from truth. Infact, the same is defamatory comment. The said Narasimha Dev without ascertaining the real facts made a defamatory comment. We would like to clarify in the following comments:

Q: how frequently can a sinking fund be collected? Is there a limit(0.25% of construction cost) per annum? We have a association that tends to collect less maintenance charge but pops up with requests for sinking fund often. This is a result of builder not completing promised tasks and quality of construction is poor. We cannot sue the builder as the association is unable to tackle and doing improvements from the sinking fund.

Latest Answer: tx Harmeet.Is there any upper limit on this amount? How early should they inform the owners? We were given 6 months time. Society was formed about a year back. Formal AGM is yet to happen. It was decided during the monthly meetings and no paper work/voting was done. Only emails circulated. Is it legal AGM?

Q: Has anyone done with the registration of plots in utc culture city.
Latest Answer: I am planning to buy a property in Chikkaballapur which is DTCP approved. What is DTCP approval? Is it a valid approval?

Q: My husband has a property the sale deed of which is in his name and his mothers name. However, he would like to register it in my name. Is it possible and how could he go about it

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