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Q: how frequently can a sinking fund be collected? Is there a limit(0.25% of construction cost) per annum? We have a association that tends to collect less maintenance charge but pops up with requests for sinking fund often. This is a result of builder not completing promised tasks and quality of construction is poor. We cannot sue the builder as the association is unable to tackle and doing improvements from the sinking fund.

Latest Answer: tx Harmeet.Is there any upper limit on this amount? How early should they inform the owners? We were given 6 months time. Society was formed about a year back. Formal AGM is yet to happen. It was decided during the monthly meetings and no paper work/voting was done. Only emails circulated. Is it legal AGM?

Q: Has anyone done with the registration of plots in utc culture city.
Latest Answer: I am planning to buy a property in Chikkaballapur which is DTCP approved. What is DTCP approval? Is it a valid approval?

Q: My husband has a property the sale deed of which is in his name and his mothers name. However, he would like to register it in my name. Is it possible and how could he go about it

Q: I am discussing with a new builder for a flat, i need to verify the papers with lawyer, however the builder says i need to give them post dated cheque in order to get the copy. Is this standard process. I am first time buyer
Latest Answer: Hi, Thanks. This is the first project of the builder, others are still being developed. This property is in hosur road. The builder has power of attorney from the land owner. Is this aspect a problem. They proposed to check documents after submission of post dated cheque. Any suggestion

Q: i have purchased a plot in Sizzle properties castle layout in Budigere cross.

My registration was done on September 2014 and At the time of registration sizzle people told me that i will get E Khata in 2 months. But till now i didnt got Khata.

And now they are telling i will get Manual Khata only as government has stopped issuing E Khata for Panchayat sites whose registration was done after august 2013

Can anybody suggest me if is there any way to get E Khata for my plot or is it ok if i get Manula Khata.
Latest Answer: Hi, The area which you have mentioned is coming under Gram Panchayth, if your layout is approved by the concerned authority, you can apply and get the E - Katha from Gram Panchayath today also, there is no such stoppage from govt by issuing the E Katha in Gram Panchayath areas.

Q: Hi,
I would like to know how much is the usual charge by the lawyer to verify the docs of a property in Bangalore.
Latest Answer: It depends on land papers...

Q: Currently I have planned to buy a flat in an residential apartment which is under construction. That particular flat come under land owner's share.
While executing sale deed(Registration) apart from myself and land owner signature, Does builder also need to sign in that?

Latest Answer: Hi Kasi, As far as I know yes the builder too have to sign in the sale deed if you are buying land owner's share flat.. You can also take suggestions from your legal expert.

Q: Do not buy any property in purva panorama because SC/ST case is going on from last 7 years and nobody is telling the status? Now a days flats are not getting A Khata as well because of land issue. Maintenance charges are also very hight (3 Rs/sqft) Still owners are asking for 70 lakhs for 2BHK,actual price should be somewhere around 60.
Latest Answer: I feel we can accede to use of club house for Karate class during rainy season as requested by Mrs. Sandhya Sawant

Q: Hi, I would like to understand following points about DSR wood winds:
1. Is this A Khata ?
2. Are they issuing Occupancy Certificates to the owners?
3. Have DSR guys planned to accommodate Sarjapur Road widening in future?

Latest Answer: Are you planning to book an apartment in this project? If yes, you can call on this toll free number (1800) (180) (180) (180) Or You Post your Requirementsto get matching properties details on your Email and Mobile.

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