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Q: Since OC and CC are one of the mandatory documents, I would be expecting these legal documents to be provided on buying the property here
Latest Answer: There is hardly any information available about the project over internet. Do check which all banks are providing loan for this project and is it a BBMP approved project?

Latest Answer: SSV Green Meadows is a good project and the price quoted is quite affordable. But the only concern is the road, there is no option to extend the rood in future in any of the exit side.

Latest Answer: Try to visit the site and check with the developer about the progress if they are not replying properly. Because you have booked a plot in 2012 and still registrations is not done...

Q: How do I convert B Khatha to A Katha? We have a property in a gated community, all the adjacent properties have A Khatha. Only we got B -Khatha. Not sure why.

Latest Answer: Betterment charges are very important that need to be payed as properties with BBMP A khata without betterment charges are not eligible for home loans from nationalized banks

Q: The owner of the flat 301 is creating a lot of problems. He has not given a parking space and constantly keeps asking for money.

He invades privacy. He has the keys to all the rooms and cupboards and keeps coming to the flat when the inmates have gone to office. He even keeps asking for money and says dues are pending when they are not.

He even did a fraud on the house tax. He asked the inmates to go out of the house when the govt inspector was supposed to come so at show that the house is not given on rent and they could save on the house tax applicable when it is given on rent.

He keeps telling that we will cut money from your deposit.

We are scared that he might not return the full deposit when we leave.
Is there any way that action could be taken against them? Probably, a police complaint will help?
Latest Answer: Hi, I would suggest you to take legal help first before approaching to police. This is illegal the owner cannot simply come and check the flat when the tenants is not there.

Latest Answer: Thanks Rakesh for the link.

Q: Nitesh Estates British Columbia harrassing me by not refunding 5.76L for an apartment booked last year, that didn't get the approval. So had to withdraw my application. what should I do to free myself from this unethical looters?
Latest Answer: I am actually willing to pay a good chunk of the refund amount if someone's willing up to take this cause for me. I just want these looters to realise that they can't just take a common man for a ride. This isn't about the money anymore. This is harassment.

Q: I intend to buy a 6 years old flat having all papers except Katha
It seems builder has not paid the betterment charges.And banks are not willing to fund with out Katha.
My questions are:
1.Why banks refuse loaning, when all other documents are there including completion certificate.Property tax is being paid regularly.
2.Why Katha is refused for no fault of the flat owners?
3. With out collecting betterment charges how completion certificate was issued?
4. Any legal remedy to get Katha?
Some one pl explain.

Latest Answer: Thanks everyone. But how do I get A kahtha in the present scenario when promoter is not paying the betterment charges.?

Q: Is it mandatory to obtain an Encumbrance certificate? Why it is important and necessary to have an EC?

Latest Answer: I will be buying a property soon in Bangalore and I want to know How to obtain and where to obtain Encumbrance Certificate.

Q: Hi Mr.Advisor,

I am interested to buy a plot of land in Bangalore approved by DTCP; however the land has a dried nala crossing it.
the developer says that as the nala is defunct and dried up; it will not pose any legal complications any time in future; however I have heard through one of my lawyer friends that according to rules there should be a minimum 50 meters of distance which should be maintained from the nala and the plot boundary.
Please advise to go ahead or not with the property deal.


Latest Answer: Before buying the plot I would advice you to cross check all the documents provided by the builder with the help of an legal expert. You can ask your lawyer friend to help you in this matter, as he said that according to rules there should be a minimum 50 meters of distance which should be maintained from the nala and the plot boundary.

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