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Latest Answer: Hi Suhas, As far as I know the project is expected to get completed by August this year. Have you check with the builder about the possession date?

Q: Hi,
Can anyone suggest a legal consultant for Sale Deed verification of Bhartiya City Nikoo Homes II.

Latest Answer: Hi Ajay, You can check https://www.commonfloor.com/services and check the categories according to your requirement.

Q: Hi Friends,
Wanna buy a 3 bhk flat in sonesta i-wood in Block - E, Pls advice is there any issues in this project also whether this is legally clear titles?

Pls call me or mail me ASAP.
Latest Answer: Hi Ranjeet, I have read that the project is facing lots of issues such as water seepage, OC not available, lift does not work and much more. I would suggest you that before buying a property here cross check each and every documents and if possible try talking some of the owners already living in this project so that you can get a fair idea.

Q: I have got documents from builder and have got the docs checks bu reputed lawer. there were quite a bit of flows in the documents majorly, they do not have EIA approval.
secondly as per new laws their Aqua project is 13 mtrs away from drain, as per new rules, this should be at least min 15 mtrs away.
Similarly they have other flaws in the documentation
Latest Answer: Hi All.. Ozone management is the worst management they have.. They are not responding properly for the issue and they are charging highest interest rates for non payments. They dont have proper customer support to sort the issue out and they charging 2lac for 45 days of delay due to bank delay in releasing the amount.. this is really sad and unacceptable.. Please circulate to your friends to beware of this property with heavy interest rates.

Q: Deals with all Legal matters, Property Registration in Bangalore, Legal Opinion, Drafting, Documentation and Registration. Register Marriage, Child Adoption, Change of Name, Rental Agreement, Notary Services, etc.,

Q: We liked a resale flat the building is around 8 years old.The owner said the land is A khata however the flat is B khata as the broker had made an error while making the agreement. It would cost around 10,000 to get it changed.He also showed us the loan sanctioned by SBI for the previous buyer who couldn't complete the deal as he got a job in another country. Please advice how do we go about it.
Latest Answer: The Karnataka High Court made it compulsory that the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) cannot award 'B Khata' certificates to buildings and properties. In other words, if a property does not have an A Khata, it is illegal as per the Karnataka High Court. So better convert your property to A Khata property.

Q: Hi, if Sale Agreement between Seller and Buyer says More Price than Sale Deed Price will there be any issues?

once sale deed and registration is done then do we still need sale agreement?

Latest Answer: Both documents must be made and signed by the buyer and seller, in the course of a single buy-sell transaction. Sale Agreement states the terms and conditions of the sale, agreed by both seller and buyer. On the other hand,the Sale Deed, states that the deal has been finalized and that the property has been handed over by the seller to the buyer

Q: I am planning to purchase a plot in Bangalore.
The sellers asked me to bring sale agreement.

Should I consult a lawyer to get this drafted or is it done by others in places like Koramangala BDA?
If you have any recommendations, please let me know.

Thank you,

Latest Answer: I would suggest you to take advice from a lawyer and get the sale agreement or agreement of sale drafted.

Q: I want to know , what will be the stamp duty for 32 Lacs apartment which resides under Gram Panchayat limit. In Sarjapur road.
I have received the property papers on 3 rupees stamp paper. & the builder told that now the rule has been changed.
Latest Answer: As far as I know, buyers have to pay 5.6 per cent stamp duty in urban areas and 5.65 per cent in rural areas as the surcharge in such areas is 3 per cent. On the other hand, the registration charges are 1 per cent of the total or registered property value. I do not think there is a revision in the stamp duty.

Q: Sir,
I have a question related to leaky roof from terrace of our building. I live in an apartment complex, wherein our association is registered under the Provisions of the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960. My apartment is on the top floor and there is a common terrace on top of my apartment. During rains in Bangalore, water from terrace seeps through the floor and results in leaky roof in my apartment from 3 to 4 places. Due to laying of water pipes for all apartment owners and hence holes drilled for clamps in the floor, the problem has become aggravated. Apart of the damage to ceiling whitewash in my apartment I had to replace one ceiling fan also. During heavy rains, I have to keep bucket or some vessel to collect water drops, falling down from the ceiling.

Our association is refusing to fix the terrace area and is asking affected parties to get it done by working with Dr. Fixit Vendors. Per apartment, cost comes to INR 70k. After lot of debate, association is not agreeing to pay more than 50% of the expense.

My questions are:-
1) Is terrace not common area under the responsibility of association ? as per association members, terrace should be treated in similar way as the common wall between 1st floor and 2nd floor – hence sharing of expense between the two owners. Is this the correct argument?
a. For a similar case in Mumbai, I could find the following news item but I am not sure if the same society act rules are applicable in Karnataka also .. http://www.dnaindia.com/mumbai/report-society-must-pay-for-repairs-of-leaky-roof-hc-1043382
2) Shouldn’t the association bear the total expense ?
3) In case the association refuses to take full ownership, what are my legal rights and next steps that I can do to make them do what is right.
Latest Answer: Hey Ashish, As per my knowledge, the apartment association should take care of the issue but, if they are not ready for the same you can consult a legal expert to get an fair idea about the same.

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