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Q: Do not buy any property in purva panorama because SC/ST case is going on from last 7 years and nobody is telling the status? Now a days flats are not getting A Khata as well because of land issue. Maintenance charges are also very hight (3 Rs/sqft) Still owners are asking for 70 lakhs for 2BHK,actual price should be somewhere around 60.
Latest Answer: I feel we can accede to use of club house for Karate class during rainy season as requested by Mrs. Sandhya Sawant

Q: Hi, I would like to understand following points about DSR wood winds:
1. Is this A Khata ?
2. Are they issuing Occupancy Certificates to the owners?
3. Have DSR guys planned to accommodate Sarjapur Road widening in future?

Latest Answer: Are you planning to book an apartment in this project? If yes, you can call on this toll free number (1800) (180) (180) (180) Or You Post your Requirementsto get matching properties details on your Email and Mobile.

Q: When is an association legally considered as the sole representative organisation of layout plot owners to interact with builder and government?

how many/percentage of owners need to be members of the association for it to be considered valid representative organisation for that layout/community?

What options are there for owners to be part of the association without having to be present while registering the association?


Q: i saw one flat builder is telling land is A khata and agreement would be on B khata, , can i buy it ?
Builder is telling he will transfer b khtata to A khata when akram sakram comes, he will mention the same in agreement,
can i go ahead and buy the flat ?
Latest Answer: Few facts about Akrama - Sakrama: 1 - BBMP/BDA will issue Occupancy Certificate (OC) only if there is Commencement Certificate (CC) 2 - Maximum deviation allowed is upto 5% in normal circumstances 3 - Akrama-Sakrama only applicable to buildings which have been built prior to Oct-2013 (if it comes into effect) 4 - Please read through details in "Citizen Matters" weblink as it involves lot of complications. All the best

Q: Question is regarding occupancy certificate. Is it mandatory ? Most of the builders dont provide and evade the question when I ask them about OC . I came to know that the flat owners have to pay heavy fines when they are reselling the flat and are not able to produce OC.

Latest Answer: Hope you know about the Worli ( Campa Cola Society) demolition. Flat owners have been asked to leave just because they did not have the occupancy certificate

Q: Hi, I have booked a property on pre launch offer and approvals are not yet done. Land registration completed. Will there any problem happens because of Real estate Bill 2013.
Latest Answer: As per the present provision, anyone buying more than 4 flats in a project is treated as a promoter. Yet, to find a solution to this trend of a few buying more flats and having monopoly in management of affairs, the committee is recommending that all such buyers will get "one voting right" like that of other buyers.

Q: Is Approved sanction plan for a residential apartment required? How to check if a floor and a apartment is really approved by BBMP?
Latest Answer: You can check it through BBMP website http://bbmp.gov.in/how-do-i/-/document_library_display/PdNS5DwUb6im/view/15048 Yes sanction plan is required. You can ask for the floor plan issued by BBMP. Even you can ask the builder to provide you the approval documents from government authority

Q: It is saying bbmp A khata abd bmrda approval.it has bmrda approval but bmrda ha approved only 160 flats.and there is no A khata
Latest Answer: How much is the booking amount and when is the estimated possession?

Q: I have bought an independent house and sale deed was done 2 weeks back.Do i need to go for checking of mutation papers too.The owner bought the land 3 years back and was sole owner only.Also is anything pending to do after sale deed.
Latest Answer: It is a agricultural property or non agricultural property you have bought. Usually mutation is required for agricultural land.

Q: I recently got the papers of 3G Homes Crimson Layout checked by a lawyer. GPA between builder and land owner used for signing sale deed was not stamped at the sub-registrar office. According to Karnataka stamp act 1957, GPA used for execution of sale deed should be stamped at sub-registrar office. Hence, the sale deed for the current owners is not enforceable.
Even the JDA is not registered. Builder save 4% + 1% stamp duty. What can be done if the land owner or his descendants file a case later agains the villa owners.
Latest Answer: Thanks! Do you think the builder would agree to correct all the villas?

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