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10 Ways to prepare a room for the new born

No Comments Sub Category:Decor,Kids Room,Parenting Posted On: Feb 23, 2015

new born baby roomAre there just a few more days left for your first born to arrive? Or are you waiting for your second child to arrive? Preparing the room can be a little bit overwhelming for the mothers (especially for the first time mothers.) Read on as we give you some pointers on preparing a room for the new born.

  1. Location: Always choose a quiet room for the nursery. If possible, you can even choose one near your bedroom or you can attend your baby at the earliest. If the place you live in has cold climatic condition ensure you have adequate heating system. Ensure the room is ventilated properly, if the windows stream in a lot of light, then you can get some blinds or curtain linings.
  2. Crib: Without any doubt, crib is the most important item for your nursery. It has be solid at the same time should come with options to adjust the mattress heights and size when the baby is growing. Make sure that your crib is not complicated and simple to use. You can test by lowering the rails with a single hand, as there are chances you might be carrying the baby in one hand while lowering the railing with another. Also, never keep the comforters or pillows in the crib as it can suffocate the baby.
  3. Colors: Consider colors which have calming effect. Shades of blue, yellow, pink, and mild green can be apt colors. With the newborn in place, mums need relaxing space and energy to handle them.
  4. Simplicity is the Key: There are so many fancy accessories and furniture available in the market and you might end up over-decorating the nursery. Keep it simple and minimalistic and keep adding things according to your child’s preference.
  5. Baby Monitor: Invest in some dependable and good baby monitor. This is ideal in alerting you when you are not near your baby, especially in the first few days.
  6. Changing Table: It is a known fact that your will be changing the diapers for the coming years. Ensure that your changing table has rails and safety straps. See if it also comes with an organizer so you can store nappies, towels, and lotion at your reach.
  7. Rocking chair: When you have a comfortable rocking chair it will create a soothing motion which relaxes you as well as your baby while feeding. Remember, this rocking chair is going to be in your memories for a long time.
  8. Dresser: A chest of draw or a dresser is necessary to store you baby’s clothes. Make sure it has a lot of room and glides smoothly as it should accommodate more clothes as your child grows.
  9. Sockets and Wiring System: Go for the modern sockets come with an automatic shutter which will prevent your child sticking finger or any other object when they grow up a little. Alternatively, you can choose socket covers.
  10. Arrange ahead of time: Lastly, ensure that the painting and other jobs are done at least 8 weeks before the baby arrives.

Happy Parenting!


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