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Aerocon Bricks an excellent Alternative for Construction Materials

Comments(12) Sub Category:Green Living,Property,Real Estate Trend Posted On: May 03, 2012

Aerocon blocks are widely used in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

The current era of real estate has ripened and the clichéd bricks and mortar are replaced with alternative construction materials like aerocon bricks. Innumerable properties in India are constructed with aerocon bricks and the method is rapidly flourishing.

  • The newly invented aerocon blocks are constructive products in the green building revolution. They are autoclaved, aerated, concrete blocks which are used for the construction of walls. The materials used in the production of these blocks are certified as green products and are environment friendly .They are the alternative building materials for substituting conventional materials like walling materials, clay bricks, hollow bricks and concrete.
  • Apart from being eco-friendly these blocks are also light weight with high thermal insulation and fire resistance. Buildings constructed out of these blocks ensure long term sustainability and save a lot of water during the construction. Real estate sector makes use of these blocks in various sectors like hospitals, commercial, residential and so on. These blocks have edges which allow easy and accurate workability measurement.

  • They are easy to install and can complete the construction procedure in a shorter span in case of scarcity of labour and in the usage of mortars. The required time to complete a building with aerocon blocks is 1/3rd lesser than that of the conventional building materials. One of the eco-friendly characteristics of aerocon blocks is that they do not emit VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) which leads to environmental pollution.
  • They are available in three types; Infill blocks, Jumbo blocks and Thermal blocks. Overall the beneficial qualities of aerocon blocks are that they are light-weight, fire resistant, thermal insulated, sound insulated, have strength and durability, have consistent quality control and gives a perfect finish with dimensional stability.
  • Excluding the eco-friendly characteristics of these blocks, they are also used in construction for various other reasons. There are a number of problems involved in acquiring sand and bricks, besides the prices of these basic materials hiking up. As the traditional construction materials have a higher price the initiation of aerocon blocks acts as better substitutes with affordable prices. Due to these reasons the aerocon blocks are in great demand. Adding to it is the manufactured sand which also can be acquired without any hassle.
  • In order to make use of these building materials more efficiently and make people aware of its benefits, an organised technique is required to promote them. It is very important that people are aware of the benefits of using the substitutes for construction materials.

  • According to various experts related to the real estate sector, the best environment friendly construction can be acquired through the usage of manufactured sand from stone quarries and brick substitutes. This will also avoid over-exploitation of natural resources like river sand and clay.
  • Aerocon blocks these days are being used in incredible projects taken up by business tycoons and real estate builders. It is also necessary that the government should start promoting these environment friendly construction substitutes to boost market acceptance.
  • The government authorities have to put a stop to the mining of sand due to environmental concerns but the manual operations in the sand mining have increased its prices. The sand prices have increased since the last few months and so are the brick prices due to climatic changes. Owing to all these reasons it is better that the usage of the aerocon bricks be adopted.


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12 Responses to “Aerocon Bricks an excellent Alternative for Construction Materials”

  1. Puja Gupta says:

    Nice article. It is right time for builders to think on alternate construction material. Aerocon blocks or bricks are mantra in real estate India.

  2. Mohit says:

    Long term sustainability and saving water during the construction is advantage of these bricks that makes developer to go for this bricks. As these bricks need no sand for brick making, it is environment friendly and government should take initiative in promoting projects to built using such bricks

  3. Krishna Prasad says:

    Nice write up and it is new knowledge on such bricks. Nice to know the features and advantage of aerocon bricks. Thank you

  4. Devesh Pandey says:

    Using Aerocon Bricks are a new concept and hope the construction work using these blocks take a new reign very soon..

  5. Abhinav says:

    This article is very informative for those who will start construction of their own house.

  6. commonfloor.com- explained about the quality Aerocon Bricks in theConstruction field.

    • sreenivas says:

      Dear All,

      I have seen about aerocon blocks. the nice posts. I thought of using them in my own house, when I discussed with some agents, they are saying huge price, its like 24*6*8 size 140 RS etc. which is around 4 times to normal concrete blocks and clay blocks. then how people can use them. the alternative products should provide initial cost advantage. If we say it give look or environmental friendly, no body will listen. Let me know if any one can provide these bricks at reasonable cost.

      our contact number 99649 35650.


      • Naga Sai says:

        the blocks are costly. the main property of the block is light weight when compared to other materiel . so the load coming on to the structure also comparatively low. then obviously the steel and concrete for structural elements also reduced. by this we have to know that as we are investing in blocks and reducing in steel and concrete quantity. so it will be almost economical compared to other structures.

        Naga Sai.
        for any discussions mail me to sainaga29@gmail.com

  7. chaitanya says:

    hey nice post its very informative..i would like to know the material used in preparing these aerocon.
    bricks. thanq u

  8. akshay bajaj says:

    want to install an aerocon block plant.so i need some information about the amount of investment required.and further information.
    do contact as soon as possible.

  9. dr sangamesh says:

    i m constructing marriage hall in Sindagi,i need 70 brass blocks ,wr suitable,& need plastering? plz inform me.

  10. Tej Shah says:

    Do they require mortar for joining them together

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