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Indoor Gardening Tips: Bringing nature in your Apartment

Comments(25) Sub Category:Decor,Gardening and Landscaping,Green Living,Living Posted On: May 08, 2009

Apartment is not only place for dwelling but also a place where you spend major part of your life. You may be planning to make your apartment look beautiful and there is no argument that nature is beautiful than anything. You can bring nature into your apartment. Indoor gardening makes them possible for you.

What is indoor gardening?

Growing houseplants within a residence, building, greenhouse or in a conservatory is called indoor gardening. Indoor gardening plan suits well for city dwellers where space for garden is limited. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, indoor gardening helps to improve freshness quotient in air and increase beauty of your room.

Choosing Right Plant

Secret of successful indoor gardening is choosing a right plant that suits your room temperature and climate. Here are some tips for you to choose right plant for your indoor gardening.

  • Sunlight: Sunlight is important for plants and flowering plants require more sunlight. While choosing plant for your indoor you need to decide where you are placing them and will they get adequate sunlight. Outdoor plants require 6 to 8 hours sunlight for better growth and indoor plants need 1 or 2 hours sunlight for it to grow.
  • Avoid dark place: Avoid keeping your plants in dark place of your room and in air conditioned room. If your room is setup with cooler or air conditioner, keep the plants near window where it gets sunlight or keep them outside for one or two hours a day.
  • Purchasing plant:  While purchasing indoor plants, select only those plants that will be able to grow in the climate and condition of your room. Purchase plants that appear pest free and with healthy foliage.
  • Time required: While choosing plant you need to know how much time you should spend to take care of your plant. Some plants need more care and some other needs no extra care. While choosing plant for your indoor know the time required and whether you want to display them year round.
  • Caution: While choosing indoor plants, remember that some plants are poisonous in nature. Keep in mind if you have small children or pets. Remember to take care of same when choosing plants with thorns.
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Starting an Indoor Garden

Before you setup an indoor garden you must know the basic things required for thrive of indoor plants. Plants need adequate sunlight, water, soil and fertilizers for its growth. Indoor plants need more attention and care than an outdoor plant. You need to organize artificial heat and adequate atmosphere for the growth of indoor plants.

You can either start your indoor gardening with seeds or plants bought from nursery. Nowadays supermarkets and others stores come up with seeds and indoor plants. You need to check the date for seeds and plants are free from pests. Make sure your plant gets enough sunlight. If your room is not getting enough sunlight, you either plants that grow in medium or low lights or you can provide artificial heat for your plant. Pour enough water and bathe your plant occasionally. You can buy good container soil for your plant than taking soil form outdoor which may also risk of insect and other disease.

Container garden in indoor gardening

Container garden is practice of growing plants in containers or in pots. You can enjoy the nature in your home with container garden. You can setup miniature garden and develop your skill gardening skill in the limited space. Container garden helps you to grow your favorite herbs, flowers or vegetable in your apartment. Here are some advantages of container garden in indoor gardening.

  • Size and shape of container: Container is available in various shapes and size that suits your need and for growth of your plant. You can choose any shape and size for your plant considering space available in your room for indoor gardening
  • Easy movement: Container garden provides easy movement of plants. You can move plants from one place to another without disturbing the growth of your plant.
  • Pest free: Container garden helps to stop pests and if your plant is infected by pests, you can treat those containers with appropriate spray without disturbing other plants.
  • Saves Space: One of the advantages of container garden is it helps in saving space. Container is available in various size and shape, you can choose container that suits best for your apartment or space available.
  • Proper nutrition: In outdoor gardening usually fertilizers fed for plants are either drained off or absorbed by nearby plants. In container garden plants are well fed.

Popular Indoor Plants

You can choose plants that suit the theme of your room. Indoor plants purify air and reduce pollutants in the room. Here are some plants used for indoor gardening.

chineese-green Chinese evergreen:These plants grow in low light, dry air and in drought. Chinese evergreen has silver gray and dark green leaves. It is one of the durable indoor plants
ponytail-palm Ponytail Palm:This one of the indoor plants which needs a little attention for maintaining its beauty. The foliage of these plants arises from an unusual swollen trunk and best suits for those who forget to water. Ponytail Palm can thrive for one or more day without water.
amaryllis_2 Amaryllis:Amaryllis is easy to bring to boom and comes in various beautiful colors of red, white, pink etc.
tropical_bonsia Tropical combo Bonsai:You can get taste of tropic right and can be cultivated in any small corner.
Rosemary Rosemary:Start with a cutting of rosemary, and keep it in moist soil less mix until it roots. It grows best in a south-facing window. Rosemary is also a natural mosquito repellant.

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25 Responses to “Indoor Gardening Tips: Bringing nature in your Apartment”

  1. Very nice article.

  2. Mrs. Keshwani says:

    Very interesting read.

  3. Archanaa Dongre says:

    Really a very good information.It will be good if you can tell about where we should ideally place the plants.

  4. Thaku Chugani says:

    Very Interesting. Would start Indoor Gardening soon

  5. Thank you for a very informative article. Will appreciate if you can suggest the nearby nurseries from where I can get the plants you have suggested for indoor gardening.


  6. Ajitkumar Patil says:

    This is very nice information but if it will be more useful if it is more exuastive. If information also includes where very good nursaries are located, few photographs of actual home gardens, what care can be taken to protect the plants, it will be further useful for setting up garden at home.

    But this very good information. Keep it up. We expect something more!

  7. prabhpreet kaur says:

    very nice but more information should be provided.

  8. anup says:

    I like the set of information. Indoor garden also a good stress releaving method for all the members in the family

  9. Mrs. Komali says:

    Thanks! This is a very good information as I’m looking to start decorating my home with indoor plants. Can you plz provide information reg the nurseries or places we can find these plants in hyderabad? Also, I would appreciate if the list of plants could be exhaustive..Thanks!

  10. Rakesh says:

    Among the containers, some people do not recommend the plastic pots. Is there any reason? What are advantages and disadvantages of earthen and plastic pots? I felt plastic would be cleaner for appartments.

    Since I stay in coastal area, I intend to have plants that help reduce humidity. I heard that following plants do the same; Reed Palm, Peace lily, English ivy, Boston fern, tillandsia. Does anyone have idea on those and are those easily available?

  11. Fehmida says:

    Thank you for this information.

  12. very nice information.it is helpful both in my degree syllabus and home beauty.

  13. arun says:

    can some one give me any information where from i get seed

  14. Rekhabasu L says:

    Great info. Surely helps!
    I heard mint is also a mosquito repellent. Basil is one more herb that great to keep round the year and has lot of health benefits.
    I am huge fan of herbs.

    Arun, not sure where you live..But in India, all the herb seeds are sold in farmers market, not sure of supermarkets.

  15. Faridoctor says:

    good info. but please can u suggest a few more plants as well?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Wow, What a incredible post is this ! I am totally crazy about this post. This post really shows the exceptional tips regarding indoor gardening. And according to me, Hydroponics really gives the better option for this thing. And the existing features of this post is really looking with full of elegance.

    Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

  17. Ramesh Thirumalai says:

    Excellent and very informative..
    can you provide some leads to plant artificial lawns in our apartment due to lack of sunlight .

  18. Ramesh Thirumalai says:

    Excellent and very informative..
    can you provide some leads to plant artificial lawns in our apartment due to lack of sunlight .

  19. Have you ever noticed how a plant can make any space you spend time in
    feel like a nicer place? Whether in your home or around the office,
    plants add a touch of beauty and peacefulness like no other decoration

  20. I found this information very usefull. I like the way in which indoor gardening has been explained.

  21. can you give me some outdoor gardening tips 

  22. I was looking into artificial flowers to add to may craft designs and was not sure what the latex flowers were all about. Thanks for posting this information. It helped a lot.

  23. fake trees says:

    I have to use fake plants, real plants because they commit
    suicide in my house. I buy quality … although it has a large banana tree in
    my Tiki Lounge … a big fan of Palm Mediterranean in my master bedroom … a
    bamboo in my living room and a couple of other palms. Only use dried flowers
    from the center of the room.

  24. Peter says:

    Nice tips.

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