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Learn Indoor Gardening In a Jiffy!

1 Comment Sub Category:Gardening and Landscaping,Green Living Posted On: Feb 28, 2012

An apartment or a house is not just a place to do your daily chores and reside, it is also a place where one can make their dwelling place a soothing one. People residing in apartments in Bangalore make their residing place a livelier one by hanging or placing pots with appealing indoor plants inside their houses which is known as indoor gardening.

Indoor gardening is a style of cultivating houseplants indoors. Indoor gardening can be done in various greenhouses, conservatories and more. The plants here are grown with the help of fluorescent lights or many other heating systems. If you’re planning for an indoor garden at your property in India, here are few tips where one can make their own indoor gardening;

Select an area where there is sufficient light and air for the plant to grow.

Make sure that you do not stuff your indoors with too many plants.

Always choose a plant which requires less caretaking and which can have a healthy growth indoors.

Plants like African violets, Boston ferns, Creeping fig and others are apt for indoor gardening.

If you have planned to raise vegetative plants indoors, you will have to place the plant under 5-6 fluorescent lights and make sure that the place is quite warm.

Once you have selected the appropriate place for indoor gardening, prior to it wash up the place wild a mild soap.

Since it is an indoor garden, there are very less changes of your plant going rotten, but still if the plant is going moldy or affected with any disease, chuck the plant away to avoid bad environment.

Make use of Neem oil in order to keep your plant healthy.

One can select a large glass container which can provide the plant enough space and light.

For watering the plants, use room temperature distilled water, as cold water can cause harm to your plant indoors.

Providing your indoor plant with excess amount of air is very necessary for its growth. This will result in humidity and lets the plants breathe. Also one can install a small fan to provide air to your plants.

In order to give your plant a natural growth, make use of natural pesticides like hot peppers and dish soap.

Watering your plant is the most important aspect of indoor gardening. Never over-water your plant as this may cause the rotting of the roots and apparently a death of the plant.

Do not leave your plant in the dark. Also exposing some plants to a little sunlight will do well to your plant.

Do not let your plant overgrow in its container, if that is the case replace the pot with a bigger one.


One Response to “Learn Indoor Gardening In a Jiffy!”

  1. Aditi Sharma says:

    I soo love gardening and have been looking for some information on indoor gardening for quiet a time. I can surely take some tips from this article. Well written info!

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