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LED Tube Light For Energy Efficienct Apartment

Comments(26) Sub Category:Lighting,Save Energy Posted On: May 21, 2011

Today LED tube lights deliver equal or better lighting performance with only a fraction of the energy consumption of the traditional fluorescent tube lights. LED tube is the newest product line in the tube family made up of white LED chip modules. Provided with the advantages of long life-span, radiation-free, energy saving, environmental friendly.

Once you learn about the benefits of LED tube lights, you will see and understand why they are a positive choice for anyone looking to improve the environment with their lighting choices. In this Article, we will be comparing LED Tube Light and traditional Fluorescent Tube Light by following characteristics

  • Function
  • Light Output
  • Power Consumption
  • Directivity
  • Color

LED Tube Light Vs Traditional Fluorescent Tube Light


Traditional Fluorescent Tube is a gas discharge lamp that contains gases like Mercury. It produce short wave ultraviolet light that gets transformed into visible light, the inside of the tube has a phosphor lining. Then the 80% of electrical energy is converted into heat energy, 20 % only used for visible light. The energy produced converts into more heat than Led lights.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a semiconductor diode. It consist of p-n junction diode, when it is in forward biased the electron recombine with holes, and then it release some energy in the form of photon (visible light). The electrical energy is converted into 80% light energy, remaining 20% being heat energy. LED does not contain harmful chemical like mercury.

Light Output

One of the most important considerations in selecting a light source is how much light it will generate.

T8 Fluorescent tube lights are available with different kind of rated light output and power consumption. For example 36 watts fluorescent lamp, light output (Luminous Flux) is 2000 lumens, so system efficacy is 55 lm/ watt. Rated life is 5,000 hrs. Tube light efficiency comes down with time.  Luminous Flux or luminous power is the measure of the perceived power of light.

Lux at the ground = 9.18, Lux/watt =0.50   [Lux (symbol: lx) is the SI unit of illuminance and luminous emittance measuring luminous power per area.]

If using Aluminum Reflector, it can reduce 13% of output light. Now the light output is 1566 lumens

Lux at the ground =15.71, Lux/watt =0.43

If using prismatic Refractor, it can reduce 8% of output light. Now the light output is 1656 lumens

Lux at the ground =16.62, Lux/watt = 0.46

As we all know the efficiency is very high for LED Tube Light over the other lights. So the Luminous flux is consistent for rated life and power consumption also should be low. LED tube lights outperform fluorescent tube lights on both costs and output. Thanks to its directional output, LED tubes deliver light where it is needed – on your work surface.

Power consumption – 16 watts, System Efficacy -123 lumens/watt, So total light output( Luminous Flux) is 2000 lumens. It should be maintained for Rated life(50,000 hrs). Life span is very high for led lights over other lights. Lux at the ground =68.53, lux/watt =4.28

Reflector is not required for LED lights because of Directivity (Beam Angle).so the light output should not be wasted compare than Fluorescent lamp.

LED Light
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Power Consumption

Normally the Fluorescent lights are available in 36 watt, but it runs using electronic ballast (called solid state ballast) which consume above 12 watts power.

  • Magnetic Ballast, the stating modes are Programmed stat, instant stat, and rapid start Lamp flicker index is 0.04-0.07; Dimming is not available for this ballast
  • Hybrid Ballast, the stating mode is rapid stat, Lamp flicker index is 0.04-0.07. Dimming is not available for this ballast.
  • Instant start Ballast supply a high initial voltage (over 400V for 4 ft Tube) to start the lamp. High voltage is required to initiate the Discharge between unheated electrodes.
  • Rapid Start Ballast supply 200-300V to start the lamp, which can heating the electrodes to approximately 1470?F(800?C). It starts the lamp with brief delay but without flashing. And for the Fluorescent lamp, warm up time is also minimum 5 minutes.

As we all known using LED Tube Light the power Consumption should be very low. And no need to use electronic ballast because it runs by constant current and voltage. We can’t see the flickering in the range of voltage 85-285VAC and Dimming also available for the led lights. LED driver are used in LED Lamp. So LED Tube Light has a potential benefits like quick start compared to Fluorescent Tube Lights.


Beam Angle is very important in every lighting technology. For Fluorescent lamp Beam angle is 360 degree. We can calculate the beam spread only for 270 degree, 90 degree beam angle may wasted

Beam Spread = 48.6 (Recommended pole height is 10 ft)

Led lights are available with variety of Beam Angle, Beam Angle is 120 degree for our Led Tube Light, and we can calculate beam spread for 120 degree

Beam Spread = 21.6 (Recommended height is 10 ft)

The light output is not wasted in Led Tube Lights compare than Fluorescent Tube Light.


Fluorescent tube contains mercury gas, which can discharges and emits 65% of light in 254 nm and 10-20% of light in 185 nm. It will emit the yellowish white color. It has a low Color temperature and Color Rendering Index (Color Tempreature-4100 Kelvin, CRI-80)

Led light has a high correlated color temperature of 5500k -7500k. The sunlight has a color temperature of 6500k, so led light is equivalent to the sunlight. And CRI is also very high (above 90). It can emit the cool white color in the spectrum of 380-740 nm. For Humans also the visible spectrum is 380-740 nm.

Based on above discussion, Led Tube Light is a better alternative to fluorescent Tube Light. Provided with the advantages of long life-span, radiation-free, energy saving, environmental friendly.

Our Thanks to Ms T.Kalpana, NaBa Green Energy, for contributing the article to commonfloor.com NaBa Green Energy is an innovative manufacturer of high quality LED lighting solutions. The company is based in Chennai (formerly Madras). NaBa Green Energy team is committed to highest quality and business ethics. NaBa Green Energy manufacture LED based lighting systems using the best LED lights & accessories procured from global leaders.

NaBa Green Energy Private Limited | 5-A, First Main Road | United India Nagar | Ayanavaram | Chennai – 600 023 | info@nabagreen.com | (+91)-44-4318 0048 | (+91)-99406 26564 | www.nabagreen.com


26 Responses to “LED Tube Light For Energy Efficienct Apartment”

  1. Himlynx says:

    The author has carefully avoided discussing the initial cost of LED lights

  2. Ehabmahmoud2001 says:

    there are many technical mistakes
    so eould you please revise

  3. Anurag says:

    The numbers are way off. No LED lamp has achieved (or can achieve even theoretically) an 80% luminous efficiency. Request the author to do better research or take the help of an expert for his next article.

  4. Mhnshenoy says:

    There is no mention as to whether LED tubes replace conventional tubes one to one, or whether any changes are required.
    Considering high initial cost of LED Tube and any changes to fixtures can we have a cost break-even analysis to convince changeover to LED Tubes ?

    • Suresh Babu.P says:

      You can install directly 230 VAC single phase supply.. We give you clamp & screws for the installation. for more clarification contact to 9940626564

    • Shell Liu says:

      It is predicted that LED will have a drop of price by 50 percent in the near future We have confidence in led tube lights.

  5. Muniveveka009 says:

    First please tell me what is the cost of LED Tube. yeh cost ka mamla hi !

  6. GUEST says:

    kindly let us know the cost of an LED tube to enable us decide,
    Thanks for all the Info so nicely given,

  7. Manju says:

    If LED really saves power and planet why govt doesnt subsidises them, allow benifits to manufacturers who can pass the same to consumers to popularize it?

  8. This is
    the great blog, I’m reading them for a while, thanks for the new posts!

  9. Edmunds says:

    Wow, superb blog layout! How long have you ever been running a blog for? you make blogging look easy. The full look of your site is magnificent, let alone the content!

  10. Syhdee says:

    you can tell me your e-mail adress and i can send the pricelist of our led tubes to you

  11. tharani says:

    how much it cost & any options to re place existing light

  12. Shell Liu says:

    the price of led tube light is between 60-500 RMB in our factory ,T8 T5 T10 0.6m 0.9m 1.2m 1.5m 2.4m for your choice

  13. Shell Liu says:

    it seems that the demand of PIR SENSOR LED TUBE LIGHT is bigger.

  14. Rocky j says:

    Led Lighting Have Made a mark to the beginning of new era in the Lighting Industry’s History as a rapid growing technology due to its energy efficient and Eco-friendly feature also the continuous research and development projects undertaken by the manufacturers to make more and more improvements in current technology and develop new led tube light, and other led lighting products have led to great demand and also provide good number of opportunities to expand and grow the business.

  15. Rocky j says:

    Led Lighting is gaining importance in every sector rapidly. The Multiple application usage quality along with the Energy Efficiency and Eco-friendly product quality has led to increasing demand for led tube light, and other led products, even solar led products like solar led street lights are also widely used in many countries as experimentation to check and measure the performances of the led lights.

  16. Blog says:

    just wanted to say great site.

  17. V.venkatachalam says:

    Led light costs at about rs.125 to rs.150 per watt based on qty and type of light needed. vs rs. 1 per watt of tube light. But, where it scores is in reducing your electricity bill. A tube light of 40 watt with electronic ballast of 10 w wud consume 50watt vs 18 watt led tube light to produce same light. At 12 hrs per day for 365 days usage, the electricity cost at an avg rs.7 per unit will be rs.1533. This wud come down to rs.552 with led tube light. U save almost rs.1000 per year. Led lights give same new light brightness for about 50,000 hrs ie. 11 yrs plus vs tube light which dims or fuses after 5000 hrs itself. If you use solar or ups battery backup during power cuts, the backup time more than doubles due to its 60% plus savings on energy consumed. Since it convts 80% energy into light and 20% into heat vs tubelights 20% into light and 80% into heat, you need less cooling energy in your offices where you run aircondition all the time. Have you ever safely disposed a tubelight which has mercury gas? No more such damaging environment with LED lights as it does not contain any mercury and is recyclable too. Our country will no more have power scarcity if everyone starts using led lights irrespective of its cost. For corporates ,we provide led lighting solution on emi model with no investment upfront and pay emi equal to savings achieved on energy costs over 3 to 7 years period. Shortly, we will bring a business model for every residence too to migrate to LED lights with minimal investment and pay through savings.

    Write to me for any feedback ,suggestion, commercial details for any energy related solutions – solar, wind, biomass, led, ac energy savers, lighting energy savers etc.


  18. Kramp says:

    Really nice post.

  19. led tube light says:

    These LED powered tube lights offer a perfect replacement for conventional tube lights. These can be used for lighting purposes in homes, offices, shops, mall etc.

  20. james says:

    Nice blog, am truly agree with you that LED tube lights are economical, efficient and Eco friendly. Thanks for sharing

  21. S.Rajendren says:

    It is incorrect that conventional tube lights are inferior in efficency. For Example, Philips India is marketing conventional tube 36W @ 3200 lux at a song of Rs 150 ,life span of 15000hrs. The L.E.D tube lite @ 18W costs not less than Rs 1200. surely I wont’ go for LEDS; as a common man.
    It is the responsibilty of the Govt. to supply at a very subsidized cost if not free.
    Perhaps it is high time Govt start replacing all bulbs & tube light to L.E.D at their premises.


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