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Modern bath faucets: The ultimate desire of today’s consumer

No Comments Sub Category:Bathroom Designs,Expert Speak Posted On: Mar 18, 2015

Modern bath faucets: The ultimate desire of today’s consumer  A bathroom is the most intimately defining feature in a modern Indian home. In a very subtle and understated way, it makes an eloquent statement about the distinct taste of the homeowners. It shows their attention to detail as well as their love for all things splendid. Therefore, only those who are willing to invest in their bathrooms today look for the most superlative faucets and fittings that are an ideal amalgamation of style and function.

Modern bath fittings are the dictum in the sanitary ware industry today. Consumers are looking for products that offer the highest level of functional comfort backed by superior technology, packaged with breathtaking designs. In a well-appointed cosmopolitan bathroom, there is no place for antediluvian fixtures and outdated usage methodology. Touchless controls, digital, intuitive operations, water-saving technology are some of the areas which are witnessing immense traction. These pivotal points are being seen as an investment towards one’s personal well-being as they help transform the daily routine into a sensational experience.

Touchless faucets ensure optimal hygiene and maximum ease while showering. They supply water only when needed and also enable pre-setting of optimal water temperature. In fact, customers are increasingly looking for products that help economise on energy and water. This is where water-saving digital faucets come in. They usually feature a flow-limiting mousseur that moderates consumption while giving a satisfying and voluminous flow. Other options include programming the faucet with the preferred flow rate, temperature and duration. It is also possible to programme an intermittent ‘stop/start’ flow so that there’s no need to keep turning the faucet on and off while, say, brushing teeth.

Many homeowners are now warming up to the idea of installing a steam shower in their home spas. In addition, consumers are looking for installations in their bath areas that can offer therapeutic experiences. Revitalising home spas that help in relieving the stress from the legs and feet are gaining huge popularity. These ahead-of-their-times fixtures involve strategic placement of body jets that aid in manipulation of deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue through pressurised water. These products not only enhance healing and facilitate better blood circulation, but also promote relaxation and a sense of relief.

This is not to say that the traditional is being overlooked or sidelined. The discerning Indian consumer always values the earthy and the classical. If they do seek to imbibe a touch of the traditional into their homes, it is as a seamless blend with the contemporary. For example, in India patrons often prefer bathroom fittings and faucets that are a throwback to their heritage of regal elegance while being firmly embedded in up-to-the-minute technology.

These fixtures possess old-world detailing which is perfected on the vessel faucet or on roman tub fillers. These are complemented by shower safety valves, effortless water control and are scalding free to deliver a truly indulgent experience of bold, traditional opulence coupled with present-day comfort.

Modern Indian homeowners are today looking for sanitary ware solutions that offer them a mesmerising lifestyle experience and matchless handiness in use. There is place for the traditional in this scheme of things but only when married with and enhanced by modern facilities. Consumers are ready to embrace all fittings and faucets that infuse a feeling of renewed vitality, both by their visual appeal and by their peerless technology-backed performance. In essence, consumers want to enjoy every moment of the day in the reassurance that a sophisticated space of well-being is waiting for them at home.

Renu Misra, managing director, Grohe India Pvt. Ltd.

The views expressed in this article are the author´s own.


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