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Practical tips to conserve water

Comments(30) Sub Category:Green Living,House Keeping,Living,Water Conservation Posted On: Mar 06, 2009

We all know that water is important and it cannot be known more than us. City is growing and water is becoming scarce. Water is one of the important environmental problems. Climate is becoming hotter and rate of evaporation has increased tremendously.

Saving water is all in our hands! We can conserve water by making simple changes in our habits. There are plenty of options and ways to save water in your homes. May it be an apartment or villa, all what matters is how you plan and save water.

You can make a big change with a little savings of water each day. Here are some tips that help you to save water.

washing fruits in a pan While washing a dish fill one sink with wash water and take another with rinse water. This will help you to save water than washing a dish under running water. Try to wash dishes together than cleaning one or two dishes.
dishwasher full load to conserve water It is estimated to save 1000 gallon of water per month by running cloth washer and dish washer when they are full.
hand_car_wash_sponge Wash your vehicle with bucket of water and sponge than using a hose
Water plans during evenings to reduce evaporation Water your plants and garden in the evening to avoid evaporating of water and use watering can instead of using a hose.
Fix leaking taps for conserving water Check both indoor and outdoor for leakage. Check your outdoor faucets, hose and sprinkler for leakage.
Use of Dual flush to save more water Toilet is one of the source wastes water unnecessarily. Upgrade your toilet with new water efficient models.
Have one glass for drinking water for a day to conserve water on cleaning One bottle or glass should be selected for one day to drink water. This helps to reduce washing glass for a day.
Close the tap while shaving or brushing to conserve water. Turn off water when not in use and while brushing teeth, shaving. At the end rinse with mug of water and save water.
Water purifier Reuse the waste water generated from RO (Reverse Osmosis) type water purifiers in cleaning floors etc.

Water is one of nature’s most important gifts to mankind.  When you plan well to use water in homes and businesses, you end up conserving water as well save money.

Thanks to Mitesh Raj, Sumit Jain and Sonu Mundra, residents of Suncity Apartments Bangalore, for contributing these tips.

If you have any tips to help conserve water on our planet, please contribute them with your comments.

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30 Responses to “Practical tips to conserve water”

  1. Vikas says:

    Thanks for the tips, been very helpful.

  2. Install low-flow showerheads and take shorter showers to save water and the energy used to heat it.

  3. nidhi says:

    we should collect the water when washing rice, pulses, veg, fruits and use it to water the plants in this way we can save water and the plants will also get the nutrients also.

  4. Vedanthan says:

    AS what canot be measured cannot be regulated and water is getting to be such a scarce valuable commodity, it is necessary to ensure equitable distribution of what is available.To meet this requirements it is time rersidents of Multistorey buildings prevaioed upon the powers that be to make it mandatory, by establishing the becssary Standards and Code of Practice, that metering of consumption of each apartment separately is made possible, byt regualting the number of inlet water pipes to such apartments, which at present is from diffrent directions and in multiple numbers( around 4 for a 3BHK apt !!!)making it impossible to inidvidaually meter the consumption.This is essential to ensure equitable distribution in tomes of scarcity( which is all the tyime now) as otherwise those who waste will continue to do so at others cost, if the metring is central only

  5. M.M Sharma (WMMS) says:

    No substitute of water.

  6. vikas says:

    Encouraging Water harvesting and recycling

    rain Water recharging.

  7. mohit says:

    it had also been useful in doing my project

  8. karunya says:

    very useful tips in summer season.

  9. sunil says:

    Thats great ……… Nice tips sir……. Keep it up…

    Sunil M.V.

  10. waqar says:

    yo rock you helped me in my work

  11. mohammedhanif says:

    good,save water is important for us.water is our life.so use limited water.
    TIPS: water R.O. waste water use for cleaning vehicles,plants& home cleaning.

  12. Vijay Deshpande says:

    On the issue of water conservation, I would like to share with you what one of the apartment complexes in Bangalore has done.

    In order to reduce the usage of water during toilet flushes, they put a 1-litre bottle filled with water inside each of the flush tanks. This displaced 1-litre volume of water in the tank and thus, saved 1 litre with every full flush. The decision to put the 1-litre bottle was not left to the residents but the association had their people going to every single apartment to execute this initiative. I thought this was an ingenious, creative and an extremely efficient idea.

    Let’s evaluate how this could work in our complex having approximately 350 flats and at an average of 2.5 toilets per flat, we are talking about 875 toilet flush tanks. Assuming an average of 5 full flushes per toilet per day, we would save 4,375 litres of water every day and 1,31,250 litres of water in an average month. That’s 13 full trucks (10,000 litre capacity) of water saved. This might not be significant in terms of money saved (6-7k a month) but I think can go a long way in making water last longer.

    • lalit says:

      This is quite an interesting revelation. Vijay, would you help us with the name of the community and the champion of this idea. We would like to showcase this smart idea in our Green Living section. Please reach us at support [at] commonfloor [dot] com

    • Mohini Gupta says:

      I dint get Vijay what u said.. As we will be using that much of water na to fill that 1liter bottle then how have we saved water?????
      Plz rep to my question…..

  13. hemraj marskole says:

    using glass for drinking water may be kept separately for individuals in family to avoid cleaning frequently and like this we can save considerable amount of water.

  14. ASHWIN SHAH says:


  15. Sridhar says:

    Rainwater harvesting we should plan defneatly .

  16. MADHU SINGH says:


  17. Here are a few more ways to save precious water in our apartments. Please instruct your housemaids to close tap in between cleaning vessels and clothes. Also we should tell them to use low flow of water. Avoid washing balconies with water everyday. Only mopping them will do. Children in all homes should be taught about saving water during brushing teeth, bathing and in toilets and should be discoureged to play with water during baths. This tip is important for all homemakers and mothers.

  18. Mukul Tiwari says:

    Friends whatever u do will be small saving ,consider this each human being consumes 250 liters of water per day directly or indirectly ,so unless u do population control all efforts will be wasted.

  19. Samuel Paul says:

    This helped in my debate competition.

  20. VALETAGOES says:


  21. Mosescs says:

    when you take both use small size mug to save water

  22. solar water says:

    Thanks for those tips. It will help us a lot in our daily living.

  23. plumbing says:

    That’s really great. I can actually relate with this. Thanks for the tips.

  24. Steve says:

    Thanks a lot for this useful info! It will help us a lot in our daily living. Keep sharing similar general and useful info in future also!

  25. Ajit Lakshmiratan says:

    I think the idea of having a one litre tightly capped bottle with water in the flush tank will save one litre for every flush. Maids leaving the tap continuously on while washing should be avoided. Of common habit of ours to leave the wash basin tap while brushing or shaving should be a strict NO NO! Many of us using Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filters collect about 10 lites of waste water and use it for potted plants and for mopping.

  26. I’m still learning from you, as I’m trying to achieve my goals. I certainly liked reading all that is written on your blog.Keep the posts coming. I enjoyed it!

  27. mohit says:

    thanks for the tips it had been useful in saving water.

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