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Safety with latest technology: Fingerprints locks

No Comments Sub Category:Home Security Systems,Maintenance Posted On: Dec 13, 2012

Fingerprint locking system Finger print locks are the latest safety device brought by the home home security system. Fingerprint locks are specially designed and it allow access to people, whose fingerprints are registered in database. The registered fingerprints should match with the produced fingerprint to facilitate the entry.

This safety device is without the keys and is a relief for the user. It  identifies the fingerprint of the user and then the print is converted into binary numbers which will be identified only by the in-built computerized technology.

This article describes the advantages of the finger print lock systems. Fingerprint locks are attached with a sensory panel which captures the fingerprint. This system is a foolproof measure that ensures safety and with leaving no chances to forge the fingerprint. As this system have  biometric security device, it immediately alerts the security sector if in case of any intruder.

Biometric system

It is a reliable safety device which is easily available and  affordable. Its prohibits entry of unknown people eliminates the need to carry the bunch of keys.

Automated and electronic locking systems

 This is an automatic system, when visitors come in they register their fingerprints in the database and the database gets updated automatically. The data base can build in considerable number of fingerprints as per requirement. Authority to change the password and database is totally restricted to the owner only. Owner can change and manage the master database in order to include or exclude data from the memory.

Manual keying facility

This  system also has manual keying system. This is to provide comfort and flexibility to the owners for the usage of the system. Those who are not comfortable with the finger print logic, the manual keying facility is provided  where they can enter the house via password (a keyboard is provided along with the sensory unit).

Finger print scaned Safety of sensitive devices

The lock can also be used for lockers, safe, vaults, attendance clock, software readers etc. The device has multi-purpose usage and the most automatic system which keeps your property and belongings safe.

Variety of colors

Apart from  safety, the device comes in stylish design and different colors. You can choose them according to your aesthetics, interior and exterior decor of the house.

Power back up

This is an electronic device which runs on power, but it can survive power failure for a long time with the help of its in-built battery. Although if there is a power failure a beep sound is installed as a warning bell before it switches off.

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