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Simple Tips for Window Treatment

No Comments Sub Category:Decor,Expert Speak Posted On: Jun 19, 2015

decowindow roman blinds rust price 559When it comes to window treatment one has to keep in mind many aspects of interior decoration. Having your windows treated appropriately according to the weather plays a vital role. Different kinds of window treatments are available for one to choose from, curtains, blinds and valances. These must be selected with utmost care. This is of paramount importance as this keeps the focus on the décor of your home.

What’s your pick for summer?

What color, fabric, length, lining, rods and so on to choose from really matters? For hot summer days it is a good idea to use light shades and avoid anything bright .A room where too much light enters, one must avoid using very dark shades as it can fade the curtains. If you do feel the absolute need to uses very dark shades then ensure that you have used an appropriate lining, as shielding it with a lining will save the fabric from fading .Use neutral shades or sheer fabric as this will not trap the heat, like a dark shade would do.

The theory that light color reflects and dark color absorb is true here too. If you plan to use a lining it is a good idea to use a double rod and pair it with a sheer curtain. Best options in terms of fabrics are linen, sheer and polyester.

Romance with Roman Blinds

Considering the option of using a blind is a good idea too. The best option to consider would be the Roman blinds. Blinds also help to block a lot of natural light. Blocking excess light from entering can help to keep the room cool. When these blinds are completely closed, it can help reduce heat. Using blinds will give the window a clean and complete look. Shades of rust, mustard, beige and white are trendier and have a fab look, which help in keeping the heat at bay.

Summer Vintage Galore

Combination of a Valance and curtain is a fantastic option if you want your décor to look superlative. This will not only help to shade the room but also create a very classy and vintage impression. A combination of gold and beige, off white or tiny floral prints is a good pick for summer.

Simple Tips to Remember

1) If you are willing to explore, you can also go in for shades of blue in simple geometric patterns.
2) Always keep in mind the kind of curtain rod that you would want to use. Something that is well crafted, styled and durable. The rod finial will make it look complete if it has oval, round, square shape on it.
3) A simple but important tip to remember especially in summer months is the circulation of air. It is therefore vital to open windows and blinds late evening and early morning to let in some cool, fresh air in.

Keeping minute details in mind can help not only shade the windows well but help in saving energy.

Whatever window treatment idea you opt for always keep in mind the décor of your home and your lifestyle. Your window treatment should complement every room in the house, making it look cool yet stylish.

Nikita Jain, Head Brand Experience, decowindow 

The views expressed in this article are author´s own


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