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Terrace Garden! Want A Terrace Garden At Your Home?

Comments(3) Sub Category:Decor,Gardening and Landscaping,Green Living Posted On: Mar 01, 2012

Terrace gardening is a concept which is widely used all over the world. It is a method of gardening where one cultivates useful plants on a slope/ terrace or a raised platform. Apparently, the cultivated platform is designed into terraces. A terrace garden is beneficial in various ways. It keeps the house dry, acts as a beautifying background and caters to the need of staple vegetables. Terrace gardening was followed in various countries like Persia, Italy, Rome and England.

In today’s era, people residing in apartments in India take up terrace gardening as their passion because they lack enough space around their flat. A creepy junkyard on your terrace can be converted into a lush green terrace garden by following the simple steps;

A terrace garden can be created in any shape, design and any raised location. Places like a multi storeyed building, hotels, restaurants or institutes are the places one can follow terrace gardening. Converting your barren space into a lush green patch will de-stress an individual and also provide a healthy environment.

Create a desired layout for your terrace garden and carefully plan the number of shrubs, small trees, lawn and others. Always remember that you do not go in for a plant with a tap root system as the roots of these plants tend to grow beyond the roof and is a threat to your building.

Make sure the roof or the selected place is strong enough to support the weight of the soil and gravel.

The terrace and the soil should have the required drainage system so as to avoid the garden being turned into a damp soggy area. One has to construct sufficient drainage chambers around their terrace garden. Small drainage pipes leading to the main drainage pipe should be maintained in your terrace garden. Always remember that if the water is not drained properly, it will cause great damage to your building.

One should make their terrace water proof enabled.

Make sure that there is no leakage in your terrace garden in order to avoid soggy walls.

One should select light weighted manure like the mixture of the garden earth, manure and soil remains.

Once you’re ready with all the above required steps, you can start laying brickbats according to your planned layout. Spread a layer of completely formed bricks on your terrace. The bricks have to be totally burnt in order to facilitate the drainage of water. Also one can make use of ridged sheets in order to maintain an effective drainage system. The sheets should be placed carefully in order to lead the pipes to the drainage system.

In order to avoid the manure and the earth from depositing in between the brick spaces, one has to spread the wire mesh (HDPE net) on the bricks.

One can paint and make the terrace area colourful and make it look realistic by adding a swing.

Plants like creepers, flowering plants and vegetables can be grown in your terrace garden.

Once you have finished planting the saplings, water the plants regularly and provide the required amount of manure.


3 Responses to “Terrace Garden! Want A Terrace Garden At Your Home?”

  1. Prasant says:

    Well written article and very informative! This is a nice way to keep the greenery alive which is vanishing in the fast city life!

  2. Anish says:

    This is a very good and informative article. Keep it up. You may also want to help your readers know about Groveflora so that they an better equip themselves with gardening supplies. Regards

  3. pradee says:

    thats good

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