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Tips to fix a leaking roof in winter

Comments(4) Sub Category:House Keeping,Maintenance Posted On: Nov 07, 2012

Leaky roof frustrates homeowners and it is one of the major troubles especially during winter. Homeowners often fret about their leaky roofs and the cash required in getting it repaired. With the basic understanding of their roof construction, apt tools and materials, a home owner can fix the roof by himself.

For a shingle roof:

Locate the leaking source and search for the damaged or missing shingles and make a list of the areas to be repaired.

The roof shingles should be softened and flattened as the shingles tend to curl up in winter. The shingles can be warmed up with a propane torch. Make use of the flame carefully on the curled shingle edges. Flatten them when they are soft.

The broken shingles should be reattached with new ones with the help of cement on all the corners of the shingle.

For a flat roof:

Locate the source of the leak. Look for areas where the tar have separated or cracked from the roof.

Ensure the area to be repaired is completely dry.

A propane torch can be used to warm up the surface of the roof as the felt tend to dry and brittle in winter and needs to be warmed up before repairing.

Roof cement can be applied to the cracked and the torn areas of the roof once tar and felt are warm and soft. Then press the felt down.

Nail down the roof with roofing nails and cover the entire area with roofing cement.


4 Responses to “Tips to fix a leaking roof in winter”

  1. Katty Gomes says:

    Roof Leaking problem mainly occurs in flat roofs, so i think these tips can be very helpful for people in solving their roof leaking problems.

  2. Asmi says:

    My roof is also leaking and I was searching some useful tips ti fix the leaking. Thanks for sharing the article with us

  3. James says:

    There could be lots of ways to repair our roof problems. But I would like it much if I could save more from it financially. Luckily, I found the best solution to it.

  4. Mcknight says:

    Thankyou for sharing this interesting article. Can’t wait to reading some more.

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