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Types of Chairs For Your Home!

Comments(4) Sub Category:Decor,Interior Decor Posted On: Mar 02, 2012

A chair is a bolstering entity which helps you and your guest relax on it. Anyone who walks into a house is first seated on a chair; similarly a house without furniture is really not complete. To add charm and elegance to your house, organization of various styles of furniture is an imperative aspect. One of the chief chunks of furniture is the chair. One can go in for various striking styles of chairs to decorate their house. You can go in for any of the chair styles below;

Arm chairs: These type of chairs are most commonly used all over the world. An arm chair helps a person to rest his arms and seat in a comfortable way. Arm chairs are made out of various durable woods and are used in various habitations. They vary in shapes and sizes. If you’re planning to buy furniture for your room, you can go in for an elegant looking pair of arm chairs. They are simple, comfortable and affordable.

Arts and crafts chair: Initially used by the arts and crafts movement but used for dining purposes in today’s world. They are chairs with an elongated back with vertical slats and have rush seats. These chairs can be set up in your house along with a dining table made out of the same wood. It gives a classy look to your room. These chairs can also be built by recycled materials like an old leather coat and preferred wood.

Ball chair: If one wants to give their room a funky look and make it look contemporary, you can go in for a ball chair. Ball chairs are generally used in a formal environment and come with various features like an MP3 player and others. These chairs are shaped like a ball.

Barcelona Chair: One of the classic designs among chairs is the Barcelona Chair. It is used in snobbish places in today’s day. They are made up of metals like chrome and steel with leather. If you’d like to give your house a humble look with more space you can go in for this chair.

Beanbags: One of the contemporary forms of chairs is a beanbag. Various apartments in India and corporate offices make use of the bean bag either in their living room or their waiting room. Earlier bean bags were made out of beans, but today they are replaced by PVC pellets and polystyrene. You can have bean bags in your child’s room as these are easily portable and require less space.

Bergère chair: For that royal look in your vast house, you can go in for a Bergere chair. These are chairs which are designed to depict royalty and are designed with expensive lumber, draperies and laces. They are similar to an arm chair but with a different look.

Chaise longue: Another luxurious type of a chair which is in the shape of a chair but looks like a sofa. This chair supports your legs unlike other chairs. You can place this chair in your cottage lawn, hallway or any other vast areas. One can even have a nap on this chair. The maintenance of these chairs requires extra care and cleaning process.

Deck chair: Today most of the houses, cruises, hotels and resorts contain a deck chair. If you have aged parents at your place, you can buy them a Deck Chair, as this is a very comfortable chair to rest on. Large lawns or guest rooms can be decorated with these chairs. They are portable and can be folded. A Deck Chair is made up of a strong fabric held at two points with a durable wooden bar. A deck chairs is foldable and portable, the weight of the chair depends upon the type of wood the chair is produced in.

Folding Chair: These chairs are portable and can be folded. They can be used in your balcony, lawn or garden. It is a simple chair and is easy to carry around. A house with a very little furniture and pastel colours or even outdoors is an apt place for these chairs. Folding chairs can be used in recreational activities, as they’re portable and easy to store.

Rocking Chair: A rocking chair is an apt chair for your living room or your garden. This chair is very comforting and can be used while reading. The name rocking chair denotes, that the chair if shaken rocks frontwards and backwards. Rocking chairs is similar to a baby cradle as both can put a person to sleep.

Apparently a sofa or a couch is also one of the forms of a chair with a back rest and used for multi seater purpose.


4 Responses to “Types of Chairs For Your Home!”

  1. Harish says:

    Liked the information provided in the article. I will try buying some of these designs of chair other than basic one!

  2. David says:

    A good guide on chairs..I had seen many varieties of chairs but I didn’t know they have such different names.. interesting..

  3. fareen says:

    Are there any chairs for senior citizens??

  4. Umesh says:

    How do we choose the best chair for our house?

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