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AMC likely to double property tax for residential properties

Comments(2) Sub Category:Ahmedabad,Civic Issues,Property Tax Posted On: Jan 22, 2013

Hike in property taxAhmedabad- The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has proposed a 100 percent hike in tax for residential properties and 45 percent for non-residential properties.

The annual property tax for residential buildings is likely to be raised from Rs 10 to Rs 20 per square metre. And for non-residential properties, the tax will be raised from Rs 22 to Rs 32.

AMC Commissioner, in the municipal budget for 2013-14 which was tabled before the standing committee, has proposed to raise the taxes for properties in Ahmedabad.

There is no hike proposed on general, water and conservancy taxes. But the hike of Rs 10 in both residential and non-residential buildings is expected to lead to hike in these taxes too because they are calculated on the property tax.

General tax is 30 percent of the property tax for residential buildings and it varies from 30 to 40 percent for non-residential buildings, based on the type of work carried out in the buildings like commercial, office, education, charity or others.

Due to the property tax hike, the corporation’s revenue is estimated to rise by 40 percent, from Rs 350 crore to Rs 490 crore. A major portion of AMC’s revenue, roughly around 31 percent, is attributed to the grant in lieu of octroi tax.

It is also estimated that there would be an increase of 27 percent revenue for the corporation through the water and conservancy taxes. The Corporation’s revenue may be increased from Rs 165 crore to Rs 210 crore.

Besides increasing property tax, many other proposals have also been made by the AMC in the Budget 2013-2014, which are as follows-

a) Installation of water meters for all properties in Ahmedabad

b) Methane gas bottling at Pirana dump and generation of 14.4 million units of electricity from biogas

c) 500 MLD secondary-treated water at Vasna to be given to Dholera SIR at Rs 4.30/kl

d) Rs 225 for development of water sports on the riverfront. Roads on reclaimed land

e) Solar light plants at AMC offices, Naroda Road, Memco Complex and Sardar Patel Stadium

f) Construction of new flyovers at several points of the city

g) Rs 245.23 crore allocation for six zones in the city under zonal priority works


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  1. [...] AMC likely to double property tax for residential properties [...]

  2. [...] AMC likely to double property tax for residential properties [...]

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