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Residents of Malleswaram started Waste Management on their Own

No Comments Sub Category:Uncategorized Posted On: Aug 05, 2011

Waste management ensures 100 per cent resource recovery as both the compost and segregated waste can be used. Renaissance Regalia, Vani Murthy’s zero waste zone, housing as many as 20 families is a source of inspiration to many, who want to be the change.Vani always believed in being the change one wish to see in the world and thus took the initiative. Vani’s effort paid well and she says that till date she has been able to convert over 25,000 households across the city into zero waste homes.The apartment in Malleswaram has a common waste management system with four blue bins — one each for plastic, paper, E-Waste, medicines — at the basement.

Vani Murthy, a resident of Malleswaram couldn’t watch tonnes of waste being dumped in the landfills and thus wasted. She led from the front and together with the help of a bunch of kids, she started waste management at her own apartment situated in 15th cross.“Even before we introduced this concept, I always segregated waste into dry, wet and organic, before handing it over to the BBMP pourakarmikas. But it was disappointing to see it getting mixed-up once dumped in the waste collecting vehicle,” said Vani. But soon Vani got a helping hand when Indian Tobacco Company (ITC) introduced its WOW (Wealth Out of Way) programme in 2007.

Renaissance Regalia is a zero waste zone now, with all residents of the apartment into waste management, led by Vani. Along with her a few other green citizens came up with solid waste management round table (SWMRT), a forum of various Bangalore based organisations and individuals to help manage the waste generated in the city.“The aim of SWMRT is to act as a platform to share and discuss experience and methodologies around waste management,” said Vani. She also adds that the organisation further aims at converting households and institutions zero waste.

“Every household in the apartment has two bags (one blue and one white) for dry waste management.The white bag is for storing paper and cardboard and the blue bag is suppose to contain plastic and metal. For the organic waste that is generated in the kitchen, we use khambas (terracotta pots) to convert it into compost,” informed Vani.

ITC picks up both plastic and paper separately from the apartment every week. The plastic is later taken away by the KK plastic. E-Waste is taken care of by E-waste Ash Recyclers, an industry into recycling E-Waste. The bin with expired medicines goes to a clinic,” said Vani.

“There are as many as 15-20 apartments in Malleswaram area, following the concept of zero waste. Moreover, the Malleswaram vegetable market has an organic waste converter that converts 25 tonnes of organic waster into 10 tonnes on manure every month,” informed Dr Meenakshi Bharat, member of Malleswaram Residents’ Welfare Association. The green citizens feel that people should be educated about decomposting.

The association is on talks with the BBMP for providing them separate vehicles for dry waste and wet waste.This is the idea behind composting. We are also requesting the authorities concerned, for a dry waste collection centre in every ward. We have been working on waste management since 2008 and are already taking care of 30 tonnes of dry and wet waste every month,” said Meenakshi.

According to Veerapathman Victor, deputy manager, ITC, over 30- 40 tonnes of dry waste is collected by ITC every month from the Malleswaram area. “With every one tonne of paper collected, we save 22-25 trees, 50 litres of water and 1.5 kw of power. So its a great initiative taken up by the residents,” said Victor.

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