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South City, Kolkata

[ Ready to Move In ]

Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata, West Bengal, INDIA.

South City, Kolkata [ Ready to Move In ]

Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata, West Bengal, INDIA.

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1.20Cr to 1.33Cr
Unit Details:
More than 1000 units
1583 - 1763 SQFT
Ready to move since Nov 2010

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Project Last Updated on : 13 Feb 2017


Q: throwing items from balcony,spitting and throwing garbage on common passage,lift.premise ,putting posters on walls,keeping cycle,cupboard etc in common area should stop

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I am surprise to see that some one has to talk about the cleanliness in a decent neighborhood like South City. I think it is really unfortunate. It is our, the resident of Southcity, collective responsibility to keep the environment clean. I wish I have some solution to stop these habits. I agree with you that these habits must be stopped. I wish some one will come-up with a good idea to stop and the resident’s association put this issue in their agenda.

Amit Nandi
Cedar 30F

One more thing-constant honking of cars, the speed they travel within the campus and the sound of those screeching brakes, I only pray some one doesnt meet with an accident. As for honking, why cant we put up some board and ask for a fine for violation. Its shameful that we manage to honk within our own living premises, and the way we drive inside the campus, no respect for the vehicle infront and no respect for pedestrians walking by, nor for those old and elderly staying with us, wonder what is the difference between us and a herd of cattle hurtling down the road. Question- Is there anything I can do, come down and start working towards a solution, I am sorry, I dont know whom to work with to sort this issue, my family and myself will be glad to do anything possible to stop this honking and overspeeding of vehicles. Thanks


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