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Dream flooring for your apartment

Comments(15) Sub Category:Decor,Interior Decor Posted On: Mar 24, 2009

Flooring plays one of the vital roles in decorating homes and matching the theme of your living room, bed room and other rooms. Most of them ignore this and focus on every other detail in the room. Flooring is a part of beautiful room and you need to choose them wisely.

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Types of flooring

There are number of types of flooring available in various size, shapes and colors. Here are some important types of flooring available for beautifying your home.

Tiled flooring (Tiles)

Tiles are most common flooring types chosen by many for decorating rooms. Demand for tiles is increasing day by day. Tiles can be further classified as Ceramic tiles and vitrified tiles. Flooring with Tiles

Ceramic tiles  vs. Vitrified tiles

Ceramic tiles are becoming more popular as it has more advantages over other flooring such as its easy maintaining, availability in different colors and shapes. Price range for ceramic tiles differs depending on its quality. It should be carefully fixed because tile may break if the floor is uneven and it should be sealed well, else it will absorb water and the tile will discolor. This will lead to show joints of tiles.

Vitrified tiles have number of advantages over ceramic tiles. These are easy and convenient to use. This absorbs less water and they are fired under high temperatures. Main advantages of these tiles are they are tougher, rigid and scratch resistant. They can be butt-joined avoiding grouts. Remember these tiles are slippery variety, choose tiles which are not very slippery and it is best to use anti-skid tiles for bathroom.

Marble Flooring

Marble flooring is another type of flooring which are popular in home décor.

marble flooringThere are different varieties available in marbles but most of them cannot be afford by people for their home. It is better to not to choose extremely shining variety as this will get dusts and even develop cracks on it. If you have good budget for flooring then you can go for Italian, Greek or Spanish marble. Marble needs regular polishing and develops cracks easily.

Granite Flooring

granite flooringIf marble flooring is expensive for you then granite will also not suit your budget as it is costlier than marble. It is pretty tough and easy to maintain flooring. Granites are often combined with marbles for making flooring. It can be used to make slabs for kitchen counter and bathroom counter.

Hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring is made from mixture of special and domestic wood. hardwood floors

This flooring helps to make room attractive and provides adequate warmth in the room. Sanding and finishing part of these flooring is very important. Flooring retains moisture and attracts termites.

Vinyl flooring

vinyl flooringThis is one of the common flooring used by most for their home as it is easy to install and can be replaced whenever desired. These flooring are comparatively least expensive and its life is for limited period.

Wooden Laminates

Wooden laminates are flooring that are stain and abrasion resistant.   Wood laminate flooringYou can even apply wooden laminate on your existing floor but it is important that floor should be even. It is easy to keep floor clean using wet mop cloth.  It is easy to fix and gives elegant look to the room.

Things to remember while choosing flooring

  • Cost: It is the first and important thing to be considered when choosing flooring. The type of floor you choose should be affordable and in your budget. You need to check extra cost incurs such as installation cost, cost for labors and transportation and so on.
  • Durability: It is important to consider the durability of flooring while choosing type of flooring for your home. If the area is in frequent use you need to consider flooring which lasts for long. Flooring for living room must remain in good condition and for longer period.
  • Color: Color and design of flooring must suits the theme and furniture of room. Flooring can be preferred to be dark color as it is easy to maintain and gets less dirt compare to light color floorings.
  • Comfort: The flooring you choose must suit all members in your family and you must remember to use flooring that are less slippery or anti-slip flooring in area where plenty of water is used.

So which flooring would you choose?

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15 Responses to “Dream flooring for your apartment”

  1. Arun says:

    I am getting my new home built and am confused in between the tile flooring and marbel flooring. Could you please help me in deciding on the flooring option, which one would be better the tile flooring or the marbel flooring. Have received a feedback on the tile flooring that the tile flooring’s average life is approx 15 years, but not sure whether is it true or not.
    Could you please help me resolving my query?

    Thanks in advance..

    • maheshwari says:

      dear sir,
      agreed about the tiles as u say,but if your budget can afford marble flooring there is nothing in comparision to that.although slightlly priced higher it lats for years to come n we can provide u with the best of stuff at affordable prices as we deal in manufacturing marble exclusivelly from rajasthan.also now there is a new product launched which is stone tiles which are used for export purpose are very durable and zero maintainance and lasts for years n years .if interested pls contact.thanks!

      • Purnima says:

        Hi Maheswari,
        Do you get required type of Marbles from Rajastan?
        Whats the process? Our builder may be interested in it & do you have a showroom in hyd so that we can come and see the quality of the marble stone there.

      • tenneti venkata sambasivarao says:

        pl quote the prices of typical stone/marble

  2. Louis says:

    That was stimulating . I admire your style that you put into your work. Please do continue with more similar to this.

  3. Alex says:

    Wow!, this was a top quality post.

  4. Priscilla Barron says:

    I admire the valuable information you are offering with your posts.

  5. Andujar says:

    Wow, awesome blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your site is fantastic, let alone the content!. Thanks For Your article.

  6. Siva says:


    Which is best among anti skid(matt finish) and glossy finish Vitrified tiles ?

  7. Sahil says:

    i m confused between wooden flooring or italian marble……. which one would you prefer????? Could you please help me in deciding on the flooring option, which one would be better ????

    Thanks in Advance

  8. rakesh.hp says:

    Hi Sahil,

    It depends on your budget and durability of flooring. Marble flooring looks elegant but it is expensive when comparing with Hardwood flooring. There are number of website which can give you idea on Wood Flooring in India and its features. They are available at eye capturing design, appeal and elegance. Thank you

  9. vaibhav says:

    I have just purchase a RAW penthouse from a developer in Delhi NCR and want to put marble flooring however am confused between indian white Marble or Italian marbles.
    Also you have mentioned stone tiles, whats the costing for those.
    Pls get back to me with costings

  10. Dominic Cox says:

    Thank you Wow!

  11. joel otten says:

    i ponder some tips i must do

  12. Venky says:

    I am planning to redo my flat. It has old-fashioned ceramic tiles as flooring. I am thinking of laying vinyl sheets on it to give a better look and my budget is limited. I just wonder how good and reliable is vinyl flooring in terms of maintenance, reliability and price. Please suggest. Thanks.

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